Time Traveler Katsumi

Underdog VS Topdog

"Get back, Inuyasha!" Katsumi said as she jumped in front of him, brandishing her katana. It was an ordinary katana, but Katsumi had learned that if she infused it with her own youki when fighting, it cut deeper and sharper than any normal sword. She would just have to hope luck was on her side now that she had to face a true youkai sword

"Hn. You again…" Sesshoumaru said. "I had thought you had more sense than to challenge someone so far above your own level, but it seems I was mistaken." Katsumi frowned at him.
"Well, sorry to disappoint, Sesshoumaru-sama, but even if it's stupid, I refuse to runaway when a friend's in danger!" Katsumi said tartly. "Don't look down on me. I might not have an awesome sword, but I'm not weak."

"Stupid! Get out of the way! He's gonna kill you!" Inuyasha yelled.

"You're the stupid one!" Katsumi shot back at him. "You're the one that stayed to fight even though he totally kicked your ass last time!" Sesshoumaru's mouth twitched up into a slight smirk.

"WHAT!?" Inuyasha growled.

"I can't stay quiet any longer." Miroku said as he stepped in front of both Inuyasha and Katsumi. "Enough of this silly sibling rivalry." Kagome and Shippo came up to stand behind Katsumi and Inuyasha.

'Thank goodness, Miroku, our 'ace' is here.' Katsumi thought. She knew what Miroku had in mind, but despite the fact that she did indeed want to live, she also didn't like the thought of Sesshoumaru dying. 'I'm just chock full of contradictions, aren't I?'

"H-Hey!" Inuyasha said.

'Hmm? That monk…?' Sesshoumaru thought.

"Stay back, Miroku!" Inuyasha said stubbornly as he stepped back in front of everyone.

"Inuyasha!" Katsumi hissed in annoyance. 'Don't you get it, Inuyasha!?" Katsumi thought.

"You can't handle this alone!" Miroku said firmly as he stepped in front again.

"Shaddup! Get behind me!" Inuyasha said. Katsumi pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. He just didn't get it. Kagome sweat dropped and laughed, chagrined.

"Don't be so stubborn!" Katsumi yelled at Inuyasha.

"What did you say, wench?" Inuyasha yelled.

"Call me that one more time, and I'm gonna kick your ass!" Katsumi growled.

"Is that the monk Naraku mentioned?" Jaken wondered out loud as he watched them from his perch on the red oni's shoulder. He remembered Naraku saying that there would be a young monk with Inuyasha, and that he could prove to be even more troublesome than Inuyasha himself. "Hah! He looks like a mere mortal to me." Jaken huffed. He tapped the oni's shoulder with his staff, and the youkai lurched forward. Kagome and Shippo jumped slightly in surprise at the sudden movement. "Sesshoumaru-sama, please leave this monk to me!" Jaken said, eager to serve his lord. "No sense in wasting your time with him." Katsumi sweat dropped.

'Wow, we're really being severely underestimated here, huh?' Katsumi thought chagrined.

"That's true. I'll just watch." Sesshoumaru said coolly.

"Onward! Smash them!" Jaken commanded the red oni.

"Everyone, get back!" Miroku yelled as he dashed forward and removed the prayer beads from his cursed hand. "Heaven's wrath!"

Miroku held his wind tunnel in front of him to suck up the huge oni. Sesshoumaru actually gasped in surprise at the force of the monk's mini-black hole, and leaped further back for safety. He wedged tessaiga into the ground so he could have something to use as leverage to keep himself from being sucked in.

"N-N-No! Stop!" Jaken yelled in panic as he frantically tried to avoid being sucked in along with the oni.

"Heavenly power! It's the wind tunnel!" Shippo cheered.

"Once it's caught, nothing can escape a black hole." Katsumi said.

"Miroku, you look great, amazing!" Kagome said. "Oh, you too, Inuyasha." She added.

"Don't say it like it's an afterthought." Inuyasha deadpanned. As Sesshoumaru watched, he remembered Naraku's words form before. He had recommended using the hive of the saimyosho, 'the insect of hell'. Naraku said it would be useful in plugging the wind tunnel in the monk's right hand.

"Hn. We shall see if he was right." Sesshoumaru said as he tossed the hive into the air. A swarm of youkai wasps burst from the hive, and flew into Miroku's wind tunnel.

"Huh?" Inuyasha said.

"Those bugs… they're not being sucked in—They're flying at him!" Kagome said.

"Miroku, stop! There's something fishy about those bugs!" Katsumi yelled. "They're acting like kamikaze fighter pilots from WWII!"

"Kami–what?" Miroku said, not getting the reference. He looked more closely as a bug flew directly into his hand. 'They're—!' "Ah!" Miroku grunted in pain as his wind tunnel throbbed. He resealed the wind tunnel and stumbled backwards, falling on his behind.

"Inuyasha… Katsumi… takeover!" Miroku grunted as he winced in pain.

"Miroku-sama!" Kagome said worriedly.

"You okay?" Katsumi asked.

"What's wrong?" Inuyasha said. The red oni fell down dead. Miroku had already sucked in too much of its body for it to survive, but the saimyosho were still alive and well.

"Sankon-tessou!" Inuyasha yelled as he slashed the youkai insects with his claws.

"Minishimirukaze!" Katsumi yelled as she slashed the insects with her sword and flung small waves of concentrated youki at them from the blade.

'Oh?' Sesshoumaru thought, mildly intrigued. 'That golden-haired hanyou that claimed to not even know what she was has rather excellent control when manipulating her own youki. Some full-blooded youkai have trouble with that.'

"Are you all right, Miroku-sama?" Kagome asked as she knelt down beside him.

"I've been poisoned by those insects…" Miroku said.

"Poison?" Kagome said. "Ah!" Some saimyosho were headed right for them.

"Kitsune-bi!" Shippo yelled as he used his foxfire to fry the insects. "I can fight these bugs at least!" Shippo said. "Ah!" He cried as another group of insects chased him.

"Shippo!" Miroku cried before grunting in pain.

"Miroku-sama!" Kagome said. "Wait here, I'll look for an antidote!" Kagome said. "Inuyasha, Katsumi! Help Miroku-sama!" She yelled as she ran to get her bag. Inuyasha slashed more insects.

"Hey, Miroku! Do your share too!" Inuyasha yelled.

"He can't Inuyasha! Weren't you listening?" Katsumi said.

"Sorry, Inuyasha… The poison's weakened me…" Miroku replied weakly. "I can't believe those petty insects shut down my wind tunnel…"

"Don't beat yourself up, Miroku. Even normal wasp venom can kill some if they're exposed to enough of it." Katsumi said.

"Hijin-kessou!" Inuyasha shouted as he drew blood from his own chest and flung the red attack at Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru merely raised the tessaiga to block the attack, not even slightly perturbed by it. While he was somewhat distracted (?), Inuyasha grabbed Miroku, and Katsumi killed the insects chasing Shippo.

"C'mon, Miroku! Get your ass over here!" Inuyasha said as they all ran for cover behind the dead oni's head. Inuyasha finally took a good look at Miroku's pained expression. 'Damn… He said something about poison… Is it fatal?' Shippo and Katsumi cautiously peeked around the oni's head.

'Crap!' Katsumi thought when she saw what was heading their way next. Shippo flinched and inched back beside Inuyasha.

"He's coming!" Shippo said. Sesshoumaru was very calmly walking towards their hiding place… not that was a very good hiding place to begin with… Katsumi readied her blade, prepared to defend herself and the others.

'How hopeless he is.' Sesshoumaru thought as he approached them.

'Dammit! What do I do!?" Inuyasha thought desperately.

"Inuyasha, take Miroku and Shippo out of here. I'll buy you some time." Katsumi said.

"Don't be stupid! One swing of tessaiga, and you're done for!" Inuyasha said.

"So, I won't let him swing!" Katsumi said.

"This is it. Die!" Sesshoumaru said as he swung tessaiga.

'Crap! We're out of time!' Katsumi thought as tessaiga's attack hit the oni's corpse. There was an explosion of light as the oni's corpse blew apart. Sesshoumaru watched stoically as it rained red oni. Inuyasha and Katsumi clawed their way out of the pile of scorched flesh.

"Ugh! Gross! Man, and I thought this oni smelled before…" Katsumi groaned in disgust as she tried to wipe herself off. Inuyasha just glared at Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru laughed.

"You are such a fool!" Sesshoumaru told Inuyasha. "You can run and hide. That would be totally expected of you. Living in this world only adds to your disgrace."

'What!?' Katsumi thought angrily. When Sesshoumaru spoke that way about his hanyou brother, Katsumi couldn't help but be upset. Not only was he insulting her friend, but it felt like it was aimed at her too since he kept calling her 'hanyou.' She didn't know why, but it hurt.

"Will you shut up!?" Inuyasha growled feeling just as annoyed and pissed off.

"Yeah, there's nothing wrong with being a hanyou!" Katsumi said defiantly.

"Getting a hold of one sword sure loosened your tongue!" Inuyasha yelled. "Well, lemme tell you something. When you kill someone, make sure you do it right! Otherwise, you may just end up…" Inuyasha leaped into the air and charged at Sesshoumaru "… eating your own words!"

Sesshoumaru blocked Inuyasha's attack with tessaiga. Sesshoumaru swung the tessaiga down at Inuyasha, but Katsumi jumped in and managed to block him with her katana.

"You—!?" Inuyasha said in surprise.

"Move, Inuyasha! I can't keep this up forever." Katsumi yelled. Even with her youki coursing through the blade, the shear force from Sesshoumaru's blow was already cracking her katana.

"Move aside, girl." Sesshoumaru said coolly. "You seem skilled to be able to block tessaiga without immediately snapping your blade, but If you insist on attacking me… You will die."

Sesshoumaru exerted more pressure on the blade. Katsumi grit her teeth as Sesshoumaru forced her onto her knees. Her sword was about to give out. She realized Inuyasha had listened to her for once, and he wasn't right behind her anymore. Yet, Sesshoumaru hadn't gone after him. She must have become his new target. Still, she was lasting quite awhile considering who her opponent was…

'He isn't using his full strength! He's just playing with me!' Katsumi realized. "If I let my guard down now, you'll just cut me down." Katsumi pointed out. Sesshoumaru smirked at her, and she had to fight down her blush. 'He's the enemy, remember?' She mentally scolded herself.

She heard a loud snapping sound.

Minishimirukaze is what a translator told me meant "Piercing Wind" in Japanese, incase you were wondering.

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