Time Traveler Katsumi

The Girl's life

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{The next morning}
Sesshoumaru stared at the sleeping Katsumi, who was leaning against him, resting her head on his mokomoko. She had fallen asleep last night while she was sitting next to him, and she had swayed a bit before her head fell onto his shoulder. They only reason she was still there was because Sesshoumaru simply couldn't be bothered to move her… at least that's what he told himself. She looked so peaceful as she slept.

'This girl is far too trusting…' Sesshoumaru thought as he watched Katsumi sleep with a small smile on her face. The grass rustled and Rin appeared. The little human girl looked like she had been attacked. She was covered in bruises and had a black eye. Rin came forward and presented food to him, much like she had the other day, but instead of fish, there was a lizard and a rat…

"…" Sesshoumaru didn't really know how to react to that. It was clear the girl had no ill intentions. 'I did say that I did not like human food…' Sesshoumaru thought. If it were in his character, he might have laughed, but it wasn't so he just turned his head away from Rin and said, "Don't bother." Rin sighed dejectedly. She glanced at Sesshoumaru's shoulder and saw that he had let Katsumi stay with him.

'I knew he was really good.' Rin thought, a little happy and relieved that her Katsumi-nee hadn't been alone in the woods at night. Sesshoumaru glanced at Rin out the corner of his eye. He was curious about those bruises. Katsumi didn't strike him as a woman who would let her pup come to harm, for that was how Katsumi seemed to treat Rin, as her own pup. He knew Katsumi was protective of the child.

"What happened to your face?" Sesshoumaru asked Rin. Rin glanced up at Sesshoumaru, surprised. "… You don't have to say if you don't want to." 'This girl… really can't speak…?' Sesshoumaru thought when he received no answer. He had never actually heard the girl's voice, but the conversations he sometimes overheard between Katsumi in the child had sounded two-sided, as though Rin had somehow answered Katsumi… or Katsumi understood Rin...

Rin blinked at Sesshoumaru and smiled at him. Her smile was as radiant as the sun. Sesshoumaru couldn't remember anyone ever smiling at him like that before, so open and pure, without any ulterior motives. Sesshoumaru was puzzled. 'What's she so happy about… I just asked about her appearance.' Sesshoumaru thought. Rin kissed Katsumi softly on the head and left, waving goodbye to him before happily skipping away. He felt Katsumi stir next to him. She sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Good morning." Katsumi said and smiled sleepily at him. "Are you feeling any better today?"

Sesshoumaru realized that he did indeed feel better… In fact, he felt almost completely healed… which was strange considering his wounds had still been quite significant, and should not have been able to heal so much in that short amount of time… unless Katsumi had given him more of her youki… but Katsumi was still human right now… That's when Sesshoumaru realized something. It was faint, so faint that he was surprised he had even noticed it. There was some strange energy humming in the air around Katsumi. He had never sensed anything like it before. It was powerful, but gentle, like a whisper. It almost felt as if it would disappear at any moment. He couldn't see it, but Sesshoumaru somehow got the faint impression of a wild and fresh green, a vibrant emerald green. It felt alive, like it was dancing. Katsumi hadn't realized Sesshoumaru was staring at her yet because she had started combing her hair to get any tangles out of it. She pulled her hair to one side. Sesshoumaru's eyes widened slightly at what he saw. When Katsumi had moved her hair, she had exposed a mark that was on her neck. It looked like some strange, stylized dragonfly. It was emerald green It was a youkai mark.

"What is that mark?" Sesshoumaru asked. Katsumi turned to look at him, confusion clearly written on her face.

"What mark?" Katsumi asked.

"There is a youkai mark on the back of your neck. It looks like a stylized dragonfly. It is emerald green." Sesshoumaru said. Katsumi furrowed her brow in confusion.

"On my neck… no one's ever said anything about it to me before. I usually keep my hair down, but I've worn it up a few times. Shippo, the little Kitsune boy that travels with us, is really curious, so he probably would've asked me about it… Come to think of it, I've never worn my hair up when I was 'human' in the feudal era… maybe it only shows up when my other youkai marks fade." Katsumi said. "It's strange that I still have a youkai mark when I'm supposed to be human… I wonder if it has to do with those 'mystery youkai' genes I told you about. Ireland, the country my biological grandfather is supposedly from, is also known as 'the Emerald Isle' because of its green country-side."

"Perhaps." Sesshoumaru said. 'This 'mysterious youkai' is certainly an apt name for him.' Sesshoumaru thought. This was all very strange.

"Have you seen Rin yet, Sesshoumaru-sama?" Katsumi asked. "I thought she would've come to check on you by now. She's been worried about you."

"She was here earlier, while you were still asleep. I think she wanted to let you rest." Sesshoumaru said. Katsumi sighed in relief.

"Good, I'm worried about her walking in the woods by herself. Normally, I'd be able to sense if there are other demons around, and I could protect her, but my senses are so dull as a human…" Katsumi said.

"… There is something you should know… When the girl came here today, she was covered in bruises, and had a black eye." Sesshoumaru said, deciding Katsumi had a right to know. Katsumi's eyes widened, but then her eyes narrowed in anger towards whoever had hurt Rin. A dark aura had settled in the air around Katsumi, and Sesshoumaru could have sworn the temperature around her had dropped by a few degrees.

"Is that so." Katsumi said in a deadly calm voice. "Please excuse me, Sesshoumaru-sama, but there are some vermin I need to go exterminate." Katsumi said, smiling a shit-eating grin that would have made any other man or youkai tremble in fear at the black emotions it barely concealed.

Sesshoumaru was slightly intrigued as he watched her walk away. He hadn't thought Katsumi could look so threatening or menacing. She hadn't bore him a grudge, and he had nearly killed her before… but here she was about to commit murder over an injured human girl.

Rin happily skipped up to her hut, but she was surprised when she stepped into the hut's doorway and saw a hunched over figure rummaging through her hut. For a moment, Rin was reminded of that awful night when her family was attacked.

"What? Is this shack your home?" The figure asked as it turned, revealing itself to be a youkai with a human appearance, though he wasn't anywhere near as pretty as Katsumi-nee or Sesshoumaru-sama. Rin nodded and shrank back, hiding behind the doorframe.

"Uwaaah! Wolves!" Rin heard one of the villagers cry in fear.

"Shit, already found me, eh?" The youkai said.

"Uwaaah! Gyaaaah!" The villagers cried in pain as the wolves began attacking them. Rin watched, horrified, but unable to look away.

The youkai in her hut ran and Rin watched as he ran into the fishpond, trying to avoid the wolves. They still caught him, and a small tornado tore through the town and stopped at the edge of the pond, revealing another youkai. This youkai had black hair and blue eyes, like a wolf's. He was also wearing armor and a wolf pelt. Rin watched as they talked. They mentioned something about a Shikon jewel shard, and the youkai from her hut handed the tornado demon a small pink stone. The tornado youkai turned to leave, and the other youkai asked if he was being let go… he called the tornado youkai 'Kouga.' Kouga stopped and then reached back, decapitating the other youkai.

"Dope. I just forgot." Kouga said calmly. Rin gasped when the dead youkai's head hit the ground with a thud. "Right, the job's over. I'll go on ahead. You lot, go ahead and eat as many villagers as you like." Kouga told the wolves.

Rin watched, horrified, as the wolves began to attack the villagers again, ripping them apart before feeding on them.

It had only been a few minutes since Katsumi left, yet Sesshoumaru realized he… might have… missed her… possibly the little human girl too. Sesshoumaru realized that he was starting to get attached too the two strange girls, despite himself… Sesshoumaru caught a familiar scent on the air. It was Jaken. The grass rustled and Jaken emerged from behind a tree, just as Rin had done over the past few days… for some reason, Sesshoumaru felt slightly disappointed... That settled it. Sesshoumaru decided he needed to leave before he got too attached to them.

"I've finally found you, Sesshoumaru-sama. It's terrible to see you in such a state…" Jaken said. Sesshoumaru pushed himself into a sitting position. He really was almost completely healed. It was much easier for him to move now. "Ah! Please don't force yourself…" Jaken said, worriedly.

"…" Sesshoumaru was silent for a moment as he remembered Katsumi saying that very same thing to him and Rin's concerned face as she peeked from behind Katsumi's hakama. "… I'm going back, Jaken." Sesshoumaru said emotionlessly.

Rin was running through the forest, desperately trying to outrun the wolves.

'Katsumi-nee!' Rin thought desperately. Katsumi was strong, and she had a sword. She could definitely save Rin from the wolves. And if Katsumi couldn't, Rin was sure Sesshoumaru-sama was strong enough to defeat them, even if he wasn't completely healed yet. Katsumi had told her how strong Sesshoumaru-sama was when he was well. Rin tripped on a tree root, and fell. The wolves pounced.

"Rin!?" Rin heard Katsumi call out to her. She looked up and saw Katsumi sprinting towards her. Katsumi was scared. She was afraid she wouldn't make it in time. 'Katsumi-nee! You really came for me.' Rin thought in relief, right before she felt one of the wolves sink its teeth into her. Rin's world went dark. She heard Katsumi scream for her, but Rin couldn't stay… she closed her eyes, one last time.

"Get away from her!" Katsumi roared furiously when she saw the wolf bite Rin. She drew her sword and charged. It didn't matter if it she was human and couldn't use its full power at the moment. Katsumi wasn't going to let them hurt Rin anymore.

She swung at the wolf that bit Rin, decapitating it in one stroke. The other wolves attacked her in revenge for their pack mate, but Katsumi didn't have any sympathy for them at the moment. She cut them down too. One of the wolves managed to bite her arm, but she hit it with the butt of her sword in the eye, and cut it down as soon as it released her, before it could recover, and her pain incapacitated her. Katsumi fell to her knees beside Rin, panting. She hadn't had to fight like that as a human for a while.

"It's alright, Rin. I got them." Katsumi leaned over and gently held Rin's face with her uninjured hand and arm. "I got you, you're safe no—" Katsumi froze, her voice failing her when she realized the horrible truth. Rin's eyes were staring back into her own… they were lifeless… a corpse's eyes… "NOOOOO!" Katsumi screamed as she cried and clutched the girl she had come to think of as a little sister.

The trees rustled as a gust of wind blew.

'…! The scent of blood…' Sesshoumaru thought, stopping. 'The smell of blood… and wolves. That little human girl always left in that direction… and Katsumi left in that direction as well when she left to take care of Rin's attackers…' The blood could be explained if Katsumi had slain Rin's attackers, but that did not explain the scent of wolves being present… Sesshoumaru caught another scent. It was Katsumi's blood.

Katsumi was still crying as she held Rin when she heard a growl from behind her. Katsumi carefully set Rin down. She drew her sword as she spun around on her heels. More wolves had come, attracted by the scent of their blood. The wolves growled at Katsumi and stalked towards her. She heard a soft rustling sound behind her, but Katsumi didn't take her eyes off of the wolves. The wolves froze, tucking their tails between their legs in fear as a sign of submission. They weren't even looking at her now.

'Oh, crap… Something bad must be behind me…' Katsumi thought. She slowly turned her head to look over her shoulder. Her eyes widened in surprise. "… Sesshoumaru-sama…?"

Sesshoumaru stared back at Katsumi. He had smelled her tears and knew she had been crying, but he had not expected to see so much grief and pain in her eyes. He glanced at Katsumi's arm. It had been bitten, but he knew she was not the type to cry over such a thing. He glanced down at the ground to take a better look at what she had been protecting from the wolves. It was Rin… and the little girl was dead. Now Sesshoumaru understood. He glared at the wolves. The wolves yelped and ran away with their tails between their legs.

"Indeed, you are as amazing as ever, Sesshoumaru-sama. With just a single glare, you sent them all running away, with their tails between their legs." Jaken said. Katsumi fell to her knees, dizzy from blood loss. She had been so upset over Rin's death that she had neglected her own wound. She ripped a strip of fabric from her sleeve and tied it around her arm, using it as a tourniquet to keep herself from bleeding to death, and then sheathed her sword. "Aah-ah. She's already had it." Jaken said as he looked at Rin's body.

"Sh-She was killed with one bite… I wasn't fast enough." Katsumi said regretfully, biting her lip to keep from crying in front of the other two youkai. "I never even made it to the village… I saw her running from the wolves, but… If only I were faster, I should have left sooner. I never should have left her alone to begin with." Sesshoumaru stared at Katsumi as she held Rin's cold hand.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, did you want something with these humans…?" Jaken asked, not recognizing Katsumi.

"No…" Sesshoumaru said, turning to leave. He knew nothing he said would erase Katsumi's pain or make mourning Rin any easier… so he didn't say anything. Sesshoumaru could smell them again, Katsumi's tears. The memory of Rin's smiling face flashed across his mind. Sesshoumaru stopped walking, and turned back around, drawing Tenseiga. Katsumi looked up when she realized Sesshoumaru had returned. Her eyes widened when she saw what he was holding.

'…Tenseiga…?' Katsumi thought, allowing herself to hope. 'Is he going to try to save Rin?'

"…? Sesshoumaru-sama?" Jaken asked, not sure what his lord intended to do. Sesshoumaru felt a surge of power From Tenseiga. The sword pulsed.

'So that's it…' Sesshoumaru thought as he gazed at the small youkai surrounding Rin's body. 'I can see them… So these are the pall-bearers of the underworld.' Sesshoumaru glanced at Rin, staring into her life-less eyes. 'Let's test it out… Tenseiga's power!' Sesshoumaru decided and slashed the strange creatures with the sword. The creatures melted away, disappearing completely.

'Eh…!? What did he cut!?' Jaken wondered, surprised at his lord's actions.

Sesshoumaru knelt down beside Katsumi, and carefully picked Rin up, holding her while he waited to see what would happen. Katsumi was watching him, a gleam of hope in her eyes. Sesshoumaru heard Rin's pulse restart, and the little girl slowly opened her eyes, as though she had merely been asleep. Her bruises were healed as well. For a moment, Rin and Sesshoumaru just stared at each other. Katsumi sighed in relief.

"Eh… She revived…!?" Jaken said, shocked. "Er, but Sesshoumaru-sama… You saved the girl with Tenseiga…!?" 'Un-Unbelievable… That's totally unlike Sesshoumaru-sama.' Jaken thought.

"Thank God!" Katsumi said, placing a hand over her own heart in relief. "Thank you! I can't thank you enough, Sesshoumaru-sama!" Katsumi said gratefully. She smiled at him, and for a moment Sesshoumaru felt slightly taken aback at the sight. Katsumi's whole face was lit up, and her smile was more radiant than the sun itself. He could see everything in that smile. Her relief, hope, gratitude, and love… it was a warm, honest, and caring smile.

"… Katsumi-nee…?" Rin said softly. Katsumi's eyes widened and she glanced down at Rin who was staring up at her, looking just as surprised.

"… Rin… you can speak again…?" Katsumi asked. Rin smiled, tears of joy and relief sliding down her face.

"Katsumi –nee!" Rin cried happily as she launched herself at Katsumi. Katsumi held Rin close.

"That's great, Rin… I'm so happy for you!" Katsumi said, smiling gratefully and closing her eyes in relief.

'Heh, Tenseiga… huh. It seems that… this sword will have its uses.' Sesshoumaru thought, smirking very slightly. 'Inuyasha… That you were not able to kill I, Sesshoumaru, is… something you will come to regret.' Sesshoumaru stood up and began walking away.

"Ah! Sesshoumaru-sama, wait!" Jaken squeaked and ran after his lord.

"Ah!" Rin said. She jumped up and grabbed Katsumi's hand, pulling her along as she followed Sesshoumaru.

"Eh…? …Rin?" Katsumi asked, unsure what Rin had planned. "I thought you didn't want to leave the village yet?" Rin looked down at the ground.

"… The wolves attacked the village." Rin said sadly.

'I see… there's probably no one left now…' Katsumi thought sadly. As much as she had wanted to beat the people who had hurt Rin, there were also plenty of innocent people and children living there too. "I'm sorry, Rin…" Katsumi said. Rin nodded solemnly, but then smiled.

"It's okay, though, because now we can go with Sesshoumaru-sama!" Rin said happily. Katsumi really didn't want to be the one to burst Rin's bubble, but just because Sesshoumaru saved her, didn't mean he would let them tag along.

"Foolish humans! As if the great Sesshoumaru-sama would want you as a follower." Jaken said harshly. A vein mark popped on Katsumi's head. Sure, what the toad said had some truth to it, but he didn't have to put it that way.

"Jaken." Sesshoumaru said. Jaken froze. Sesshoumaru didn't sound too happy with him.

"Y-Yes, Sesshoumaru-sama?" Jaken said nervously.

"They are free to do as they please." Sesshoumaru said, not even bothering to look back. Jaken's jaw hit the ground.

'W-W-What!? Is that really Sesshoumaru-sama!?' Jaken thought, totally shocked by such out of character behavior. Rin smiled brightly.

"Come one, Katsumi-nee, we don't want to be left behind!" Rin said cheerfully.

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