I'd Die For the Man

Chapter 6

"I already told your colleague everything, including something that could destroy my job and my reputation if it were to get out to my boss and friends here," Officer Jacobs stated coldly as Beth and Gina began to question her once again after pulling her into a private room within the precinct.

"I promise you, we're not here to cause trouble for you," Beth responded calmly. "We simply suspect that you didn't tell our colleague everything."

She stared at the two FBI agents like they were crazy as she replied, "I told Agent Rawson that I was having an affair with my married partner and that he was a practitioner of voodoo. What more can you possibly suspect that I left out?"

Gina shrugged as she answered, "We don't know. That's why we're here. What we do know, is that people we question tend to leave something out of their stories, especially police officers when they have something to hide and seeing as you are clenching and unclenching your fists right now, I suspect we're right."

"Look, I don't know what you're talking about," Jacobs said more angrily as she unclenched her fists one last time, then walked toward the door to leave until Beth put her hand against it to block her way.

"Officer Jacobs, if you truly care for your partner and want us to find the person responsible for killing him, then we need to know everything, including what it is that you are so afraid to tell us about," Beth spoke again. "Please, do it for him."

The female officer looked between the two agents and sighed, then finally responded, "Look, I figured that when you and your agents searched his home, you would most likely find out about his religion, but I was afraid that if I told you that I practice voodoo as well, word would get out."

Beth asked, "Why are you afraid of that? Even if your fellow officers do learn that you practice voodoo, you can't lose your job for having religious believes no matter how bizarre or evil most people may find it."

"That's just it, isn't it?" Jacobs replied coolly. "Most people think voodoo is evil, even the healing side of it, especially my boss. Several years ago, he had to arrest a small cult of voodoo worshipers who nearly killed a young woman in some kind of sorority initiation. Unfortunately, two of these stupid kids' parents were big time lawyers and were able to get each of these kids off scot free. He hates voodoo, good or not, and if he were to find out about me, he would find a reason to fire me and I worked too damn hard to get where I am today. I am begging you, please do not tell anyone."

"We won't so long as your secret has nothing to do with Officer Kent's death," Gina answered. "I promise. Thank you for telling us, Officer Jacobs."

When the women parted, the agents walked back to find their companions, only to find Prophet and Mick inside the office that they were working out of, then Beth spoke up asking, "Where's Cooper? Gina and I just got us a possible motive for someone wanting at least one of our victims dead."

Jon looked toward the police captain's office and responded, "He went to go get permission from the Captain to access files on Officers, Kent and Jacobs."

"From the stern look on the man's face, I'd say the Captain here isn't exactly too thrilled about the prospect of any of his men or women possibly being suspects in these deaths," Mick replied as he and the others looked toward the office and saw the man arguing with their leader, who finally left and started walking toward them again.

"Did he agree to hand the officer's files?" Gina asked quickly as Cooper walked in.

Sam shook his head and answered, "As you could probably tell, he wasn't willing to cooperate that far. He doesn't like that we implied one of their own is a probable suspect in the death of another of his men and now regrets calling us in."

Beth responded, "Well, we did manage to learn what Jacobs was trying to hide and it's possible that she might have killed her partner to keep her secret a secret, but it's no motive for killing the rest of our victims. Officer Kent wasn't the only voodoo practitioner. She also said that we would most likely find something at his home that proved he practiced the religion. Mick, did you see anything while you were there speaking to his wife and family?"

"I didn't exactly have the opportunity to look around while I was there," the British agent replied as he looked back at his friend. "But if you think it's important, I can go back and see if I can convince his wife to let me have a look around."

"You don't have to go alone," Cooper stated, then turned to look over at Prophet and Gina. "Meanwhile, I want the two of you to look into our fourth victim to see if he has any ties to anyone with a criminal record. Most likely, the person who threatened him will have one and may have a good reason for wanting the young man dead, and quite possibly the rest of our victims too. I'll be back in a few minutes, Mick. I have to go speak with the coroner about something for a moment. I saw her step into the Captain's office, then left a minute ago. I should be able to catch up with her before she takes off. There's something on my mind that doesn't feel right."

As he started to walk away, Beth called out after him as she asked, "Do you want me to come with you?"

Sam turned back as he continued walking and answered, "I'm good. Just go with Prophet and Gina. We'll meet up with you at our hotel later."

It didn't take long for Cooper to make it out to the parking lot behind the station and when he did, he saw the women he spoke to earlier that afternoon about the victims' tox screens getting into her car. He shouted out to her as he quickly started to approach her, but he was suddenly attacked from behind and fell to the ground as he felt electricity flow through his body from a taser. The lead agent struggled to back away from his attacker as his vision became hazy and when he backed up as far as he could when he backed into a car parked car, he blurrily saw an outline of his assailant, as well as the stature of someone much smaller as he fought to pull out his weapon, which was quickly knocked from his hand as electricity flowed through him once again.

"Take it easy, Emmanuel," a woman's voice stated coolly, as Sam recognized the voice matched up to the coroner he had run out to speak to while he fought to remain conscious. "We don't want him dead."

"You're darn right you don't!" Mick shouted as he suddenly jumped up on top of a parked car behind his boss' attackers, then down upon the Haitian, the more threatening of the two.

Mick fought hard against the silent attacker, but it wasn't long before he had the agent on his back as the man held a jagged blade over him. Suddenly, the Haitian thrust the blade down into Mick's shoulder, causing him to cry out, then as the knife was pulled out again, the coroner quickly cried out for her partner to stop.

She ran over to them as she spoke to him saying, "Don't kill him. We're trying to help them remember? Forget their leader for now. Carry this one to our car."

Sam tried to reach for his gun to help Mick as he watched the Haitian pull his wounded friend from the pavement and carry him over to a car, but it was quickly kicked further out of his reach by the woman, then he continued to struggle through the pain of the taser's power as he looked up at her and pleaded, "Don… don't do this!"

"You may not believe this right now, but I promise you that we never wanted to kill these people," she said as she knelt down beside the agent and jabbed a needle into his neck. "I promise you, we'll do everything we can to save him from the evil that's inside of him. Then, we'll be back to help you too."

"Mick!" Cooper cried as he couldn't do anything, but watch as the car with his closest friend inside drove off before any more help showed up, as whatever was inside that syringe he had been injected with moments ago was slowly causing him to drift into unconsciousness.

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