Time Traveler Katsumi

We're All A Little Mad Here

"Hehehe, Sesshoumaru… you're rather vain, aren't you?" Jakotsu said. He swung his sword at Sesshoumaru. "Actually, you're only just managing to stand, aren't you!? Because of the barrier!" Sesshoumaru gave Jakotsu a sharp look. He held Tokijin up, causing Jakotsu's sword to wrap around it, and pulled, causing a surprised Jakotsu to be flung through the air, along with his snake-like sword.
"Ugh!" Jakotsu grunted when he slammed into the ground. He had managed to land on his feet, in a crouching position, but it still hurt. His sword recoiled, ready for another attack as Sesshoumaru swung around to face him. Sesshoumaru charged again and attacked. "Whoops!" Jakotsu yelped in surprise as he just barely managed to dodge the attack. 'This bastard… he's moving around with a fucking calm face, but… steadily, he's forcing me away from the mountain's barrier. It really is hard on him.' Jakotsu thought. "Hey, Suikotsu! Don't get away from the mountain!" Jakotsu warned him.

"I don't need you to tell me that." Suikotsu said. "When that 'Kanna' kid showed us an image of these three, goldilocks here, definitely looked like a youkai, but she's just a weak human right now. I'm not about to give up an advantage, now hurry up and kill that snobbish bastard! I'm itching to kill this brat, you see."

"!" Rin said, scared.

"You understand, eh? If you mess up, that brat has no life." Jakotsu said to Sesshoumaru. "Of course, that'll be happening sooner or later anyway!"

"Don't you touch her!" Katsumi growled. 'I have to think of something… they clearly don't intend to let Rin live…' Katsumi thought.

"Shut up, you. You've been holding your sword this whole time, how's about you put it down now?" Suikotsu said. 'I couldn't kill those fucking brats in the village because of the doctor… but… this time for sure…' Suikotsu thought.

"Sesshoumaru-sama… Katsumi-nee…" Rin said, scared as Suikotsu pressed his claws closer to her neck. Katsumi snapped. She lowered her head, as if in defeat.

"….You said you wanted me to throw away my sword?" Katsumi said. "In that case…" Katsumi held her sword in front of her and held it parallel to the ground. She dropped it. "You'd better be ready to catch it!" Katsumi yelled as she kicked the sword, just before it hit the ground, and sent it flying straight at Suikotsu, pointy tip first. It hit him in the shoulder; the shock of what had just happened caused him to drop Rin. Suikotsu stared down at the short sword that was now piercing through his shoulder.

"Come on Rin!" Katsumi yelled as she pulled Rin to her feet.

"You bitch!" Suikotsu yelled as he pulled Katsumi's sword out of his shoulder and lunged at them.

"Run!" Katsumi yelled as she nudged Rin forward. Suikotsu swiped at them. "Get down!" Katsumi yelled as she gabbed Rin and ducked, shielding her, as they dodged Suikotsu's attack. Suikotsu Slashed at them again, but Katsumi managed to block the blow by using her sword's sheath at the last minute. Suikotsu smirked as she struggled to hold him back.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" Rin cried, scared Suikotsu would hurt Katsumi again. Sesshoumaru glanced back at them before focusing on the attack Jakotsu had just sent his way.

'Same style… huh?' Sesshoumaru observed. Sesshoumaru rushed forward, just as he had done every time before, but this time, he threw his sword behind him.

'Wha… He threw the away the sword…!?' Jakotsu thought in surprise.


Tokijin had pierced straight through Suikotsu's armor, right through his heart. Suikotsu went limp, and Katsumi kicked him away. Sesshoumaru continued to charge towards Jakotsu. The sword wrapped around him, and managed to scratch his arm and cut mokomoko-sama, but the damage was all superficial, and Sesshoumaru pushed forward and thrust his hand all the way through Jakotsu's torso. Jakotsu didn't even have any time to react. He too went limp, still hanging on Sesshoumaru's arm.

"Let's go, Rin." Katsumi said as she helped Rin to her feet.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" Rin cried, relieved it was over, as she ran to him. Katsumi smiled, but then she got a foreboding feeling. Katsumi spun around, just in time to catch a glimpse of Suikotsu's face before he grabbed her neck and slammed her onto her back on the ground. "Katsumi-nee!" Rin cried, running back to them.

"Stay back Rin! Don't come!" Katsumi managed to yell before Suikotsu tightened his grip on her neck. Katsumi reached up and slammed the palms of her hands against the sides of his head, effectively boxing his ears. Suikotsu roared in pain as his hands shot up to hold his aching ears. Katsumi rolled onto her stomach and tried to push her self back up and get away, but Suikotsu recovered and shoved her roughly back onto the ground.

"You're not getting away." Suikotsu said, smiling creepily at her.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" Rin cried, not knowing what else to do.

"!" Sesshoumaru said when he looked back and saw what had happened.

"Now that I get a good look at you, you sure are a sexy guy. Not my type though." Jakotsu said. Sesshoumaru turned his attention to him. "Hehehe, you missed your aim…" Jakotsu said, referring to the jewel shards in their necks. "We wouldn't die from something like this."

'That's right! That poison creep had jewel shards in his neck! I wonder…' Katsumi thought as she struggled to break free, but she was on her stomach now, and couldn't reach up again.

"Jakotsu, it's okay now, isn't it? To kill these two." Suikotsu said, referring to Katsumi and Rin. Rin was too worried about Katsumi and Sesshoumaru to listen and run away, like she should have. "Maybe it's because I got wounded… that the bastard doctor is too scared to come out…" Sesshoumaru spun around, pulling his hand out of Jakotsu's torso, as he ran towards Suikotsu and Katsumi.

"Fool! You're too late!" Jakotsu yelled vindictively.

"Now you die!" Suikotsu yelled as he raised his claws to strike.

"Nooooo!" Rin cried as Katsumi struggled and kicked, frantically trying to free herself. A sacred arrow shot through the air, and hit Suikotsu, right in the neck.

'Wha…' Suikotsu thought as he fell backwards, unable to move.

'A sacred arrow…? Kagome?' Katsumi thought as she looked up to see a beautiful woman riding on a horse, clad in the traditional red and white miko kimono. 'That's…!'

'Suikotsu… your Shikon fragment's light was polluted black… you can no longer…' Kikyo thought sadly as she stared at the unfortunate man.

'Crap! That woman is too scary!' Jakotsu thought as he made his escape. It was obvious that Suikotsu was done for.

"Katsumi-nee!" Rin called to get her attention.

"Ah…!" Katsumi said when she realized she was still dangerously close to a zombie that had a repeated history of coming back from the dead. Forget double-tap, this guy had already been 'killed' too many times to count. Katsumi jumped up and ran towards Rin and Sesshoumaru. "You're both okay, right?" Katsumi asked as she checked Rin for injuries. Rin nodded.

"I'm alright because you and Sesshoumaru-sama protected me." Rin said and hugged Katsumi. Katsumi smiled, relieved, and hugged Rin back.

"Well, of course! You might not be my sister by blood, but you're still my important imouto to me!" Katsumi said, grinning cheekily. Rin's smile brightened, and she hugged Katsumi even harder.

"…" Sesshoumaru said as he stared at the touching scene. Katsumi had just had two near death experiences in one day, Rin had been absolutely terrified just a few seconds ago… and now, here they were, smiling… Sesshoumaru doubted he would ever fully understand the two strange girls he had picked up. Kikyo dismounted her horse and staggered over to kneel beside Suikotsu.

"Kikyo-sama…" Suikotsu-sensei said weakly.

"!" Kikyo said. 'Suikotsu… the doctor!?' Kikyo thought in surprise.

"At long last… I reverted… the black light got in the way… and I couldn't come out…" Suikotsu-sensei said.

"You are… Suikotsu-sama, the doctor?" Kikyo asked. Katsumi titled her head in confusion. It sound like Kikyo was taking about a completely different person. 'This is due to the shard's pollution being purified by the holy arrow, huh…? What should I do with this man…? Would it be better to kill him…?' Kikyo thought.

"Kikyo-sama… the Shikon fragment in my neck… please take it… then I'll return to bones…" Suikotsu-sensei said.

"You… choose death?" Kikyo asked, surprised.

"I remembered at last… I died once." Suikotsu-sensei said. "When I was alive before… the other me… Suikotsu of the Shichinin-tai… killed many people too… I… couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't bear it if the same thing… happens again." Sesshoumaru, Katsumi and Rin were silently bearing witness to what was certain to be this mans last words. Rin squeezed Katsumi's hand.

'So… he wasn't completely a bad man after all…' Rin thought sadly.

'I see… it looks like he suffers from a multiple personalities disorder… It's a shame. If this were modern Japan, he might've been able to get help before it came to this…' Katsumi thought.

"Please… Kikyo-sama. I want you to take the fragment… and save my soul…" Suikotsu said.

"Suikotsu-sama…" Kikyo said. She reluctantly reached forward to take the shard as he had asked, but before she could, Jakotsu's sword came flying out of nowhere and cut the jewel out of Suikotsu's neck.

"!" Kikyo said in surprise. Jakotsu's sword recoiled, taking the shard with it.

"Hmph… I'll take this as a souvenir." Jakotsu said.

"Kya!" Rin shrieked and hugged Katsumi when Suikotsu's corpse began to disintegrate and left behind nothing but bones.

"Bye." Jakotsu said as he ran off into the barrier and disappeared from their sight.

'Looks like we can't follow him now…' Katsumi thought. Technically, she could, as a human, but she would be no match for his sword in her human form.

"Umm… Miko-sama… thank you for helping us and saving Katsumi-nee." Rin said.

"Yeah, thanks, Kikyo" Katsumi said. "You really saved my neck back there."

"Sure..." Kikyo said to Katsumi. 'Wasn't she with Inuyasha and Kagome before… is the barrier the reason she looks human…?' Kikyo thought. "You're not injured, are you?" Kikyo asked Rin. "You must have been scared."

"Yeah… but this person… somehow…" Rin said. She did know how to describe they strange feeling she had. Rin had been able to tell that he wasn't completely bad.

"Ah!" Katsumi said suddenly when she realized Sesshoumaru was leaving them. She couldn't blame him for not wanting to stay close to the barrier.

"Ah!" Rin said too. "Goodbye!" Rin said as she and Katsumi ran after Sesshoumaru.

"Bye!" Katsumi said.

'That woman is also dead… She smells of bones and graveyard soil. Was she, after all, the miko that sealed Inuyasha?' Sesshoumaru thought. '...Also... why did that man choose death? It looked as though the miko might've let him live, had he asked...'

"...Katsumi-nee... do you know why that man acted like that? At first I thought he was a bad person, but now..." Rin said. Katsumi glanced at Rin. She looked like she was feeling a little guilty, sad, and confused.

"Well... based on what I heard... I think he suffered from a multiple personality disorder. It's where one person has two or more personalities at the same time, like having two seperate people share the same body. Not all people with this condition are harmful, but... In Suikotsu's case, it seems he had one good personality and one dangerous one." Katsumi said.

"But if he was good, then why did he have to die?" Rin asked sadly. Katsumi smiled sadly at Rin.

"... Rin... I once read a book about someone who suffered from the same condition. That person finally found out all the terrible things his bad personality had done. They told him that if he reverted again, they might have to hurt him, and do you know what the person in that book said to those people?" Katsumi asked. Rin shook her head.

"I wonder, which would be worse, to live as a monster or to die as a good man?" Katsumi said, quoting the novel.

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