I'd Die For the Man

Chapter 9

Mick eventually woke and struggled to move, but quickly found that his wrists, arms, and legs were bound tightly to the table he was laid upon so that the woman who had kidnapped him could work to stitch up his shoulder wound. What Mick didn't understand was why his kidnappers had abducted him instead of his team's leader when they had the chance and why they were even bothering to keep him alive when Mick knew that his death was inevitable once they realize that they won't be able to save him as he knew they believed they could.

Not long after he awoke, the doctor walked into the main room where he was being held and spoke softly saying, "You're awake. I'm relieved, though I have a feeling you don't actually believe that. "

As his wrists were tied tightly to the underneath of the table, Mick worked carefully to try to loosen the cords while he stared coldly at the woman and responded, "I know that you and your friend believe you are taking these people to try to save them from something, but you're not doing anything except for murdering them. That's what the two of you truly are, love; murderers."

"You're wrong," she answered angrily. "We're releasing them from their agony. They were already dying. We are doing all we can to free them. Their deaths are tragic, but only the demons within them are to blame."

"Perhaps so, but you can be damned sure that the families of the men you killed won't be so understanding, nor will the people here in this city," Mick replied. "Or the law."

She leaned down so that her head was close to his as she whispered into his ear, "We don't do this for them. We're doing this for evil's victims because it is our duty, just as we will do for you."

Mick sharply turned his head away from her once she began to kiss his cheek, then he said coldly, "Do whatever you plan to do to me. Heal me or kill me, I don't care, but know that you will be stopped by my teammates before you can do harm to anyone else. Where's your silent partner? I suggest you get started on your little exorcism. I'd rather die than listen to any more of your superficial bullshit."

"I just needed to be sure that your wound hasn't become infected so that we can begin," she responded, not seeming to have become fazed by his coldness and bravado. "And for your information, we don't perform exorcisms. Voodoo has been proven time and time again to heal the sick, as it will help to heal you."

"Whatever you say doc," the British agent answered as he continued to stare up at the ceiling while he still struggled with the bindings until the woman standing over him suddenly injected with some kind of drug with the use of a syringe, a drug that slowly made it impossible for him to be able to move at all.

She leaned down again and once again spoke into his ear saying, "I'm afraid I have nothing to help with your pain, but at least I can help you so that you can't struggle against our efforts. You will thank me for all of this when it's all over, I swear it."

It wasn't much longer before the Haitian finally walked into the room carrying a wooden bowl stained with blood, as well as a couple of vials containing liquids, medicines and other remedies used for certain healing rituals, then placed it all on top of a cart and wheeled it closer to the table where they would have easier access to them.

The silent partner quickly pulled out his notebook from his coat pocket again and began to write, then handed it to the coroner when he finished so she could read what he wrote, the message being, "I am ready to begin. Are you?"

"Yes," she stated quickly as she turned away from the agent and reached down to pick up one of the cutting tools. "He's prepped. Thank you, Toussaint."

"I am right here," he replied.

She smiled and then carefully began to cut a long, deep gash into Mick's side and allowed his blood to seep over the metal table's edge, while the Haitian raised the bowl underneath to catch the precious liquid. Mick could feel the excruciating pain as the blade cut through his flesh, but could not react. When she finished after having collected enough of the agent's blood to fill the bowl most of the way, the doctor quickly pressed a towel up to the wound to stifle the flow long enough for her to get what she needed to stitch it up so that he wouldn't bleed out.

Dr. Stevens spoke again as she worked saying, "I'm sorry that this is a necessary step in the healing process. We must first cleanse your blood if we are going to have any hope in succeeding. Then, we'll move on to the more difficult process, which sadly will be far worse than this. As I told you before, you're going to be alright and when we're done here tonight, you'll be free to go back to being an agent with the FBI or free to do anything else that you've ever wanted to do. Just stay with us."

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