I'd Die For the Man

Chapter 7

When Sam finally began to come to, he found himself lying upon a hospital bed, surrounded by his colleagues, when he suddenly remembered the reason why one of them was missing; Mick had been wounded far worse than he had been and then kidnapped by the team's UNSUBs.

When the team leader struggled to get up as a wave of dizziness passed over him, Prophet quickly stopped him by placing his hands on his shoulders and stated, "Take it easy, man. You've been unconscious for a couple of hours, but don't worry, you're going to be fine, but you took one hell of a jolt, not to mention a pretty strong sedative."

Beth moved closer to his bed as she asked worryingly, "What happened out there? Beth and I walked out of the precinct just as we heard and saw a car speeding off, then found you unconscious on the ground beside one of the police cars, as well as a pool of blood on the ground not far away. Where's Mick?"

"They too… took him," Cooper answered curtly. "Mick was wounded, badly. We need to find them."

"What do you mean they took him?" Gina asked fearfully. "Who?"

Sam looked between his friends, then continued to get out of the bed again and replied, "Dr. Colleen Stevens, the county's coroner and someone else. They're the UNSUBs."

Prophet shook his head in confusion as he responded, "I don't understand. We've barely begun to look into this case, haven't even come up with a profile yet, and they've already made a move against us?"

"But why Mick?" Gina asked finally. "He doesn't fit their victims' profiles, nor did they follow their preferred MO."

"I'm not sure what's changed, but before I blacked out, Dr. Stevens leaned down and whispered that she was going to do all she could to save him from the evil inside of him," Sam answered as he led them out of the hospital despite his friends' efforts to get him to take more time to rest. "They're going to perform the same rituals on Mick that they performed on the rest of the men, until they realize that their delusions of evil won't be lifted and they decide they'll have to kill him."

Prophet nodded, then replied, "But you did say he was wounded. They're going to need to take time to stitch up his wound if he has any chance of surviving whatever drugs and crazy rites they have planned."

They remained silent for several minutes out of worry for their friend, but once the teammates were in their SUV and on their way back to the police station, Sam broke the silence when he stated, "Mick was wounded because he stopped them from taking me. I was their initial target, but he jumped our larger threat, a tall, large in stature Haitian who didn't speak a word, who pulled out some kind of knife, or dagger, probably the same blade they used to kill our victims and put it through his shoulder."

"I really hate to make this situation worse than it already is, but… I found Mick's cell on the ground by his blood," Beth spoke again as she looked at the device in her hand as it began to vibrate. "His sister's calling."

"It could be something important," Sam responded as he took the phone and stared at its screen. "I've made plenty of these calls to inform the loved ones of our victims that they're either in trouble or they're dead. If I don't call her back… I'm not so sure how to make this call."

Prophet looked at Cooper as he asked, "Didn't you ever have to when Mick was fighting overseas?"

Cooper shook his head as he answered, "Mick asked me never to speak to anyone about what I know happened to him while he over there, not even to Jenna."

"I don't think you have a choice this time," Gina replied. "You need to call her, even if you don't think he'd want you to."

"I know," Cooper responded as he placed their colleague's phone into his coat pocket, then looked at the younger woman sadly. "I'll call her later when I can speak with her in private."

Beth saw the worry for Mick in their leader's face, not to mention the contempt he held in for himself and even though she knew the answer, she calmly asked, "Are you alright, Sam?"

Sam looked back at her and answered coldly, "I will be once we get him back."

Later that evening…

The county's coroner walked into a filthy bathroom belonging to a run down, abandoned gas station far outside of the city and began to wash blood off of her hands in its sink. Before she finished, her companion walked in and stood beside her as he held out a small notebook he carried with him, showing the woman the words written.

"This one made it through the surgery just fine," Dr. Stevens said after she read his note, asking her if the agent was going to survive. "He's more resilient than I could have ever hoped. I think this one will actually be able to survive our casting out the demon within him."

"It was risky to kidnap an agent with the FBI," the Haitian quickly wrote again. "His friends will be looking for us and won't hesitate to kill us should they find us."

She shook her head and replied, "Don't worry. We're perfectly safe here. And even if we are taking a big risk to save this man, it's our duty. He needs us to help him be free of this evil."

He continued, "It was one thing to take one from within the agents' grasp. What about the other man who needs our help? How are we going to be able to save him too?"

"We'll find a way," she said as she picked up a towel and finally dried off her hands, then gently reached up to touch his cheeks. "There's always a way. You taught me that our Gods will make our mission in life possible so long as we remain faithful. Please don't lose faith in me now."

"Never," the Haitian responded in writing. "I've cared for you ever since you were younger and I always will until death finds me."

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