Time Traveler Katsumi

The Underdog Prevails!


"Hmph. You should listen to that girl, but if you think you can touch my left arm, go ahead and try!" Sesshoumaru said. He dodged Inuyasha's attack and grazed Inuyasha's face with his own poison claws. Then he leaped into the air and began lashing at Inuyasha with his energy whip. Inuyasha dodged Sesshoumaru's attacks, but he almost got him. He leapt at Sesshoumaru, attacking.

"Sankon-tessou!" Inuyasha yelled as he slashed his claws at Sesshoumaru.

"Duck!" Katsumi yelled as Sesshoumaru clenched his hand into a fist and punched Inuyasha.

"Gah!" Inuyasha grunted in pain.

"Inuyasha!" Katsumi cried as she ran to try and catch him.

She managed to break his fall, but she got a little scraped up herself. Sesshoumaru smirked in satisfaction at the damaged he had inflicted on Inuyasha, but that changed when a sacred arrow hit the shoulder part of his armor. Now he just looked pissed. Katsumi whipped her head around to see where the arrow had come from. Sure enough, there was Kagome, Peeking out from behind a rock, already got another arrow ready to fire.

"Amazing, Kagome! You smashed his armor!" Shippo cheered, bouncing up and down.

"I was actually aiming for his left arm." Kagome admitted.

"Get up, Inuyasha! Kagome's just painted a huge bull's-eye on herself!" Katsumi said, hauling him to his feet as best she could.

"Kagome…?" Inuyasha said, immediately snapping out of it. Sesshoumaru tilted his head to the side and furrowed his brow slightly in irritation.

"Inuyasha… Make her stop." Sesshoumaru said. "Even as a hanyou, the blood of a demon flows through your veins. This hanyou girl is one thing, but don't stoop to accepting human aid when you're on the verge of death."

"Don't try anything Kagome! Sesshoumaru is ruthless!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Don't worry! This time I'll hit my target!" Kagome yelled.

"It's not a question of aiming!" Katsumi said. "He's too fast—!" Kagome let the arrow fly. Her aim was straight and true, but something worried Katsumi. Sesshoumaru wasn't even trying to dodge it. Instead, Sesshoumaru caught it between his fingers and melted the arrow with his poison. Katsumi actually did face-palm this time.

"Really, really!?" Katsumi said in exasperation. "Is there anything he can't do?"

"The arrow… melted!" Kagome said, shocked. Tessaiga glowed in Sesshoumaru's hand.

"Do you not understand… how to stop!" Sesshoumaru growled as he swung tessaiga, unleashing another devastating attack.

"Dammit!" Inuyasha yelled, sprinting to Kagome, trying to out run the blast of energy.

"Run, Kagome!" Katsumi yelled, moving to follow Inuyasha. She felt someone grab her wrist tightly. Katsumi froze.

"Where do you think you're going?" Sesshoumaru said coolly as he stared down at her. Katsumi gulped, but stared back up at him defiantly.

'Sometimes, I wish I wasn't only five feet tall… Defiant glares don't work so well when you're a midget… She broke eye contact when she heard Inuyasha yell in pain. He had thrown himself at Kagome, tackling her and pushing her out the way while shielding her at the same time. The blast threw them a fair distance away.

"Inuyasha! Kagome!" Shippo yelled.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha said as he sat up. Kagome was lying under him on the ground and unconscious. He leaned down and held her face gently in his hand. She stirred a bit, but didn't wake up. "Sesshoumaru… You…!" Inuyasha growled. "How dare you hurt Kagome…!"

Katsumi stared at the now transformed tessaiga, wide-eyed. It wasn't as big as it usually was, but Sesshoumaru had still managed to make the sword recover from Kagome's arrow. Katsumi realized Sesshoumaru was still holding her wrist… She wrenched it out of his grip before he decided to burn her with his poison, like he did to Inuyasha.

"Why did you grab me?" Katsumi asked warily. "From the way you kept ignoring me earlier, I thought you thought I was a waste of your time."

Sesshoumaru stared at her. 'What is it about this hanyou...?'

"Although you are weak without your sword, I can tell from the way you're able to immediately get to your friends' sides when they are in trouble, that you have been holding back out of respect for Inuyasha's fight with me. You have been giving him a chance to defeat me himself. You did not even reveal your suspicions about my arm until he said he had figured it out, why? Do you not realize the danger you are in? I could kill you all where you stand." Sesshoumaru said coldly.

"The last time I tried to stop a fight between my friend and her older sister, I woke up black and blue, and they were both mad at me for butting in. That is not an experience I'd like to relive any time soon. I didn't tell Inuyasha about your arm because if he doesn't figure these things out for himself, then he'll never learn. I know you could easily kill us all, but that doesn't mean we're going down without a fight." Katsumi said defiantly, despite how much she wanted to run for cover.

"I can smell your fear." Sesshoumaru said. Katsumi scoffed.

"Only an idiot wouldn't be afraid of you." Katsumi huffed. Sesshoumaru's nature reflected his name perfectly: the 'killing perfection.'

Inuyasha was about to attack Sesshoumaru again when Miroku managed to crawl over to him.

"It's not even completely transformed, yet look at its power." Miroku said as he watched Katsumi wrench her hand away from Sesshoumaru. She was still to close, but if he timed it right… "The only way left to confront the tessaiga… is my wind tunnel!"

"Forget it, Miroku." Inuyasha said. "Not only is Katsumi too close, but if you open your wind tunnel again…" Inuyasha tossed a rock to the side and they watched as saimyosho flew out and hovered over the ground.

"The nest is still…!" Miroku said.

"You can't, Miroku. If you take in any more of that toxin…" Shippo said.

"If you understand, take Kagome and run. As far as you can." Inuyasha said.

"Huh? Inuyasha…" Shippo said.

"Please… don't let Kagome die." Inuyasha said.

"As if you can run. I can destroy you all in a single stroke!" Sesshoumaru said, raising tessaiga.

"No!" Katsumi yelled and tried to tackle Sesshoumaru before he could strike. Sesshoumaru knocked her aside with his free hand. The force sent her spinning to the ground. "Oomph!"

"As is I'd let you!" Inuyasha yelled, charging forward. Sesshoumaru swung tessaiga.

"Inuyasha!" Katsumi yelled in horror as she watched the wave of energy crash toward him. Katsumi watched in amazement as Inuyasha charged right through the blast, managing to avoid the worst of it. 'How did he do that?' Katsumi wondered, stunned.

The blast continued on, striking the rubble the others were hiding behind. Miroku and Shippo ducked for cover, shielding Kagome. Inuyasha rushed forward and grabbed Sesshoumaru's arm before he could swing again. Inuyasha was growling with the effort it took just to push that one arm back. Katsumi shook her head, snapping herself out of it. She immediately jumped up to help Inuyasha and grabbed Sesshoumaru's arm from the back and pulled while Inuyasha pushed. Katsumi felt it might've been a bit dirty to double-team him like that, but she wasn't quite ready to die yet, and she wouldn't let anyone hurt her friends either.

"They're pushing the sword back." Miroku said, holding Kagome.

"W-What are you doing!? Run!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Okay!" Miroku yelled, scooping up Kagome and running away with Shippo.

"You too, Katsumi!" Inuyasha said.

"Yeah, right! We can barely hold him back with both of us! There's no way I'm leaving you alone!" Katsumi scoffed.

"It's enough to make me cry…" Sesshoumaru said as he raised his free hand. Katsumi's eyes widened. "Trying to gain time to help your friends escape!?" Sesshoumaru said, plunging his hand through Inuyasha's back before she could warn him. Katsumi felt like she was gonna hurl. She could see Sesshoumaru's hand sticking out of Inuyasha's stomach.

"Oh…God…" Katsumi whispered softly.

Miroku and Shippo hadn't gotten far when Kagome stirred. She opened her eyes, looking over Miroku's shoulder as he carried her.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried and jumped down from Miroku's arms when she saw what had happened.

"Kagome-sama!" Miroku yelled, grabbing her shoulder to stop her.

"Let me go!" Kagome yelled.

"If you return, you'll be trampling down Inuyasha's feelings." Miroku said.

"Inuyasha…" Kagome said.

Sesshoumaru pulled his hand back out of Inuyasha's body, the poison burning any remaining blood clean off his hand.

'Crap, it's not just any ordinary wound—it's been infused with his poison too! We have to get Inuyasha out of here!' Katsumi thought.

"If you have any last words, I'll hear them now." Sesshoumaru said.

"What, Sesshoumaru? Haven't you realized it yet?" Inuyasha said mockingly, despite his pain.

"You…!" Sesshoumaru said. Katsumi kept her grip on Sesshoumaru's upper arm while Inuyasha twisted the wrist and pulled the human arm off. 'Damn, I didn't feel any pain before because it's only a borrowed arm. He glanced at the girl still holding his upper arm, the part that remained of his original arm. 'I should have realized something was off when I could feel her hands but not Inuyasha's…'

"I'm taking my sword back!" Inuyasha growled as he pulled the newly detached hand off of tessaiga's hilt. Katsumi let go of Sesshoumaru's arm and jumped away, joining Inuyasha.

"Oh no!" Jaken said as he ran up beside Sesshoumaru. "Without that left arm, Sesshoumaru-sama cannot touch the tessaiga!" Inuyasha was growling and shaking from the effort of standing and holding tessaiga. Katsumi glanced at Inuyasha, concerned.

"Inuyasha—" Katsumi said. Inuyasha coughed and collapsed, kneeling on the ground. His grip on tessaiga was the only thing holding him up.

"Inuyasha…" Kagome said, worried as she watched.

"Oi… Inuyasha…" Katsumi said as she knelt down beside Inuyasha to check on him. She watched Sesshoumaru out the corner of her eye incase he attacked.

"Sesshoumaru-sama! That damn Inuyasha has lost consciousness—" Jaken said as stepped toward Inuyasha and Katsumi.

"Don't even think about it, Toad!" Katsumi growled as she stepped in front of Inuyasha, flexing her claws. Inuyasha was unconscious, and if he couldn't defend himself, she would.

"W-What!? How dare you speak to me that way, you filthy hanyou!" Jaken yelled indignantly, taking another step closer.

"Don't get any closer." Sesshoumaru said.

"Huh?" Jaken asked, mid-step. Tessaiga glowed, and a streak of energy shot out, running along the ground, and almost hitting Jaken. Katsumi froze, and looked over her shoulder at Inuyasha incredulously. That attack had run right between her legs. It could've fried her too if he wasn't careful. Her eyebrows rose in surprise when she realized Inuyasha was still unconscious…

'What the hell…?' Katsumi thought, chagrined.

"W-Why? He didn't swing the sword!" Jaken said in surprise.

'Damn him… He is unconscious… but if I step into the striking range, he would certainly swing the sword!' Sesshoumaru thought, narrowing his eyes. Sesshoumaru turned away from them. "We're leaving, Jaken. As the tessaiga is beyond my reach, there's no sense in staying."

"Oh, already? Certainly." Jaken said. Katsumi raised an eyebrow in surprise.

'They're really leaving? Just like that?' Katsumi thought. She watched as Sesshoumaru rose into the air, forming a cloud of his own youki. Jaken hopped onto the cloud and the daiyoukai and his minion flew off into the night.

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