Time Traveler Katsumi

The Wolf From Hell

By the way, feel free to let me know if I mess up any of the Japanese stuff or if you have any suggestions. I think I might start trimming off more parts of the story that don't involve Katsumi since this is turning into a novel. LOL (^_^)


Katsumi slashed at the wolves with her claws as they flew at her. She couldn't believe how many of them there were… it was like fighting and army. She kicked, punched, and clawed furiously, but every time she beat one group of wolves, the youkai would vomit out another group… yeah, vomit was a good word for it… This guy had more wolves in his stomach than clowns in a clown car. For every ten wolves she beat, she seemed to get one bite. She was already coming up on a hundred.

"There's no doubt about it now." Kaede said as she, Miroku, and Inuyasha made their way back to the village. "Onigumo's evil heart was connected to a youkai… Naraku… and so, to get his hands on the Shikon-no-tama, Kikyo-onee-sama was killed in the end." They all heard rustling. "Hn?"

"That is…" Miroku said.

"INUYASHA!" Shippo cried frantically as he ran to them.

"Shippo!" Inuyasha said in surprise.

"Come quick! Katsumi's stuck fighting a big youkai and a bunch of wolves all by herself! She told me to get help!" Shippo cried.

"What!?" Inuyasha yelled. 'I leave them alone for a few minutes and all hell breaks loose!' Inuyasha thought.

"Ah! Inuyasha!" Shippo yelped when some wolves suddenly appeared and tried to pounce on him.

"Ugh. Sankon-tessou!" Inuyasha yelled as he slashed the wolves with his claws and grabbed Shippo. "Uh!" Inuyasha groaned in pain as he fell to his knees.

"Inuyasha… there's blood…" Shippo cried when he saw Inuyasha's blood seeping through his kimono.

"Ugh." Inuyasha groaned. 'Dammit… the stomach wound opened up again…and where the hell is Katsumi? She wouldn't have let them catch up to Shippo like that…'

"Hey, asshole! You're Inuyasha, right?" A huge, big-eyed furry youkai growled.

"Wha… Who are you, bastard!? Where's Katsumi?" Inuyasha yelled.

"Katsumi?" The youkai growled. "...You mean this bitch?" The youkai tossed Katsumi's limp and bloody body to the ground in front of Inuyasha. "As for me, I'm the Wolf of Hell, Rouyakan! Here comes the final blow!" The youkai roared as it opened its mouth and more wolf youkai came pouring from it.

"Final blow, huh!?" Inuyasha growled.

'He knew that Inuyasha was wounded!?' Miroku thought. "Inuyasha, take Katsumi-san and get back!" Miroku yelled as he dashed forward and opened his wind tunnel, sucking in all the wolves.

"Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha—!? I'm being sucked in!?" Rouyakan cried. Miroku quickly sealed off his wind tunnel, stopping short just before he sucked in Rouyakan. Katsumi stirred and opened her eyes, blinking.

"Ugh… What happened?" Katsumi groaned.

"Who sent you!?" Miroku demanded. "If you speak honestly, then fine… If you do not, you will face your punishment here."

"W-We'll see about that!" Rouyakan growled nervously. More wolves pounced out of nowhere.

"Damn, this again, huh?" Inuyasha growled as he killed some of the wolves by slashing them with his claws.

"There's no end to these freakin' things!" Katsumi growled in pain and frustration. Katsumi rolled over and kicked a wolf away from Shippo and slashed the rest of them with her claws too.

"Ah…!?" Miroku yelled. "He ran away…" In the confusion, Rouyakan had managed to slip away unnoticed.

"An agent of Naraku…?" Kaede asked.

"It must be, any way you look at it…" Miroku said.

"I have a really bad feeling." Katsumi said, coughing up blood.

"Don't try to talk, Katsumi!" Shippo said. He was worried it put too much strain on her body. Katsumi was covered in bites and scratches. It had taken Shippo a while to find Inuyasha and she had been fighting alone the whole time.

"Keh. I don't wanna hear that from someone who's half-dead." Inuyasha said. He wouldn't admit it, but he was worried too. They all knew she couldn't fight as well barehanded, and she had broken her sword trying to save him.

"No, Katsumi-san has been known to show extremely sharp intuition on occasion, and I agree. It's like Naraku is keeping an eye on us…" Miroku said.

"Oh. Great… so now we have a psycho youkai stalker after us? …. Fabulous…" Katsumi deadpanned and plopped down onto her back. "…Okay…. ow…."

"Katsumi, will ye be able to heal yourself?" Kaede asked her. "At this rate you are likely to bleed to death."

"Yeah, I've never done anything so major on myself before… I think I can close them for the most part, but it takes a lot of concentration and energy, so I'll probably pass out, and then I'll need to stuff my face." Katsumi said, sighing.

"Please do." Miroku said. "We'll take care of everything, just focus on healing."

"All right." Katsumi sighed. She closed her eyes and focused, calling her youki to concentrate on the most severely damaged areas of her body. She willed her wounds to mend themselves to close. The others watched in amazement as Katsumi's whole body glowed, surrounded by a soft, teal light. All of her minor wounds healed completely and any life-threatening wounds were now mere scratches. The glow dissipated and Katsumi's body went completely limp.

"Amazing… I've never seen her do anything like that before…" Shippo said.

"Yes, I've never seen it glow before when she healed someone." Miroku said.

"I have watched her heal herself before, and though it was not on this scale, I have seen this glowing before. It seems Katsumi is able to heal herself more efficiently than she can heal others. I believe the reason we can't see the glow of her youki when she heals others is because it is being absorbed too quickly, but when she heals herself, the youki is being pushed to the various parts of the body, and we can see the glow because some of it is radiating off of her as she pushes." Kaede said.

"That's right, I had heard you helped Katsumi learn this technique, right Kaede-sama?" Miroku said.

"Aye, but I merely taught Katsumi of the healing methods used by mikos. Katsumi has made this, her own technique. Mikos cannot heal themselves like this." Kaede said.

"Keh. Whatever. I would have been better if she hadn't let herself get beaten in the first place." Inuyasha huffed.

"But Inuyasha, Katsumi was all by herself!" Shippo said.

"Yes, that's true… at any rate, you need to rest as well Inuyasha. Katsumi might be able to work on your wound again once she wakes up, but for now you'll have to be careful not to make it worse." Miroku said.

"What? There's no time for that! We have to go after Naraku!" Inuyasha yelled, wincing in pain.

"Inuyasha…" They all heard Kagome's voice say.

"Kago—!?" Inuyasha said in surprise before everything went dark.

{Nighttime in Feudal Japan…}

"Okay, so what you're saying is Naraku's true identity is the wicked human, Onigumo, who was possessed by demons to form Naraku, and the reason he tricked Inuyasha and Kikyo into hating each other was so that he could get her hatred to taint the Shikon-no-tama?" Katsumi said, summing up everything Miroku told her about what they discovered while she was with Shippo at the well and fighting Rouyakan. She had just woken up, and she was now stuffing her face with food to help her regain all the energy she lost. She was so hungry she could barely move. "…What an ass. So, where's Inuyasha? I'm surprised he's not trying to drag us all to hunt Naraku down right now. I thought I'd have to beat him some common sense into him, so he'd rest, since Kagome's not around to 'sit' him. Miroku smirked, smiling a shit-eating grin.

"Ah, yes. About that… I had a little help from Shippo." Miroku said.

"Open it! Open the door!" Inuyasha yelled as he kicked the door of the hut he been sealed inside of, along with Shippo.

"It's no use Inuyasha. That load of fuda put up around this hut will seal all youkai inside.

"What do I gotta be sealed in for!?" Inuyasha yelled. "I'll find Naraku and kill him. Open it!"

"Please, Inuyasha. Just go to sleep quietly." Inuyasha heard Kagome's voice say from behind him. "You're wounds haven't healed yet, have they?" Kagome said.

"Ka…Kagome…" Inuyasha stuttered as he stared at her.

"Shall we sleep together?" Kagome said, her foxtail twitching.

'Wait… foxtail?' Inuyasha thought. 'That's right… something like this happened before I woke up in this shack… I heard Kagome's voice… but she's in the future…' Inuyasha sweat dropped and glared at the fake Kagome. "Shippo, you bastard… you distracted me before so that Miroku could knock me out, didn't you!?"

"What're you mad for!? It was for your own good!" Shippo said. He canceled his transformation and scrambled to hide on the other side of the hut, out of Inuyasha's kicking range.

"Don't you ever transform into something like that again!" Inuyasha yelled. The door slid open and Miroku stepped in side the hut, followed by Katsumi and Kaede. Katsumi still had the munchies, so she had brought a plate of dango with her.

"Inuyasha, you still won't settle down, huh." Miroku said.

"Ah! Miroku, you bastard!" Inuyasha yelled angrily.

"Even though we went through such trouble with these wards, you're still…" Miroku said, exasperated.

"I'm getting outta here!" Inuyasha yelled as he tried to make a run for it.

"Just shut up and take it like a man!" Katsumi said as she pushed Inuyasha back. "You'll never get better at this rate."

"Kaede-sama, another O-fuda for the door…" Miroku said.

"I understand." Kaede said as she slapped on another O-fuda to keep Inuyasha in.

"It's still impossible." Miroku said as he sat down. "I understand your impatience, but first we must wait for your wounds to heal completely."

"That's right." Kaede said as she began to spread an ointment on Inuyasha's wound. "Inuyasha, ye don't really take Naraku so lightly, do you…?"

"That is why you sent Kagome away, isn't it?" Katsumi said as she offered Shippo a dango. Inuyasha's ear twitched.

'Inuyasha… is that how it was?' Shippo thought as he munched on the dango, finally understanding Inuyasha's cruel behavior.

"I don't wish to lose my life needlessly. That is why, if you don't recover quickly, it'll be a problem." Miroku said.

"I second that emotion." Katsumi said.

"Keh! Would you quit talking like that!?" Inuyasha yelled. "That's why I'm saying, I'll fight from now on! Why don't you just get Katsumi to heal my wounds!?" Inuyasha yelled.

"Inuyasha… Katsumi-san is still recovering her energy. Unless you go to sleep quietly now…" Miroku said calmly. Katsumi could almost see sparkles, the monk's expression was so deceivingly peaceful, but Katsumi had a feeling it was just a front. "… How many times do I have to say it for you to understand, you moron!?" Miroku shouted, kicking Inuyasha in frustration. Shippo and Katsumi sweat dropped.

"Now, now, his wound will open again." Kaede said calmly.

"I'm not fixing that…" Katsumi said.

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