I'd Die For the Man

Chapter 8

"We are now looking for Dr. Colleen Stevens, who appears to be the instigator of our two suspects, while the second is a Haitian, male, tall, and large in stature," Sam began as he and the rest of the RED CELL team delivered the profiles of their UNSUBs to the rest of the police department.

"Why is it that you believe Dr. Stevens is the instigator?" one of the officers asked before they continued. "She's very kind and has been good to the men and women working here for as long as she's been here."

Beth looked at the man as she replied, "That may be, but it doesn't mean that the woman doesn't have an evil side to her. No one suspected Ted Bundy or Scott Peterson of being cold blooded killers either."

Cooper continued, "Besides, my colleague and I first met the doctor yesterday shortly after we arrived as we spoke to her about our victims. That was the only time we met and it wasn't long before she came here to the station, with a plan to kidnap me, with help from the Haitian who works with her. Agent Rawson interrupted their plans when he jumped him, saving my life."

"So why did they choose to take him instead of you?" Officer Jacobs asked. "You said it yourself yesterday that all of your killers' victims are Black males. Your friends doesn't fit their choice of targets."

"We only assumed that was true as each of the victims are Black males, as am I," Sam answered in frustration. "However, our assumption proved wrong, as I now believe Dr. Stevens has no specific type of victim, only chooses them upon seeing whatever kind of evil she sees within them. She and her partner are indeed our killers and if we don't find them soon, our colleague will end up being their latest victim. If we don't find them before they discover they have to kill him, they may possibly leave town, making it far more difficult to track them down and find them."

The Captain finally spoke up in response, "We've got roadblocks at every border in and out of this city, as well as every law enforcement officer within New Orleans with Dr. Steven's picture, along with the Haitian's description you've given us. If they're still here, we'll find them."

Prophet stated coldly, "Then, if any of you are religious in any way, I suggest you pray they're still here."

"Officer Sims! Officer Sims! I need to talk to you!" a young boy suddenly shouted as he came running into the station, running around wildly looking for the agent he had spoken with the day before.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy," Prophet quickly replied as the boy finally ran over to him and Jon focused on trying to calm him down before he spoke again. "Good. Now, what's going on?"

The boy breathed in and out and when he was ready, he finally replied, "I came into town to buy some food from the market for my family and I walked by the station, but I dropped my bags when I heard the man's voice again; the man who killed my brother."

Sam walked over and looked down at the boy as he asked, "Your brother is Charles Hirsh, is that right?"

"Yes Sir," the boy answered shyly. "I'm Noah. I heard someone threaten Charlie, saying something about a deal gone wrong and he said that he would kill my brother if he didn't back off. I was too scared to peak. I'm sorry, but I said I would tell Officer Sims if I heard his voice again and I did. The man came in here."

"He came in here?" Gina asked in confusion as each of the agents looked around the station. "Was he wearing regular clothes, like what my friends and I have on, or you?"

Noah shook his head, then responded, "No, he's wearing a uniform, like all of the cops in here."

Jon looked at Cooper, then over at the police Captain standing in the doorway, and finally back down at the boy again as he asked, "Noah, do you see the man you heard threaten your brother right now, somewhere out in the main room of this station?"

The boy looked around the room slowly, then became nervous and moved closer to Prophet as he nodded his head and pointed to one of the officers, who was unaware that each of the agents' eyes, as well as his Captain's eyes, were all suddenly on him. Jon carefully pulled Noah further into the room where he would be out of sight.

"What is the officer's name, Captain?" Sam asked quietly as he moved forward to stand beside the man running the precinct, who was looking at the accused in confusion and worry. "I don't… That's Officer Paul Denison. He's had some disciplinary trouble in the past, but he would never kill a man; not in cold blood over some kind of petty squabble."

"Perhaps that petty squabble became something more," Prophet replied coldly and then followed the team's leader out into the main room to help Cooper get the officer into one of the building's interrogation rooms where they would question him.

As they approached the cop speaking with his partner and another of the officers, Sam spoke up saying, "Officer Denison, we'd like you to come with us so we can ask you a few questions please. There's no need for alarm, but it is important."

Denison stared at them in confusion, then asked, "What is this about?"

"Please just do as they said, Paul," Captain Montrose said sternly as he stepped forward and motioned for his man to follow them. "You have nothing to worry about."

"All right, I'm here," the officer stated gruffly as he looked between the three men standing in front of him once he was seated inside one of the rooms where he questioned many men and women before now. "What is this about?"

Sam sat down across from him and answered, "My friends and I have reason to believe that you knew one of the victims we believe were killed by Dr. Stevens and her partner; our fourth victim killed at the beginning of this week, Charles Hirsh. Is this true?"

Paul scoffed, though his legs began to twitch nervously underneath the table, not going unnoticed by either of the men within the room, then the officer looked at Cooper and responded in frustration, "I've never heard of him. If someone said otherwise, they're either lying or they're simply mistaken."

"I don't think so," Cooper continued. "You see, we have it under good authority that you were arguing with Hirsh not long before he was killed."

"There was a witness to your argument," Jon added angrily. "This witness overheard you threaten to kill the victim if he didn't back off. Did some kind of deal go wrong between the two of you?"

Denison quickly replied sternly, "I told you, you are mistaken. It's a lie."

Prophet leaned down on table, getting in the officer's face, and then asked cruelly, "Did Charlie Hirsh threaten to ruin you should you go against him and continue with your deal? Did he threaten to come to your boss and tell your dirty little secret?"

"I only meant to threaten him!" Paul shouted angrily. "It's his own fault that he's dead!"

"You're telling us that you killed him?" Sam asked, surprised by the officer's sudden outburst and confession.

The man looked up at his own boss and answered nervously, "I didn't mean to. I didn't plan to, but he said he was going to ruin everything we had been working toward for the last two years. It wasn't meant to end up like this!"

Captain Montrose spoke up quickly saying, "I suggest you stop talking right now and wait for your union representative and lawyer."

"You're going to need a good lawyer to help you," Sam responded in frustration upon Montrose's interference, so close to gaining a full confession. "Captain, I suggest you lock Officer Denison behind bars until we can speak with him again."

"I do apologize for my man's actions getting in the way of your investigation, Agent Cooper and Agent Sims," Clay stated sincerely as he motioned for his man to exit the room, then followed behind him as they walked toward the cells.

As they watched them leave, Sam stood as Prophet walked over to stand beside him and spoke again, "Charlie's body was found in the same condition as the rest of the victims. His killer being a cop explains how Denison was able to throw us off. He must have stabbed him, then found another jagged blade to deepen the wound with to make it look like the same as the rest of the victims. Not to mention him recreating the all of the rest of the details not released to the public."

Cooper replied, "If it wasn't for Noah overhearing the argument and being brave enough to come to you, we never would have known and Officer Denison might have gotten away with murder. At least one murder is solved. Unfortunately, this doesn't get us any closer to finding Mick."

"We're going to find him, Sam," Prophet answered worryingly. "Something is going to turn up. And Mick is strong enough to hold on until we do. Did you speak with Jenna last night?"

"Yes," Sam responded sadly. "She didn't take it well. Despite my objections, she's taking the next flight down here. Mick is the only family she has and he means the world to her. We have to find him or her wedding day will not be as happy as she deserves it to be."

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