I'd Die For the Man

Chapter 3

While everyone else left to do the jobs assigned to them, Mick remained at the police station before heading off to speak with the other victims' families, as Gina and Prophet had, in order to talk with the police officer's partner and coworkers to see if there was anything more that they could share about the UNSUB's latest victim.

"What exactly do you want, Sir?" one of the officers asked as Mick leaned up against one of the desks in the main room and asked them to talk about the man they lost. "If you think that Kent did something to provoke this killer, you're crazy, and a bastard."

"I'm not accusing your man of anything, Officer…?" Mick responded coolly, unfazed by the coldness the officers all seemed to emit toward him.

The cop answered, "Officer Paul Denison, Sir."

Mick nodded and then continued on saying, "Officer Denison then. You can call me either Mick, or Agent Rawson, but never Sir. As I was saying, I am looking to know if there is any reason why Officer Kent might have stood out like the rest of our victims did. Is there anything he might have said or did that could have angered the people here, or any one of you perhaps? How well did you know the man?"

"Officer Kent was a good man," another of the officers replied, still in the defensive.

"He was a good man and good cop, but he did every once in a while have an anger streak that would come out from time to time, mainly whenever one of our suspects tried to strike out against us," one of the female officers added as she moved out from amongst the rest of the cops gathered around. "My name's Officer Britt Jacobs. I was Kent's partner."

Mick stood up straight as he looked straight at her, then said sincerely, "I am sorry for your loss, truly. What can you tell me about him?"

The woman looked around the room and then back at the agent as she asked, "May I speak with you in private, Si… Agent Rawson?"

"What is it that you're not able to share about your partner in front of the others, love?" Mick asked when they were standing alone inside the Captain's office.

"Look, I don't want to give you the wrong impression of my partner," she answered nervously. "Kent was kind and one hell of a cop, but he did tend to get a bit out of control from time to time when suspects became riled up. He never got too out of hand though, except for maybe once while I was busy taking care of a second criminal. The kid he chased down, was out of his mind on meth and began to lash out at him like a wild man. Kent had no choice, but to strike him in the back of his head in order to knock him unconscious. My partner was accused of officer brutality and suspended for a month without pay because the father of the kid happened to be a lawyer and threatened to sue our entire precinct if he wasn't punished in some way. The father wasn't happy that he wasn't fired, but nothing more came of it. Although, perhaps something did. If you ask me, the father might be a good place to start."

Mick nodded, then replied, "Perhaps he would if your partner was the only one who was killed, Officer Jacobs. What motive would this anger father have to kill four other men throughout this city?"

The woman grinned as she responded, "From what we've been told by our Captain, Agent Rawson, that's your job to figure out. Once you've got a lead and a probable suspect, that's when we'll step in."

"Well said," Mick answered as he turned and started to walk away.

"Agent Rawson, before you go…" Officer Jacobs suddenly stated again before he left the station. "There's one more thing about my partner that you should know before you leave."

When she didn't continue right off, Mick asked, "What is it, love? I promise you, you can tell me anything. I don't judge until I get all the facts."

She cleared her throat and finally replied, "Kent was a practice of voodoo. Not the kind that's evil like most people believe, but the prayers and blessings and all that's good, I promise you. He never told anyone, but me. Not even his own wife. He only told me because we had no secrets from each other."

"The two of you were in love." Mick said as he looked at her closely, in order to get a read on her. "I told you, I don't judge. I am just gathering the facts, as I said."

"We were," she responded despondently. "It wasn't something we planned. It just happened. I would never hurt him, even if it was to keep our secret between us. And his wife doesn't know. We were careful."

Mick nodded as he answered, "We shall see."

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