Time Traveler Katsumi

The Sealed Well

I've decided I really like the manga, and some of the differences between it and the anime will work in my story's favor, so from here on out it will be based more on the manga. I'm sorry if it confuses anyone.


'Damn him… He is unconscious… but if I step into the striking range, he would certainly swing the sword!' Sesshoumaru thought, narrowing his eyes. Sesshoumaru turned away from them. "We're leaving, Jaken. As the tessaiga is beyond my reach, there's no sense in staying."

"Oh, already? Certainly." Jaken said. Katsumi raised an eyebrow in surprise.

'They're really leaving? Just like that?' Katsumi thought. She watched as Sesshoumaru rose into the air, forming a cloud of his own youki. Jaken hopped onto the cloud and the Daiyoukai and his minion flew off into the night.

They were all riding on Hachi's back as he flew them to Kaede's village in his strange yellow blimp form. Both Miroku and Inuyasha were lying down and resting. Shippo was watching Katsumi heal Inuyasha's wound. It wasn't really all that impressive in Katsumi's opinion, but she could slightly speed up the healing process for mild wounds for other youkai by giving them small doses of her own youki. It was kind of like recharging a battery. She hadn't managed to close Inuyasha's wound completely, but at least the poison from Sesshoumaru's claws had been neutralized. Katsumi sighed and laid down to rest for a bit. Inuyasha was no longer in any danger from his wounds, and she needed to catch up on her beauty sleep. Unfortunately for Miroku, this method only worked for youkai, so he had to rely on Kagome's medicine from the future and other human remedies.

"Miroku-sama, how are you feeling?" Kagome asked.

"The medicine you gave me has begun work, Kagome-sama…" Miroku said.

"Inuyasha, we'll be back at Kaede obaa-chan's village soon. Are you okay?" Kagome said.

"Yeah…" Inuyasha said, his eyes still closed as he rested.

'Inuyasha actually wants to return to the village for once… He must have been wounded pretty bad.' Kagome thought worriedly.

{Landing at the Village}

"Thank you for taking us, Tanuki-san." Kagome said, bowing politely.

"Yeah, you really saved us!" Katsumi said. There was no way she could have carried Miroku and Inuyasha over such a long distance and so quickly by herself.

"Your reward money." Miroku said as he handed Hachi some coins.

"They ain't tree leaves, are they, Miroku-danna?" Hachi asked, a little suspicious of such generosity from the monk.

"Well, I'll go let Kaede know we're back and get started on mixing more medicine for you guys." Katsumi said as she walked away. She really should get started on the medicine, but she couldn't shake the feeling something was about to happen.

"Kagome… come here for a sec." Inuyasha said as he staggered to his feet.

"Hey! You shouldn't be walking ye—!" Kagome yelled out of concern.

"Never mind, just come." Inuyasha said as he continued walking. Kagome caught up to him, and they walked side by side. Inuyasha stopped when he realized they were being followed by Miroku and Shippo. "What're you bastards following for!?" Inuyasha shouted, kicking at them.

'…He seems to be better off than I thought. I really have to make sure he thanks Katsumi properly.' Kagome observed, sweat dropping.

"Whoa! What's his problem?" Shippo asked Miroku as they watched Inuyasha and Kagome walk off.

"The Bone-eating Well…" Kagome asked, slightly surprised when she saw where Inuyasha had led her. Inuyasha plopped down onto the ground beside the well and sighed. "Inuyasha?" Kagome said.

"Kagome… how are you feeling? You're… injured aren't you?" Inuyasha said.

"Eh? I think I got a bump… but it's no big deal." Kagome said.

"Sorry about that… I got you into an awful situation…" Inuyasha said regretfully. Kagome blinked and stared at Inuyasha for a few seconds before kneeling down beside him and holding her hand against his forehead to check his temperature.

"Inuyasha… You're acting really weird. Do you have a fever or something?" Kagome asked.

"That jerk, Inuyasha," Shippo whispered as he and Miroku hid and watched the couple from a distance. "What's he intending to do after taking kagome so deep into the forest?"

"Shh!" Miroku hushed the kit.

"You've heard about it too, haven't you? Fifty years ago, I was caught in a trap by Naraku… the same person pulling Sesshoumaru's damn strings." Inuyasha said. "That's why, from now on… things will get even more dangerous…" Inuyasha said.

"Yeah, probably." Kagome said frankly. Inuyasha almost face-faulted.

"Kagome, you—! Aren't you scared? Even though you narrowly escaped death this time…" Inuyasha yelled.

"I'm not scared!" Kagome yelled back. "And anyway, right now your wounds are more—!" Inuyasha suddenly grabbed Kagome's hand and pulled her into his arms, hugging her. Kagome blushed "... Inu…yasha…?"

"I… was… scared…" Inuyasha said.

'Eh?' Kagome thought in confusion.

'When I thought Kagome could die… I was scared…' Inuyasha thought, holding her closer.

"Hey, what're ya doin', Miroku!?" Shippo whispered indignantly as Miroku covered his eyes.

"This isn't something children should see." Miroku said, his mind obviously in the gutter. Inuyasha gripped kagome tightly one last time before pushing her away.

"Kyah!" Kagome cried as she landed on the ground in front of the well with a thud. She was about to tell Inuyasha off when she looked up and saw what was in his hand. "!?" Kagome gasped in shock. Inuyasha had taken the Shikon-no-tama shards from her.

"I'll… take this." Inuyasha said.

"Ah…! The Shikon fragment…" Kagome shouted as she jumped up.

"Don't you… Come here again!" Inuyasha yelled determinedly, shoving Kagome into the well.

"Ah!" Kagome cried as she fell. "Inuyasha...!"

"AH!?" Miroku and Shippo cried in shock. "Inuyasha, what did you…." Miroku shouted as they ran to the well. "… Kagome-sama is… gone!?"

"On the other side of this well is… the place where Kagome lives…" Inuyasha said as he stared down into the well.

{Modern Japan}

"Jeez! What was that all of a sudden?" Kagome said indignantly as she climbed out of the well. "I just don't get it! At any rate…" Kagome jumped down the well again. "I'm gonna go back there and give that guy a piece of my mind!" Kagome landed at the bottom of the well with a thud. "Eh…!? The well in… my time!?" Kagome yelled in confusion as she looked around. 'I can't return…? Wh… Why!?' Kagome wondered, panicking.

WHAM! Inuyasha slammed a tree he had ripped up down the well. The wood at the top of the well was starting to crack from the pressure.

"W-What are you doing Inuyasha!?" Shippo yelled as he clung to Inuyasha's hakama.

"Shut up!" Inuyasha yelled, shaking Shippo off of him.

"You shut up!" Katsumi yelled angrily as she sprinted into the clearing and dropkicked Inuyasha before he could do anymore damage. "What the hell is wrong with you!? If you smash the well like that, Kagome might not be able to use the well anymore!"

"Don't you want to see Kagome again, Inuyasha!?" Shippo cried.

"Keh! If she's here, I won't be able to concentrate on my battles!" Inuyasha said.

"Oh, I get it. You were scared Kagome would get hurt, so you selfishly sent her away!" Katsumi said angrily. "That wasn't your choice to make Inuyasha! It was Kagome's, and you're not the only one who cares about her! What about Shippo's feelings, huh!? What about mine? My best friend is gone now!" Inuyasha turned away, ignoring her.

"Let's go, Miroku." Inuyasha said.

"To where…?" Miroku asked.

"It's obvious, ain't it." Inuyasha said. "…To find Naraku and kill him."

"Katsumi-san… Shippo…" Miroku said questioningly, wondering if the two were still willing to accompany them.

"I don't know you." Shippo sniffed. "Inuyasha, I just… hate you." Shippo cried. Katsumi sat down beside Shippo and held him, letting the little kit cry on her shoulder.

"I'm going to stay with Shippo for awhile." Katsumi said.

"Keh! Do what you want!" Inuyasha snapped sulkily.

"That was a rather cruel way to do it, wasn't it?" Miroku asked as they walked away. "I understand that you don't want to put Kagome-sama in danger, but… like Katsumi said…

"If you understand, shut up!" Inuyasha said.

"…By the way, it's a bit strange, isn't it?" Miroku said. "Inuyasha, I know that fifty years ago you were caught in Naraku's trap in this village, but…"

"Yeah?" Inuyasha said, wondering where the monk was going with this.

"In other words, that means you've met Naraku." Miroku concluded. Inuyasha stopped and stared at Miroku, eyes widening.

Katsumi grunted as she tried to pull out the tree Inuyasha had shoved into the well. She heard the well creak, and realized that it might be better not to force it. If she was too rough, then the well could break even more, and there would be no point in removing the tree if Kagome couldn't use the well after. Katsumi sighed wearily.

'Stupid Inuyasha… Why can't he ever just think things through?' Katsumi thought exasperatedly. She glanced Shippo. The poor thing had looked so hopeful when she said she would try to fix the well. "I'm sorry Shippo… but I'm not strong enough to remove the tree without damaging the well even more…" Katsumi said apologetically. Shippo bit his lip to keep from crying again.

"W-Well… at least you tired…"Shippo said sadly. 'Will I really never see Kagome again…?' Shippo wondered. "Ah! He's so selfish! That lowlife, Inuyasha… I'll never speak to him again!" Shippo yelled.

'Maybe I should explain why Inuyasha did it a little clearer…' Katsumi thought. Inuyasha was like an older brother to Shippo, and he would need the jerk more than ever if Kagome really never came back. "Shippo, Inuyasha—!" Katsumi stopped short when she smelled the youkai approaching them, but it was too late. She had been too worried about Shippo and Kagome. The youkai was already there.

"Inuyasha… You said… 'Inuyasha' didn't you…?" A large furry Youkai with big eyes growled. It was panting heavily, its breath smelled something awful, and it wasn't alone. It had a pack of smaller three-eyed wolf youkai with it.

"Wha…?" Shippo said, blue with shock as he hid behind Katsumi.

'Like this day just couldn't get any better…' Katsumi thought sarcastically. "Shippo… I want you to very slowly back away, and then run for help." Katsumi said calmly as she stepped in front of Shippo and readied herself for the fight.

"But—!" Shippo said.

"Run!" Katsumi yelled as the first wave of wolves attacked. Shippo took off running.

'Hang on Katsumi! I'll be right back with help!' Shippo thought.

Katsumi slashed at the wolves with her claws as they flew at her. She couldn't believe how many of them there were… it was like fighting and army. She kicked, punched, and clawed furiously, but every time she beat one group of wolves, the youkai would vomit out another group… yeah, vomit was a good word for it… This guy had more wolves in his stomach than clowns in a clown car. For every ten wolves she beat, she seemed to get one bite. She was already coming up on a hundred.

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