When the Bough Breaks

Chapter 10

"Do you really think this stupid disguise is necessary?" Deeks asked as he began to pull at the old, itchy sweater Kensi gave for him to wear for when they both walked inside the old home the agents were all sitting in a car outside of in order to speak with John Booker's mother. "This thing is so scratchy and, uncomfortable. How on earth did your father wear this?"

"It was his favorite sweater and I don't think it was this uncomfortable to him," Kensi responded in frustration. "Stop being such a baby."

Sam spoke up saying, "Sorry Deeks, but we just can't walk in there as federal agents to question Mrs. Booker. Someone had to wear this, ridiculous disguise and it looks best on you."

As he looked at himself in their car's rearview mirror and saw the grey wig underneath an old grandpa looking hat, the fake mustache over his lip, and the large black glasses he was wearing, Deeks grumpily replied, "Of course it does. You know, one of these days, the two of you are going to end up wearing something like this and when that day comes, I'm going to be sure to have my camera ready."

"Actually, when that day comes, we'll have Hetty to help us with our disguises, so we won't look quite so outrageous," Callen answered smugly.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm laughing so hard that it hurts," Deeks responded bitterly. "Let's get this over with."

Sam smiled as Deeks and Kensi exited their car, then he replied, "Good luck and have fun. Don't forget that Kensi is your daughter here, and not your partner. You're not a cop."

As the NCIS agent and LAPD agent entered the building, Deeks answered once again, much more quietly so that only their teammates could hear him, "I've been undercover hundreds of times, thank you."

Once they were inside, they slowly made their way over to the receptionist sitting down in the home's lobby, as Deeks was trying to make himself appear as an old man and not as a detective. Kensi easily explained to the woman that she was there to take a look around the facilities as she was searching for a new home for her father. Thankfully, it didn't take much convincing on the agent's part to deceive the woman. She guided Kensi and Deeks into the main room where most of the residents there were visiting with each other, as well as with family members, then left them alone to visit too.

"Excuse me, do either of you know a Debbie Booker?" Kensi asked sweetly and quietly as she helped Deeks, who was pretending to have trouble walking and remain standing upright, have a seat at a table surrounded by three or four other residents staying there.

"I'm Debbie," one of the women sitting there responded as she looked between Kensi and Deeks. "And you are?"

Deeks quickly replied, "My name's Marty Dickerson and this is my fine, sweet, sweet daughter, Sheila. How are you doing today, Mrs. Booker?"

Debbie smiled as Deeks reached out to shake the woman's hand and kissed it, then she answered giddily, "I'm very well, thank you, you darling man. What exactly can I help you and your daughter with?"

"I came here today because I heard about how wonderful this place is from your son, John," Kensi responded. "You see he's a very good friend of mine and he told me that my father here would love it too."

"Yes, my boy would say that," she replied in frustration. "Johnny certainly means well, but if you were my age, would it make you feel good about yourself if you were thrown in here and left alone until the end of your days? How do you think your father's going to feel if you just abandon him here?"

Deeks looked over at her as he asked, "Do you mean to say that your own son doesn't even come to visit you at all? That's terrible!"

Mrs. Booker looked to her side as she thought for a moment and then she answered, "Well actually, he came by a few nights ago for a visit. I thought it was strange because he never really visited me here before, except for when he wanted to ask me for a favor, but this time… this time he was very sweet and quiet, like he used to be years ago before he started working for that business partner of his. Ever since they met, my precious boy seemed to change and not for the better."

"Have you ever met this, business partner of your son's?" Kensi asked again. "I mean, I thought he told me that he worked for some government agency?"

"Yes, he does," the woman continued. "He works for some police department I believe, though I don't recall which one, but he also has a small business on the side. And no, I never met the man that works with him. I just know that whoever he is, he must be cruel and a monster, just like Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. My son was always nervous whenever I brought him or his side business up, then he would quickly shut the conversation down. Johnny seemed to love me less and less, but on our last visit, he was so sad and apologetic. He apologized for not seeing me more and the worse part of it all, was when he spoke as though he was never going to see me again. He said he was going to be going on a long trip, for work, and he didn't think he would be able to come back, at least not anytime soon."

Kensi reached out and gently patted her hand, then responded sadly, "I am so sorry. And I am sure your son will be back one day. He will realize he was a fool to have left you alone here."

Deeks nodded in agreement, then replied, "My daughter is right, Mrs. Booker. I am sure he loves you very much."

"We should get going, I think," Kensi spoke again as she stood up after a moment and then helped Deeks stand up as well. "It was a pleasure meeting with you, Mrs. Book… Debbie. I hope to see you again soon."

"The pleasure was mine, my dear," she answered sincerely. "Goodbye, to both of you."

Kensi and Deeks slowly made their way back outside, while continuing their ruse until they were no longer in sight of anyone from the retirement home and when they both got back inside their car, Sam and Callen turned to look at their teammates as Kensi spoke up and said, "I hated telling that poor woman that her son would be back someday, when the truth is that he is now about to be buried six feet under and branded a traitor of his country."

Sam looked at her and responded, "You said what you had to in order to give that woman hope. It was the right thing to do."

"Sam's right," Callen replied, then got back to their case. "Now we know that Booker and his business partner have been working together for years. There has to be evidence of their partnership somewhere, anything that can help us to discover who the man behind all of this is."

"Callen's right," Deeks answered in agreement as he worked to pull of his sweater, then the wig and mustache. "I just hope we can find it before he and his friends choose their next target, which doesn't give us hardly any time at all. It is going to happen soon. Man, now my shirt is itchy too. Thanks a lot, Kensi."

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