Time Traveler Katsumi

Down the Rabbit Hole

I forgot to mention that this is supposed to take place after they met Shippo, but before they meet Miroku. I'm trying to stay faithful to the cannon, and I'm sorry if they get too OOC, but a new variable can change the outcome of any equation. Since this is supposed to be a SesshoumaruXOC fanfic, I'll probably skip over what I think are the less important parts of the story for my character's development, and I might even add some new stuff in it. However, don't expect it to be anything more than just hinted SessXOC for a while since I don't think it would fit Sesshoumaru's character, and Katsumi did make friends with Inu-tachi first. I hope you like it ^_^

I own nothing but my OC.

unless specified, the POV will be third person omniscient

"Japanese Speech"


"English speech"

'English thoughts'

... Scene and/or time transition

{Stage directions/ setting}

=Katsumi Pov=

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!?" Katsumi screamed as she plummeted to her supposed doom…well at the very least, a possible broken arm.

Katsumi stopped screaming when she realized she not only was not falling—she was surrounded by a bluish-purple light. It was pretty cool until her whole body suddenly felt like it was on fire. She yelled in pain as her whole body convulsed like she was having a seizure, and her head felt like it was being split open with an extremely dull axe. After the pain finally subsided, Katsumi breathed a sigh of relief. Then she slammed into the ground. Hard.

"Ooow…" Katsumi groaned. She sat up and looked around only to see that she had ended up at the bottom of the well after all. "Well, that was anti-climactic…" She deadpanned. "Hey, Kagome-san!" Katsumi shouted, hoping Kagome could help her out. "Kagome-san! A little help here, please?" No one answered. She sighed. 'Guess I'll just have to get out of here by myself.' Thankfully, there were at least some vines growing on the well walls. 'Wait… there weren't any vines in the well house, were there?' After what felt like an eternity, Katsumi finally reached the top of the well, and flipped over the side. "Phew!" She said in relief, eyes closed as she plopped herself onto the ground. She heard someone approach her. "Hey dog-boy, what's the big idea?" Katsumi snapped as she opened her eyes to glare at the rude guy.

She instantly froze not only was she outside in a clearing, but she was looking into a pair of amber eyes. The wrong pair. These eyes were cold and harsh as they glared down at her as if she was a bug stuck to the bottom of his shoe. Katsumi's eyes widened as she took in their owner's appearance. He was handsome. No, he wasn't just handsome—He was hot. His long silver hair was so brilliant, it was almost white. He had two purple stripes on each side of his well-defined face, magenta lined his top eyelids, and there was an indigo crescent moon on his forehead. He had pointed ears too. He held himself in a very dignified manor, and he had an aura of nobility, like her mother's, only his presence was much more intense, oppressive, and demanding… and dangerous. She felt like she was being cornered by an extremely dangerous predator. He was ethereal, dangerous, and although she normally wouldn't use this word to describe a man—beautiful. With his outfit, he looked like an elf-lord that had robbed a samurai of his armor. He looked like he only had one arm, but Katsumi knew better than to think that made him less of a threat. She remembered in some of the legends her mother had told her that some of the more powerful youkai could take human form. She didn't know how, but she just knew that this man before her was a daiyoukai.

"What did you just call this Sesshoumaru, hanyou?" The daiyoukai asked coldly. She noticed he was speaking old Japanese. A chill went up Katsumi's spine, like someone had just walked over her grave. Despite his stoic appearance, she could tell he was pissed. She eyed the sword hanging at his side.

'Crap. I am so dead.' Katsumi thought, chagrined. "Sorry! I-I didn't mean you! I wasn't looking and I thought you were someone else who was here just a minute ago!" Katsumi quickly explained. "He had dog-ears, hence the 'dog-boy'. I meant no disrespect… Sesshoumaru-sama." She hoped that was his name. he did call himself that… Since she was still alive, Katsumi figured she must have done something right. 'Wait…did he just call me 'hanyou'?' she thought. Katsumi bit her lip to keep herself from saying something the feudal elf-lord would make her regret. She wanted to tell him off, but she didn't have a death wish.

"You seem displeased with something." The man observed. While he made no move to kill her, Katsumi could tell she still had to be careful not to sass him.

"I was just wondering why you called me a hanyou. I know my hair and eye color is not that of a normal Japanese human, but I assure you, that is exactly what I am, human. I simply look this way because my father is a foreigner." Katsumi said as calmly as she could. The youkai stared at her as if she were an imbecile.

=Normal Pov=

"Do not lie to me. This Sesshoumaru knows a hanyou when he sees one. Not only do you smell like one, but you have dog-ears, just like my filthy hanyou brother." Sesshoumaru said coldly. Katsumi's eyes widened in surprise by what he said.

"Ears?" She asked in confusion as she lifted her hands to her head to check her ears. She froze in shock when her hands touched not human ears, but soft and furry dog-ears. Her jaw dropped. "EH!?" She cried as she sprang up from her spot on the ground in shock and surprise. "Oh my God! Why are my ears—!?" Katsumi was so shocked she had slipped back into speaking English. Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow.

'How peculiar… her scent tells me that all of her reactions so far have been genuine… surely she could not have believed herself human... and what is that strange gibberish she's speaking?' Sesshoumaru thought. The scent of his half-brother and the miko hit his nose.

"Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru said in irritation. He had come to this human village to make another attempt to take tessaiga, but seeing Inuyasha always put him in a foul mood.

"Eh? You know Inuyasha?" Katsumi said. Now that she thought about it they did have a certain resemblance…

"I can't believe you pushed her like that! What if she's hurt?" they heard Kagome yell from within the well.

"I already told you, Kagome! Didn't you see her hair and eyes?" Inuyasha said.

"That's just because she's a foreigner! Lot's of humans in other countries look like that." Kagome explained as they leaped out of the well.

"I'm telling you, that wench isn't human!" Inuyasha said as he set Kagome down. They were so busy arguing, they hadn't noticed Katsumi or Sesshoumaru yet. A vein popped on Katsumi's head.

"Who's a wench!" She said angrily as she gave Inuyasha a nice roundhouse kick in his ribs.

"Gah! What the hell!?" Inuyasha growled when he saw who kicked him. "You bitch! See Kagome, I told you she wasn't human. She's a hanyou, like me." Inuyasha pounced and Katsumi got in a defensive position, totally ready to work off all the pent-up frustrations of the day. She was so glad her mom had taught her how to fight.

"Bring it, Dog-boy!" Katsumi said tartly.

"Inuyasha, sit!" Kagome shouted before he could actually lay a hand on Katsumi. Katsumi blinked as she stared at the Inuyasha shaped crater in the ground. She couldn't help it, she laughed.

"Oh man, that just gets better every time I see it." Katsumi said, smiling at Kagome. "Thanks, Kagome-chan. I needed a good laugh."

"Um… okay? I'm sorry about Inuyasha. He's a real hot-head, but… why do you have one magenta stripe on each side of your face and dog-ears now?" Kagome said.

"Honestly? I have no freakin' idea. One minute I'm human, the next, Sesshoumaru-sama here is telling me I'm a hanyou." Katsumi said shrugging. Kagome's eyes widened.

"Sesshoumaru!?" Kagome said in surprise, finally noticing him. "Inuyasha, get up! It's Sesshoumaru!" Katsumi furrowed her brows.

"Oh, so you do know each other?" Katsumi asked. Kagome didn't look particularly happy to see him… she looked a little scared. Well, Katsumi had been scared too. Suddenly the dots connected. "Oh! Is Inuyasha the half-brother you were talking about?" Sesshoumaru shot her a glare, daring her to say anything more on the matter. Katsumi sweat dropped.

'Wow, touchy…' She thought.

"Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha growled as he picked himself up off the ground.

"I'm guessing these two don't really get along, do they?" Katsumi asked Kagome. Kagome shook her head.

"No, not really. Sesshoumaru hates Inuyasha because he's a hanyou, and he wants to steal Inuyasha's sword, tessaiga. Tessaiga originally belong to their father, but he left it to Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru can't even touch it because there's a barrier on it."

"Oh… I heard sibling rivalries could be bad, but… glad I'm an only child." Katsumi said. "If he can't use it, why does he want it?" Sesshoumaru had been keeping Inuyasha on the defensive the entire time despite the fact that he was missing an arm, and Inuyasha was waving around a big-ass sword. Sesshoumaru threw Inuyasha across the clearing.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried as she ran to check on him. Katsumi realized Sesshoumaru was giving her a death glare. She shuddered.

'Man, if looks could kill…' Katsumi thought.

"Did you say something, hanyou?" Sesshoumaru said coldly.

"Uh, I didn't mean anything by it… It's just that you seem plenty strong enough even with out using a sword." Katsumi said cautiously. She really didn't want to die yet. She still didn't know why she was suddenly a hanyou, and she really wanted to know. "…And My name is Katsumi, Sesshoumaru-sama, not 'hanyou'." Sesshoumaru regarded her coolly for a moment before glancing back at Inuyasha. He had been knocked out by the last blow.

'How weak…' Sesshoumaru thought with disdain. "Hn. How useless." Sesshoumaru said. He turned on his heel and left deciding there was no point in fighting such a weak opponent. 'There will be plenty of opportunities later…' He decided.

"…Goodbye…?" Katsumi said, confused. It seemed pretty random for him to just leave after beating the stuffing out of his brother, despite what she had said earlier.

"Inuyasha, wake up!" Kagome cried.

"Is he gonna be alright?" Katsumi asked as she knelt down beside Kagome. Inuyasha's ear twitched.

"…Kagome…?" He said. "Wait, where's Sesshoumaru!?" Inuyasha demanded as he suddenly sat up. From what they could see Inuyasha was bit scratched up, but he should be fine once he got over his wounded pride.

"He left. Katsumi managed to persuade him to leave." Kagome said, smiling at her. Katsumi sweat dropped.

"Uh… I think you're giving me too much credit Kagome-chan. Something tells me Sesshoumaru only does what he wants, not what's expected of him." Kagome nodded.

"Still, you distracted him for us, thank you." Kagome said.

"What are you talking about?" Inuyasha asked. "Hey, you wench!" He said, pointing tessaiga at her. "I still owe you a beating from earlier—"

"SIT!" Kagome yelled. "Leave her alone, Inuyasha. She saved you, you know." Kagome stood up and brushed herself off. "Come on Katsumi-chan, let's get you home."

"How? Do we jump down the well again?" Katsumi asked curiously. In all the excitement, she had almost forgotten her parents were still waiting for her back at the shrine, and that little family feud had lasted quite a while.

"Yeah, let's go." Kagome said, and she jumped down the well, followed by Katsumi.


{Back in Modern Japan}

Kagome landed at the bottom of the well.

"Okay, Katsumi, let's go…." Kagome said, but she noticed she was alone. "Katsumi-chan?"

"Is someone down there?" Kagome's mom called.

"It's me, mom." Kagome yelled back.

"Oh, Kagome! Have you seen Katsumi-chan? She's the girl who came here earlier with here parents, the Dubois family just moved here. We can't find her anywhere." Her mother said. Kagome sweat dropped. How one earth was she going to explain this one? Another woman, Katsumi's mother leaned over the well.

"Oh, Higurashi-san, is that your daughter Kagome?" Tsukihime Dubois asked.

"Yes, that's my Kagome-chan." Her mother said.

"Kagome-chan, is my Katsumi down there?" Tsukihime asked.

"…Um… actually…" Kagome said, trying to come up with an answer that didn't sound insane. Katsumi still hadn't come through the well yet. 'Is she stuck there?' Kagome wondered.

"I see, so she already went through." Tsukihime said, nodding in understanding.

'What!?' Kagome thought. 'It's like she knew this would happen. Her daughter is missing—why is she so calm?' "…Um, yes, she did… I'm sorry Dubois-san." Kagome said apologetically. The woman waved her worries off.

"Oh, don't worry, my dear. Her father and I knew this would happen long ago. I merely came to make sure things went off without a hitch." Tsukihime said carelessly. Kagome gaped at the woman.

"W-What? I don't understand…" Kagome said, beyond confused.

"It's all right, Kagome. They have already explained everything to us. Dubois-san has a letter that she needs you to take back to Katsumi-chan for her. It will explain everything." Her mother said.

"Alright, then…" Kagome said as she climbed out to take the letter from Tsukihime. "…Did you know Katsumi-chan was a hanyou?" Tsukihime Dubois laughed.

"Why of course I knew! I'm her mother, but she isn't exactly a hanyou. My little Katsumi is three-fourths youkai." Tsukihime said proudly. "Her father is a hanyou, and I am a full blooded inu-youkai. We were both 'cursed' so that we would look and age like humans, but it didn't affect our daughter. When she was born, I placed a seal on her that had similar effects to that of our curse, but it was only supposed to last until today. I still have visions from time to time, despite having my other powers sealed. I had one that we would come here, and Katsumi would be stranded in feudal Japan."

"But, that means you'll never see her again!" Kagome said. She couldn't understand why Katsumi's parents would come if they knew they would lose their daughter. Tsukihime smiled sadly.

"Yes, we know, but we also know that the feudal era is when and where Katsumi will meet her soul mate. As painful as it is to let her go, we do not want to deny our daughter true love and the happiness that come with it. I have foreseen that as well." Tsukihime said.

'I see. It's not that they're deserting Katsumi-chan. They're setting her free.' Kagome realized.

"All right. I'll deliver your letter for you." Kagome said, taking the letter and a package Tsukihime held out to her.

"Thank you, Kagome-chan." Tsukihime said, smiling gratefully as tear rolled down her cheek. "Have a safe trip."

"Just give it up already." Inuyasha said as he watched Katsumi jump down the well for the tenth time.


{Feudal Japan}

"Uuugh!" Katsumi growled in frustration. "Why did it have to break? Stupid well!" Katsumi jumped back out of the well, ready to try again. On the bright-side, now that she was a hanyou, Katsumi was able to jump out of the well in one leap instead of having to climb every time.

"Kagome got through just fine. You're the problem." Inuyasha snorted. Katsumi glared at him.

"Do you mind? I'm having a nervous breakdown over here." Katsumi deadpanned. A vein popped on Inuyasha's head.

"I've had just about enough out of you!" He growled at her.

"Oh, really? Me too! This is just the icing on top of the huge cake of 'let's screw Katsumi over today'. Hello, misdirected anger!" Katsumi retorted.

"Inuyasha! Did Kagome come back with more ninja snacks yet?" A little kitsune kit asked excitedly as he bounded up to them. "Hey! You're not Kagome." The kit said when he saw Katsumi and no Kagome.

He sounded awfully disappointed. Katsumi resisted the urge to squeal at his cuteness. Katsumi had always loved kids and small animals. This little kit with his boyish charms and the hind legs and bushy fox tail was a lethal combination of both.

"She was back." Inuyasha said, rolling his eyes. "But she went back when she tried to take this wench back home."

"Sit, boy!" Katsumi yelled. Inuyasha flinched, but he didn't slam into the ground this time. "Hmm… I guess it only works when Kagome says it?" She asked the kit. He nodded.

"Yeah, Kagome's the only one who can activate the subjugation beads around his neck. I'm Shippo. What's your name?" Shippo said.

"I'm Katsumi. It's nice to meet you, Shippo-kun." Katsumi said, smiling.

"Hey!" Inuyasha shouted indignantly. "How dare you ignore me after trying to 'sit' me! I'm gonna—!"

"Sit, boy!" Kagome said as she climbed out of the well. "Why do you keep trying to attack her? I already told you she's a friend." Inuyasha mumbled something darkly.

"What was that?" Kagome said.

"Uh… nothin'." Inuyasha grumbled. His ears drooped slightly in defeat.

"Yay! Kagome's back!" Shippo cheered. He jumped up and hugged Kagome, who had come back through the well with a giant yellow backpack.

'What did she put in there?' Katsumi wondered. "Hey, Kagome. Um… You've probably guessed by now, but it looks like the well won't let me back through." She said, rubbing the back of her neck. Kagome smiled sadly at her. 'Uh-oh. Why do I get the feeling I'm not gonna like what comes next?'

"Katsumi-chan… I think you should read this. Your mother asked me to give it to you." Kagome said, handing her a thick envelope and package. "She said it would explain everything." Katsumi took the envelope and sighed, resignedly.

"My mom had one of her visions again, didn't she?" Katsumi said.


Katsumi couldn't help the tears that fell as she read the letter in Kaede's hut while Kagome went through the supplies she brought back with Shippo and Inuyasha. In short, The letter had said that she wouldn't be able to return home again, but now that the seal her mother had placed on her was gone, she would age and heal the same as any normal demon, so there was still a chance they could meet again in the future.

'I'll do it. I'll definitely find you.' Katsumi thought determinedly. 'Mom, Dad, wait for me.'

The letter went on to explain that she was three-fourths youkai. She was half inu-youkai on her mother's side, and one fourth of some kind of western demon on her father's side. Not even he knew what kind it was. Her mother had included a family tree in the envelope, and she discovered She was a distant cousin of Inuyasha's when he pointed out his dad on it. So, they were both cousins and part inu-youkai. She had more in common with the rude jerk than she thought. Her mother had also explained that the reason they didn't prevent her falling into the well was because she was destined to meet her soul mate there, and she had their full blessings… well her mother had written that her father was still moping about having to give his daughter away. Her dad had managed to scare off pretty much every potential date she'd ever had. Thanks to him, she was sweet sixteen and never been kissed. Apparently he had wanted to put her soul mate through the ringer too, but her mother said he would get over it. 'Well I can cross Inuyasha off the list. That is never gonna happen. Besides, it's easy to see Kagome's already in love with him, but I don't know what she sees in that jerk.' The memory of Sesshoumaru standing in front of her when she first came out of the well flashed across her mind. Katsumi blushed, and shook her head to clear her thoughts. 'Whoa, no way! He may be hot, but he probably hates my guts, and he wants to kill Inuyasha. That would probably make Kagome cry, and I don't like it when people make my friends cry, so he's off limits. Especially since he'd probably kill me for even suggesting it.' Katsumi opened the package from her mother and picked up the locket that was laying in it on top of a red floral kimono and dark, purplish hakama. It was round, gold, and it had an indigo background and a white inu-youkai cloisonné design on the front with a magenta moon and silver clouds. She sweat dropped. 'Now where have I seen those colors before?' Katsumi thought sarcastically. Her mother had said the locket belonged to her, and it had photos of her mother and her father in it. It also held a fang inside of it for safekeeping. It was one of her mothers, and she said to keep it safe 'until it was needed' whatever that meant. 'Thanks, Mom.' Katsumi thought as she smiled and put the locket on. 'Look out feudal Japan, There's a new inu in town.'

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