I'd Die For the Man

Chapter 5

As Prophet and Gina pulled up back at the police station, they found that Cooper and Beth had already arrived back, but were still sitting within their car as they talked while they waited for the rest of their team to arrive too. Their leader waved his teammates over to sit with them until they were ready to go back inside the station.

Sam was the first to speak as he stated, "Beth and I had a bet to see which of you would arrive back here first. It looks like I won."

Beth rolled her eyes, then replied, "Gloat later if you want to. Mick is just one man."

"I'm not gloating, just stating a simple fact," Sam responded and then turned to his friends in the backseat. "Did you two learn anything that might give us a lead?"

"None of the friends or family members we spoke to knew of any reason why someone would want to do this to our victims," Jon answered as he looked between his boss and coworkers. "It's certainly not unexpected. No one ever admits that their loved ones were into anything that might have led to their deaths."

Gina quickly continued, "However, the brother of one of our victims, Charles Hirsh, overheard his brother arguing with someone shady, who threatened to kill him if he didn't back off. The kid didn't know what the guy meant by it, and he didn't ever see the guy's face, but he does believe that if he ever heard the guy's voice again, he would recognize it."

Beth nodded as she concluded, "Meaning, that if we were to get a suspect and have him brought in, this kid would be able to tell us if he and the man who threatened his brother are one in the same. That's a start."

"Were you and Coop able to learn anything?" Gina asked as she looked between her friends.

"Nothing more than we already suspected, except…" Sam began to reply until he noticed Mick pulling up and stopped to wait for their colleague to join them.

Once they were all together again, Coop looked back at the British agent as he said, "We were just starting. So far we know that one of our victims' brothers overheard someone threatening him. And I was about to explain that each of our victims were indeed drugged, but one that that we didn't expect is that one of the drugs found by the coroner is tetrodotoxin, a drug that is known to be used in voodoo healing rituals."

Mick responded, "So it's possible that our UNSUB believes that each of his or her victims are all sick or possessed by something evil and so they feel it's their duty to perform some kind of healing ritual on them, only to have it go wrong, making it so that they have to kill them with the jagged knife used on them all, to destroy the evil."

"Exactly," Cooper answered as he looked down at the notes he made while speaking with the doctor.

"Officer Kent's partner explained that he was into the kind of voodoo that involves healing and some other rituals meant to help people," Mick replied when he pulled out his cell and showed his boss a file Mick had had the police Captain forward to him in regards to the disciplinary report filed against Kent for the brutality charge. "Officer Jacobs, Kent's partner, said we ought to look into this kid's father as she believes he holds quite the grudge against Kent."

Beth looked at Mick questioningly as she asked, "A grudge bad enough to want him dead?"

Prophet shook his head as he responded, "That might be a possible lead if Officer Kent was our only victim, but… Seeing as we've got four others and drugs in their systems to indicate that it was some kind of healing ritual gone wrong, I'd say that this angry father isn't our killer."

"I agree, which is what I told Kent's partner, who then went on to explain that Kent was into voodoo," Mick answered as he took back his cell phone. "She also said that she and Officer Kent were having an affair, which is why she's the only one who knew about Kent being involved with voodoo. They were in love, or so she says, but did he love her?"

"Why are you always so cynical when people say their love?" Gina asked him.

Mick smiled as he replied, "I'm not always cynical, but I am when people are having affairs. If he truly loved her, then he would have left his wife for her and they wouldn't be keeping their relationship such a secret."

Beth responded, "You're also cynical of your sister's engagement."

"Not cynical, just worried," Mick answered as the lightness in his mood suddenly changed and turned cold as he opened the car door and stepped out. "I'll see you inside."

"Man, I didn't mean to upset him," Beth said in frustration once their friend walked away. "Why am always such an ass when it comes to his relationship with his sister?"

Cooper looks at Beth as he replied, "He isn't upset with you. He knows you didn't mean anything by it. Mick's just very protective of Jenna. Always has been, especially after everything's he's seen that's bad in the world, working within the BAU and back when he fought oversees. I know he's happy for her, but I also suspect that he's worried about no longer being needed in her life."

Gina responded, "That's just crazy. She'll always want Mick to be there for her. He's her brother. It's clear that she adores him."

"That's true," Sam stated and then opened his door and began to follow after Mick, as did the rest of the team. "I think we need to have another chat with Officer Jacobs. Beth, would you and Gina go and speak with her? She might be more comfortable with sharing more with the two of you."

"If you think it will help, but if you ask me, I don't think that we'll learn much more than what Mick already got from her," Gina answered. "Actually, I'm impressed that she's already told Mick all that she did."

Prophet nodded as he stated, "That's true, especially as she's a cop."

Sam spoke again saying, "Perhaps she wasn't exactly as forthcoming as she seemed. I think that there's more to her story than what meets the eye."

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