Time Traveler Katsumi

And, So We Meet Again

Katsumi smiled as she breathed in the fresh air. One thing she did not miss about the future, other than tests and homework – which she still ended up helping Kagome with most of the time – was the pollution. A lot had happened since that fateful day when she fell through the well. Since her mother had trained her in various martial arts, including ken-do, Katsumi had gotten herself a katana and joined Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo on their quest for the jewel shards. It turned out Inuyasha and Katsumi both turned human on the night of a full moon, but unlike Inuyasha, Katsumi's transformation into a human lasted for three days. None of them knew why, but Katsumi suspected it had something to do with her father's mystery youkai genes. She could fight well because of the training her mother had given her when she was 'human', but unfortunately, Katsumi was still getting the hang of her youkai powers. Poor Kagome had part of her soul stolen by a witch, and it was used to revive Inuyasha's ex, Kikyo. Then, they met the perverted monk, Miroku. Once they came to an understanding that he would lose his hand if he touched Katsumi, or Kagome for that matter, inappropriately then he would lose that hand—it was all good.
{Later That Day…}

A band of rag-tag samurai galloped together down the road on their horses, laughing about their most recent victory.

"That was quiet a haul, Chief!" One samurai said to his leader, referring to all the bales of rice and other goods they had looted. The leader laughed.

"For such a puny village, they sure had a hoard!" The leader boasted.

"Let's hurry, Chief." Another samurai said. "Youkai are supposed to appear around here after dark."

"You can't be a mercenary if you're 'fraid of demons!" The Chief reprimanded him.

"Chief, look!" Another man said.

"Huh?" The chief said, as he looked ahead at the figure, silhouetted in the sunset. He was wearing armor and dressed in a high quality kimono. He had a long fur draped over his shoulder, and his silver hair swayed in the gentle breeze. The chief laughed.

"Ah, that's just a mere human. What interesting armor he's got. Kill 'im and strip 'im!" The chief ordered as he drew his sword and charged towards the intended victim.

They didn't see the clearly demonic clawed, blue hand that was poking out of one of his kimono sleeves. The figure turned and raised his arm. His eyes glowed red. The band of samurai realized their mistake too late when the mysterious figure jumped in the air and pounced, destroying them all in a single blow. A green imp emerged from the bushes, chuckling darkly.

"Well done! You are the one and only Sesshoumaru-sama!" Jaken cheered. "Slaying that blue oni and taking his arm was a splendid idea!"

"Are you blind?" Sesshoumaru said, pulling the blue arm off.

"Eh?" Jaken asked, backing up when Sesshoumaru tossed the arm on the ground near him.

"This arm is already useless." Sesshoumaru said coldly.

"Oh… gone bad again?" Jaken asked. The arm twitched then its hand grabbed Jaken. "Arggh!" he cried as it squeezed the breath out of him.

"Find a demon with a more suitable arm." Sesshoumaru ordered as Jaken began hitting the blue arm with his staff in an attempt to free himself. "Or else… I'll kill you." Sesshoumaru added before calmly walking away.

"Eh!?" Jaken yelped as he froze momentarily in shock. The blue hand gave him another good squeeze. "Arggh!" He hit the hand again and finally managed to break free, and kick it away. The arm started sizzling and melted away to just bones. 'Hah… I'm so tired of this life. And it's all the fault of that Inuyasha for cutting off Sesshoumaru-sama's arm. No, I don't hate the sword… just that hanyou, Inuyasha! The tessaiga belongs to Sesshoumaru-sama! We will take it back from Inuyasha without fail!' Jaken thought.

"Even if I find another arm, it will be useless after a while." Sesshoumaru stated, thinking out loud.

"You seem to be quite troubled." A man in a baboon suit observed. Jaken yelped in surprise and hid behind Sesshoumaru. "Pardon me, but are you Inuyasha's elder brother, Sesshoumaru-sama?"

"Who are you?" Sesshoumaru calmly demanded. Internally he was slightly irritated at hearing his half-brother's name.

"Like you, I despise Inuyasha." Baboon man said. "It was rude of me, but I overheard you talking. May I suggest you use this arm?" He said, holding an arm out.

"Hmm? Don't jest! That's a human arm!" Jaken yelled indignantly.

"Precisely." Baboon man said. "However, it's not just a human arm. It's a human arm with a sacred jewel shard imbedded in it. This arm will empower you to wield the tessaiga, Inuyasha's fabled sword." Sesshoumaru furrowed his brow slightly in irritation at that last remark. It wasn't Inuyasha's sword; it was his father's. "The tessaiga is known as the protector of humans. Presently, a demon like you cannot touch the tessaiga."

"Humph… You mentioned that you hate Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru said. "Do you intend to use me to kill Inuyasha?"

"Exactly." Baboon man said.

"How dare you—!?" Jaken yelled incredulously.

"Interesting. I'll take the arm." Sesshoumaru said.

"S-Sesshoumaru-sama!" Jaken said in surprise.

"One more thing." Baboon man said as he held out a wasp hive. "Take this hive. I'm sure it'll come in handy. Sesshoumaru accepted the hive.

"Tell me your name." Sesshoumaru said.

"It is Naraku." Baboon man said, hiding his smirk.

"Naraku? I shall remember it." Sesshoumaru said.

{A Mansion In A Human Village}

"I'm so glad we're not sleeping in the forest!" Kagome said happily as they all enjoyed a real meal inside for once. "We get to eat a hot meal and sleep under a roof! It's heaven!"

"You said it, Kagome!" Katsumi agreed cheerfully. "Ah! It feels like it's been so long since I last tasted rice instead of wild herbs!"

"Well excuse me for making you sleep in the wild so often!" Inuyasha deadpanned.

"Inuyasha, you take offense so easily these days." Kagome said.

"He's just jealous." Katsumi said.

"Hate the fact that it was Miroku who got us shelter here, huh?" Shippo teased. Inuyasha grimaced. "Soft, fluffy beds are sooo nice!" Shippo said.

"Neee~!" They all cheered while Inuyasha sulked.

"Keh!" Inuyasha scoffed.

"That should do it." Miroku said as he put up a talisman. "Now the ominous black cloud that hovers over this mansion will disappear for good."

"Thank you, Hoshi-sama" The elderly man said, bowing in gratitude. "My goodness! When you came suddenly informed me that there are evil clouds overhead, I was so afraid of what might happen! But now that you have exorcised this place, I can rest easy."

"It's just part of a monk's duty." Miroku said, smiling a close-eyed shit-eating grin.

"Oh such bliss!" Kagome sighed in contentment.

"Thanks for the food!" Katsumi said, rubbing her full belly. They had all just finished eating when Miroku returned.

"Now then, I can rest." Miroku said as he sat down and joined them.

"Hey Miroku… something still bothers me." Inuyasha said.

"Yes?" Miroku asked calmly. Inuyasha jumped over to crouch down next to the monk.

"When we're desperately looking for a place to sleep… You suddenly see a dark cloud over the finest mansion in the area. How did that happen, I wonder?" Inuyasha said, suspicious.

"Huh? Why bring that up now?" Miroku said. "You know the saying, 'sometimes a lie is more expedient'." He smiled a shit-eating grin and waved Inuyasha's worries away.

"You lied?" Inuyasha said incredulously.

"Lie? Was the black cloud a lie?" Shippo asked, genuinely surprised. Katsumi smiled and shook her head at his innocence.

"I figured it was a lie." Kagome said as she calmly sipped her tea. Katsumi nodded in agreement.

"Honestly Inuyasha, you're so slow." Katsumi said. "I don't usually condone this kind of behavior, but beggars can't be choosers. Since the people he tricks are rich, it's not like it's a huge sacrifice for them, and since Miroku gives them real sutras, they'll be protected from whatever real danger actually comes later, right?"

"W-What a shyster!" Inuyasha said incredulously. Miroku just continued to smile.

"Oh yes, he gave me a gift of dumplings too." Miroku said.

"Yaaay~!" Shippo cheered as he grabbed the dumplings and jumped up and down for joy.

"Don't look so happy!" Inuyasha scolded him. Katsumi giggled at how cute Shippo was.

"Calm down." Kagome said, smiling her own shit-eating grin. The ground began to shake and rumble. "Eh?"

"Huh?" Katsumi said as everyone blinked in surprise. Shippo stopped jumping, and the house shook so hard that some dust came down from the ceiling.

"W-What's that?" Kagome asked nervously.

"An earthquake?" Katsumi wondered out loud, but then she sensed the demonic aura. The ground shook harder.

"Aghh! It's coming this way!" Shippo cried as he jumped into Kagome's arms. The candles in the room went out.

'As if this weren't creepy enough.' Katsumi thought, slightly chagrined.

"Something big is coming." Inuyasha said.

"Ya think?" Katsumi said sarcastically.

"Let's run!" Miroku suggested in a very calm and serious tone of voice. Katsumi almost face-faulted.

"What?" She asked incredulously. It was a pragmatic idea, but they owed these people. They couldn't just run.

"W-Why you! You can't just eat and run!" Inuyasha said.

"But it's big! We're no match for it." Miroku said frankly. "Impossible! Stupid! Like committing suicide!" He said, raising his hand as if blessing the dead. Normally Katsumi would've laughed, but given the circumstances…

"What a guy!" Inuyasha said incredulously.

"I sense sacred jewel fragments!" Kagome said. "It's heading this way with enormous speed!"

"Guess we can't leave now." Katsumi said, smirking.

"A sacred jewel shard coming here!? What luck!" Inuyasha said, smirking cockily.

"If it's the sacred jewel shard, I'm willing to make the sacrifice!" Miroku said, smirking as well as he took off running. Katsumi dashed after him.

"Hold it, Miroku!" Inuyasha yelled before following them.

"Hurry up, Inuyasha!" Katsumi yelled over her shoulder.

"What's that sound!?" The villagers wondered, panicking. "That trembling!" They screamed as a giant red hand came down and smashed part of the village. They were being attacked by a huge red oni. Inuyasha, Katsumi, and Miroku arrived just in time to see the oni step on a hut, crushing it.

"W-What!?" Miroku said when he saw the huge youkai. Kagome and Shippo caught up to them. Katsumi noticed there was something sitting on the oni's shoulder. Her eyes widened slightly in surprise. It was Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru noticed that Inuyasha's group had gotten larger, and the golden-haired hanyou he saw last time was still with him.

"Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha said. Apparently he had noticed too. Sesshoumaru leaped from the oni's shoulder, and as he descended upon them, his hand began to glow. He landed and a green poison gas flowed from his hand.

"Poison! Run!" Katsumi yelled as she and the others ran to a safer distance, all except for Inuyasha. He reacted slower, and just raised his arm to shield his face as he coughed from inhaling some of the poison.

"Slow as usual, huh, Inuyasha?" Sesshoumaru said. 'Hn. At least the other hanyou had the sense to avoid danger.' Sesshoumaru didn't know why that golden-haired hanyou had left such an impression on him.

"Damn you, Sesshoumaru! Whaddaya want?" Inuyasha yelled.

'Don't just stand there, stupid! Run!' Katsumi screamed at Inuyasha in her mind as she watched him from her hiding place with the others.

"Don't ask me stupid questions." Sesshoumaru said. "I'm here for the tessaiga."

"You still haven't given up!?" Inuyasha growled as he prepared to draw tessaiga.

"Are they acquaintances?" Miroku asked.

"That's Inuyasha's older brother." Katsumi said.

"Brother?" Miroku asked, surprised. They sure didn't act brotherly.

"Yeah, only unlike Inuyasha, who's only half, this one's a full-fledged youkai." Kagome explained. 'He's still after tessaiga?' Kagome thought. 'He couldn't become one with the sword and couldn't even lift it! He even left last time after Katsumi talked to him without taking it… That's right! Even now he shouldn't be able to touch it!'

'He's still trying? I thought Kagome said he couldn't use it… Did something change?' Katsumi thought.

"Draw your sword, Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru commanded coolly. "Or will you hand it over quietly?"

"Shuddup! I'll cut off more than just your arm this time!" Inuyasha said as he drew tessaiga and pounced. Sesshoumaru dodged him easily As Inuyasha recklessly swung his sword around. Katsumi couldn't help but admire how well Sesshoumaru moved in battle. He was graceful, and none of his moves were superfluous.

"Inuyasha… you still haven't mastered the use of tessaiga." Sesshoumaru said with disdain.

"W-What!? Cut the jokes, dammit!" Inuyasha yelled hotly as he charged again. Sesshoumaru grabbed Inuyasha's wrist, stopping him mid-swing.

"Ah!" They all said in surprise and dismay.

"Gah!" Inuyasha grunted in pain as Sesshoumaru squeezed his wrist.

"Such pitiful swordsmanship. You cannot handle a sword that large." Sesshoumaru said. Katsumi thought he had a point there. She had offered to teach Inuyasha a little ken-do, but instead of trying to improve his skills, he had very rudely declined. Sesshoumaru's hand began to glow green.

"Argh!" Inuyasha yelled in pain as the skin on his wrist began to melt away from the poison.

"His arm is rotting!" Miroku shouted.

"It's the poison from his claws!" Kagome said.

"Don't just stand there, Inuyasha! Either let go or fight back!" Katsumi shouted.

"If you don't release the tessaiga, your arm will rot and fall off." Sesshoumaru said coldly.

"Damn! Before that happens…!" Inuyasha shouted. He grabbed tessaiga's handle with his other hand too and pushed.

"He's pushing him back!" Miroku said in amazement.

"But Sesshoumaru is still melting his wrist!" Katsumi said.

"I'll split you in half!" Inuyasha yelled at Sesshoumaru.

"Damn him." Sesshoumaru said stoically. Even in this situation the Daiyoukai remained calm and collected. Sesshoumaru jumped back and lashed out at Inuyasha with his energy whip. Inuyasha managed to block it with tessaiga the first time, but the second blow wrenched it from his hands and sent tessaiga flying. It landed in the ground, and the transformation wore off, returning its appearance to that of a beat-up old sword. Inuyasha immediately ran for his sword, but Sesshoumaru beat him to it. Sesshoumaru took hold of tessaiga; no longer bothered by the barrier.

"Sesshoumaru has a hold of the tessaiga!" Kagome yelled in surprise.

"Wasn't he missing that arm before!?" Katsumi yelled in confusion. Sesshoumaru pulled tessaiga from the ground, transforming it to a huge blade again as he spun on his heel and slashed the sword through the air, sending a wave of energy to attack Inuyasha. Inuyasha dodged, but the attack had left a scar in the ground where its path had been.

'W-Why is Sesshoumaru able to hold the tessaiga?' Inuyasha wondered.

"I shall show you, Inuyasha… the tessaiga's true power." Sesshoumaru said. "Jaken!"

"Yes, my lord! I shall summon all the mountain demons!" Jaken said.

'Is that a… toad?' Katsumi wondered. 'What is he going to do with all those demons?'

"Come forth!" Jaken yelled as the red oni slammed its hand down on the mountainside. They all watched, stunned as whole hoard of demons flew up from the mountain. There must have been at least a hundred of them.

"Watch me well, Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru said. "In one stroke, the power to slay a hundred demons in one stroke…" Sesshoumaru swung the sword, and a huge wave of energy flew from the sword and eviscerated all the demons in one blow.

"W-What?" Inuyasha said, stunned. The demons had been completely disintegrated and there was huge scar on the mountain where the force of the attack had scorched and carved away the earth.

"Damn…" Katsumi said, stunned.

"The mountain!" Shippo said in shock.

"Not only the demons… he destroyed the mountain too!" Miroku said.

"Now that is the true power of the tessaiga, the supreme sword forged from our father's fang!" Sesshoumaru said.

'His fang? Dang… Inu-Papa was bad ass!' Katsumi thought.

"Unfortunately, it does not have the power to choose its owner." Sesshoumaru continued. "Do you realize now that a hanyou like you can never master it?" Katsumi's brow twitched in irritation at the hanyou comment.

'D-Dammit!' Inuyasha cursed mentally at his current state of helplessness.

Katsumi cursed under her breath as she jumped out of their hiding spot and ran towards the family feud.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled as she followed.

"Hold it, Kagome-sama." Miroku said. "I'll go. Shippo, you stay behind too!" He didn't bother saying anything to Katsumi since she was too far ahead.

"Then… your right hand…" Kagome said hopefully.

{With Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru…}
"Become a victim of tessaiga. That is a fitting end for you." Sesshoumaru said coldly to Inuyasha.

'As if I'd let someone like him take the tessaiga!' Inuyasha thought.

"Get back, Inuyasha!" Katsumi said as she jumped in front of him, brandishing her katana. It was an ordinary katana, but Katsumi had learned that if she infused it with her own youki when fighting, it cut deeper and sharper than any normal sword. She would just have to hope luck was on her side now that she had to face a true youkai sword.

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