Time Traveler Katsumi

Follow Your Intuition


"Inuyasha… Katsumi-san is still recovering her energy. Unless you go to sleep quietly now…" Miroku said calmly. Katsumi could almost see sparkles, the monk's expression was so deceivingly peaceful, but Katsumi had a feeling it was just a front. "… How many times do I have to say it for you to understand, you moron!" Miroku shouted, kicking Inuyasha in frustration. Shippo and Katsumi sweat dropped.

"Now, now, his wound will open again." Kaede said calmly.

"I'm not fixing that…" Katsumi said.

Inuyasha, Shippo, and Katsumi lay on the hay mattress on the floor of the hut as they tried to sleep.

"Inuyasha…" Shippo said.

"What is it?" Inuyasha said.

"I wonder what Kagome's doing right now…" Shippo said.

"Stubborn brat, ain't ya. Forget about Kagome." Inuyasha huffed. 'As long as she's alive somewhere, that's okay. I couldn't stand it if she died again…' Inuyasha thought. Katsumi frowned at him.

'Who's the stubborn brat?' Katsumi thought sarcastically. 'You're the one who's sulking and taking it out on us because you miss her…' "Don't worry, Shippo. I'm sure Kagome's fine. Knowing her, she's probably trying to find a way back to us… and when she does, Inuyasha's in for the 'sit' of his life." Katsumi said, smirking.

Meanwhile, Rouyakan was sleeping in his cave, surrounded by a nest of sake and human skulls, snoring away. Naraku, dressed in his baboon hide, stepped into the cave.

"Wake up, Rouyakan-dono." Naraku said.

"Hnnn…?" Rouyakan mumbled as he opened his eyes.

"I've been looking for you." Naraku said.

"Ah! Naraku, you bastard…" Rouyakan yelled in surprise as he sat up.

"It seems I overestimated you. That you were unable to beat even a single hanyou…" Naraku said.

"Shut up! It wasn't what I expected at all! If you hate Inuyasha that much, why don't you kill him yourself!?" Rouyakan yelled.

"Unfortunately, I am in the middle of a transformation, you see... I can't make my move as of yet." Naraku said. "The Shikon fragment Inuyasha carries now can be taken quite easily."

"No way! There's nothing in it for me if I die. I'm going back to sleep now, so you go home." Rouyakan said. Naraku pulled a seedling out of his baboon cloak and shoved it into Rouyakan's forehead. "UWAAAAAAAAAAH!" Rouyakan cried in pain.

"Ho-Hot! My head!?" Rouyakan yelled. The seedling's roots dug deeper into his head. "Wha—!?"

"That rice seed has a Shikon shard inside of it. If left alone, the roots will grow into a person's head. If you try pulling it out by force, you will die." Naraku told him.

"Ta—Take it off!" Rouyakan cried.

"I'll do it when you defeat Inuyasha. With the Shikon shard, you will grow more powerful. Now go, before Inuyasha's wounds have healed. " Naraku told him.

Inuyasha awoke when he heard the door of the hut slide closed. He opened his eyes and saw Katsumi pasting another O-fuda on the door to replace the one she had broken. Inuyasha gaped at her.

"Y-You….you can get in and out of here!?" Inuyasha yelled in surprise.

"Shh! You'll wake Shippo!" Katsumi whisper-yelled. "And yes, I can. The O-fuda don't seem to bother me. I think I'm well enough to heal you some now, but I went to get you fresh bandages since it's time to change them again anyway."

"But you've got even more youkai blood in you than I do!" Inuyasha whisper-yelled back. Katsumi shrugged.

"I think it's my dad's 'mystery youkai' genes again. Whatever his father was, it was something from Europe, so maybe that helps cancel out some of the weaknesses from the Japanese youkai part of me." Katsumi said. "Now, sit back and let me heal you."

Inuyasha did as she asked and watched as Katsumi placed her hands over his wound and channeled her youki into him. As usual, it didn't glow, but he could feel the energy flowing through him.

"When you healed yourself earlier, your whole body glowed… Do you know why it's different when you heal yourself?" Inuyasha asked.

"No, I was raised as a normal human in what will be the future United States of America, so I don't really know anything about my powers. I don't really know how to use them, or what most of them even are. I only know how to fight like a human would, using kendo and some wrestling techniques I picked up after watching it on TV with my dad. By the way, you talking only makes it harder for me to concentrate on healing you." Katsumi told him.

{The Next Day}

"Good morning, Kaede-obaa-san. 'Morning, Miroku-san." Katsumi said as she stepped out of the hut and then resealed it. "I managed to heal Inuyasha's wound some. It's much smaller now, but he still shouldn't strain himself by moving too much."

"Thank you, Katsumi-san, that's good to know." Miroku said.

"What of your wounds?" Kaede asked her. Katsumi grinned.

"All better! You know me, I the harder I fall, the higher I bounce back up!" Katsumi said cheekily.

"…Yes, well let's try to keep the 'falling' to a minimum, shall we?" Miroku said. Katsumi grinned, but then she sniffed the air and turned her head to look to the forest. "What is it, Katsumi-san?"

"I can smell him, He and his wolves will be here soon…" Katsumi said.

"Katsumi-san, please go back inside the hut. It will be easier for us to conceal your presence with the help of the O-fuda." Miroku said.

"Got it, but don't hesitate to call if you need me." Katsumi said as she went back inside the hut. Kaede shook her head.

"I still cannot believe O-fuda have no effect on her… I wonder if any type of purification powers would work on her…" Kaede said.

"Indeed. I'm glad Katsumi-san is on our side. A youkai immune to purification would be a formidable foe—Kaede-sama, they have arrived." Miroku said.

"I am well aware of that." Kaede said. The youkai wolves came flying through the air at them. "Any closer and they fall." Kaede said.

The wolves crashed into the kekkai barrier they had raised to shield and conceal themselves. The barrier crackled with energy, but it held. Miroku and Kaede flinched in surprise when Rouyakan crashed into view, and stopped just an inch away from the barrier. His appearance had changed from the last time they saw him. Not only was the youkai much larger and more muscular, he had a strange plant growing out of his head. For a moment, Miroku thought that maybe the barrier hadn't worked against him, but then Rouyakan spoke.

"Inuyasha! Where are you!?" Rouyakan roared.

"He's here, Inuyasha! It's that Rouyakan guy from before!" Shippo said as he peaked through the window.

"Rouyakan? That flat-faced wolf-youkai, huh." Inuyasha said.

" Miroku and Kaede-obaa-san have put up a kekkai to hold him off, but he looks different now… I wonder if he has a jewel shard…" Katsumi said.

"Where are you, Inuyasha!?" Rouyakan growled as Miroku and Kaede held the kekkai in place.

"Heh… How shrewd…" Naraku said when he saw what they were doing. He was hiding just out of sight at the edge of a forest. "Even if they erect that pathetic kekkai… I can still see it." In order to break the barrier, all Naraku had to do was make them lose their concentration and move. 'This should do nicely…' Naraku thought as he eyed the spear he now held in his hands.

SWISH! A spear was suddenly hurtling towards them, aimed at Kaede.

"Kaede-sama, watch out!" Miroku said as he moved to help her.

"You mustn't Hoshi-dono! If you move…!" Kaede said.

"I can't allow this either!" Miroku yelled as he deflected the spear with his staff. The kekkai wavered and then fell away, exposing them.

"I see it! Inuyasha! I found you!" Rouyakan roared. He pounced and smashed both of his fists into the hut, demolishing it.

"Inuyasha!" Miroku yelled. A flash of red and silver flew through the air in front of Rouyakan.

"Yeow!" Rouyakan yelped when he felt his snout being sliced. Blood dripped from his snout as Inuyasha landed on the ground, holding tessaiga and ready to strike again.

"Hmph! Show off…" Katsumi said as she landed a little further away. She set down Shippo, whom she had scooped up and pulled out of danger when Rouyakan struck. "Be careful, Shippo. I have to go help Inuyasha so he doesn't hurt himself."

"Got it." Shippo said, nodding in determination.

"Thanks for getting me outta there, Rouyakan." Inuyasha growled. "That old hag and shitty monk had sealed me in!"

"It was for your own safety though…" Kaede said.

"Ungrateful fellow, isn't he." Miroku deadpanned.

"Give up and die!" Rouyakan roared as he attacked again.

"Shut up!" Inuyasha yelled, swinging tessaiga. Rouyakan reached up and caught the blade between his hands… claws. "Ugh!?" Inuyasha grunted in surprise. Rouyakan hurled tessaiga through the air, along with Inuyasha, who was holding it.

"Uwaaah!" Inuyasha cried as he flew through the air.

"Wha—! He was knocked back, flying!?" Kaede shouted in surprise.

"That Inuyasha's all talk… his strength hasn't returned yet." Miroku said. WHAM! Inuyasha slammed into the ground. The force of the impact sent the jewel shard flying from his suikan's sleeve.

"Ah!" Inuyasha yelled when he saw it land several feet away from him.

"It's a huge Shikon shard!" Rouyakan roared with glee when he saw it. He tried to grab it, but Katsumi beat him to it.

"Like we're really gonna just let you take it!" Katsumi said as she took off running.

"Katsumi…" Inuyasha yelled.

"You won't get away!" Rouyakan roared as he vomited more youkai wolves.

"Not this shit again!?" Katsumi yelled in annoyance as she kicked one of them away.

"Katsumi, take cover! I'll open my kazaana!" Miroku yelled, but before he could unseal his wind tunnel, a swarm of saimyosho appeared.

'Those are Naraku's venomous insects!' Inuyasha thought.

'If I take them in, the poison will get me..' Miroku thought. "Che!" He rewrapped his hand with the prayer beads.

"Don't worry, Miroku! I'll figure something out! I have a feeling!" Katsumi yelled as she ran away, followed by thirty wolves. Miroku, Inuyasha, Kaede, and Shippo were surrounded now.

"This doesn't look good, Inuyasha…" Miroku said.

"I know that!" Inuyasha yelled.

Katsumi ran as the wolves chased her. She had thought Rouyakan might follow her for the jewel shard, but it looked like his real target was Inuyasha since he stayed behind to deal with him himself. 'I don't know why, but my gut is telling me I have to get to the well!' Katsumi thought. 'I have no idea what that will accomplish, but whenever I ignore my gut, bad things happen… So, here we go!' Katsumi skidded to a halt in front of the well. The wolves stopped to, surrounding her. "You want this? Come and get it!" Katsumi yelled, as she dangled the jewel shard in front of her before throwing it down the well. The wolves pounced. Katsumi grabbed the first wolf as it flew at her and used it's own momentum to spin it around and send it flying back at its friends, taking out four other wolves too in the process. "Five down, twenty-five to go…" Katsumi said. The wolves growled angrily at her.

"Sankon-tessou!" Inuyasha yelled as he ripped the wolves and saimyosho apart with his claws. "Hya!" Inuyasha yelled as he avoided an attack from Rouyakan. Seeing his attempt to smash Inuyasha failed, Rouyakan vomited more wolves. "Che!" Inuyasha said in annoyance as he slashed them with his claws.

"This is getting us nowhere!" Miroku shouted. "Perhaps Rouyakan is borrowing power from a Shikon shard."

"What!?" Inuyasha yelled.

"If we could find its exact location, we should be able to destroy him." Miroku said.

"Where is it!?" Inuyasha demanded.

"Unfortunately, my insight isn't…" Miroku said. He couldn't see the Shikon shards at all.

"I bet Kagome would know!" Shippo said as he fried some saimyosho with his Kitsune-bi.

"So we need Kagome's sight to find it after all, huh…" Kaede said.

"Quit complaining! Kagome isn't here anymore!" Inuyasha yelled. 'I blocked up the well… She won't be able to come here again!'

{Modern Japan}

Kagome was starting to run out of breath, so she stopped running to take a break. She had just ended her date with Houjou-kun. She was worried about Inuyasha. It had been a whole week since she found herself unable to go back to feudal Japan. She was afraid his injuries might've gotten worse. She just needed to get there, and before she left for the date, she could have sworn she felt the presence of a jewel shard. HONK! Kagome jumped when she heard the car horn honk right next to her. She turned to see who it was.

"Ka-go-me-chan~!" Tsukihime Dubois, Katsumi's mother, called to her cheerfully. "Hop in, I'll give you a ride."

"Eh? A ride to where?" Kagome said, confused.

"Why to the shrine of course! You're going back, aren't you?" Tsukihime said, smiling. Kagome nodded, and climbed in. Her mother had become fast friends with Tsukihime Dubois-san.

"I have something for Katsumi, if you wouldn't mind taking it." Tsukihime said as she drove to the shrine.

"Actually, Dubois-san… for some reason I haven't been able to travel through the well for a few days now…" kagome said. "I'm sorry…" Tsukihime waved her worries away.

"Oh, don't worry, Kagome-chan. Where there's a will, there's a way. If it's you, you'll definitely be able to get back, and thanks to Katsumi, you have a way, all you need is the will." Tsukihime said.

"Katsumi-chan?" Kagome said in confusion. Tsukihime nodded.

"Yes, I don't want to give too much away, but when you get home, you should follow your intuition… you've already sensed the shard, haven't you?" Tsukihime said.

'Oh, that's right… Dubois-san has visions sometimes…' Kagome remembered. "Yes, but the jewel is in the past with Inuyasha…" Kagome said. Tsukihime frowned.

"Yes, that boy is lucky I can't travel back in time, or I might shred him to ribbons for how he treated you… but don't worry, Katsumi already gave him a swift kick for you. As my daughter would say, 'don't sweat the details' just follow your instincts, Kagome." Tsukihime said as they pulled in front of the shrine. "Now, before you go, Kagome. Could you please take this?" She said as she handed Kagome a package addressed to Katsumi.

"Of course, Dubois-san. Thank you for the ride and the advice." Kagome said as she waved goodbye and ran to the well house.

Katsumi slashed the last wolf with her claws, and it fell down dead.

"…Thirty… yep, that's all of them…" Katsumi said. She felt a chill run up her spine and she turned around to see the jewel in the well was glowing. "Wha…?" Her eyes widened in realization and she jumped down into the well. 'It's Kagome! I know it is!' Katsumi thought as she began digging. "Come on, Kagome!"

"I know it's here!" Kagome said as she dug into the dirt bottom of the well. 'I need to go back! I need to know Inuyasha is okay!' Kagome thought. 'I want to see him! I want to see Inuyasha!' Kagome felt herself become surrounded by a glowing light, and then she could feel herself travel through the well. Something was in her hand. 'Ah…the Shikon shard…?'

Katsumi stopped digging when she saw the jewel shard momentarily disappear, only to reappear in Kagome's hand when Kagome appeared in the well beside her. Katsumi was so happy, she could cry, but she didn't. Instead, she settled for glomping Kagome within an inch of her life.

"Kagome! I'm so glad you're back!" Katsumi said as she hugged her.

"Katsumi-chan!" Kagome said. "I'm really back!"

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