When the Bough Breaks

Chapter 14

After their interrogation with their latest suspect, which only lasted less than twenty minutes thanks to Deeks, the four agents finally had the information they've been looking for and it wasn't all good news. They learned that Booker was killed by their main suspects because they suspected he was their weakest link, but the worst of it was that Mikkelsen and Cosgrove had plans to bomb four more government buildings, including the headquarters of the LAPD. Portman knew the names of all of the men involved in the terrorist plots, but he didn't know the details of the rest of their plans. He wasn't with the leaders when the plans were finalized. Neal only knew where he was supposed to be at noon that very day.

After the agents made a final call to Hetty in order to explain what they learned, Hetty spoke up on the other end of the line asking, "Today at noon? That's less than three hours away."

Sam looked at his partner as he replied sternly, "That's right, Hetty. Portman wasn't lying, at least not about what's important. We're certain."

"They're going to bomb these buildings, but he didn't know who would be where or how they planned to do it," Kensi continued.

"If we have a chance of stopping them before they can bomb all four, then we're going to have to split up, but we'll all be on our own," Deeks added. "I know we're good, but I don't know if we're that good. Anything can happen, especially if they spot us and they create a panic in order to get away."

Hetty spoke up again as she responded, "Which is why each of you will have your own backup when you're at all locations. Deeks, I'll be sending Nell to you to help you stop the men trying to bomb the LAPD Headquarters, Kensi, I'll be sending Granger to you to save the Hall of Justice, Mr. Hanna, I'm going to call in DEA Agent Del Campo to help you save the Los Angeles Music Center where I believe our mayor and several important guests will be attending a concert then; Talia said she'd be happy to help us out again if we need her, and Agent Callen, I'll be joining you myself to help you in saving Union Station."

Callen stated, "That sounds good, but Hetty, do you really think that Granger's going to agree to help us out without alerting SECNAV to what's going on?"

"No I don't," she answered shortly. "Actually, I am counting on him making the proper calls. When he does, a number of their agents will arrive at each of our locations to help back us up. When they find out all we've accomplished to bring this whole mess to a close, I am hoping they will see fit not to punish any of us."

"I hope you're right, but if not, well then, at least we'll have accomplished bringing these bastards to justice for our final mission; hopefully," Callen replied nervously.

Sam added, "Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's end this."

Since they knew what targets were being targeted, each of the NCIS agents made calls to their location in order to have them each evacuated, hopefully before noon, or before their suspects could set the bombs off early. The LAPD had a hard time with being convinced that the threat was real, especially coming from Deeks, but eventually they agreed with a little help from Danny. The other evacuations began without a hitch, except for at Union Station, as the workers there at the time didn't believe the threat, as a number of bomb threats had been made to them, none of them panning out to be nothing more than practical jokes or false information. It wasn't until Hetty and Callen arrived and showed them their badges that they were convinced otherwise.

Everyone at both the LAPD headquarters and the music center were saved and the men in charge of the attack were taken down by Deeks and Nell, and Sam and Agent Del Campo without much of a fight, then the bombs were found and disarmed in the nick of time. Kensi and Granger on the other hand had a harder time. They were able to find and take down their criminals, but they weren't able to save the building before the bomb blew. Thankfully, the agents were able to get everyone, except for the criminals, to safety beforehand. SECNAV's agents and the police sent out were a big help in the saves and with keeping the peace.

As a panic broke out at Union Station, due to people speculating that a terrorist attack of some kind was happening upon seeing the number of police and agents arriving and running around in search of the criminals, Callen ran throughout and around the building for their suspects, while Hetty did the same, though at a slower and calmer pace, both of them carrying their service guns, as well as a few other weapons, for protection. Eventually, Callen finally found two of them, as well as Craig Cosgrove, who he figured was there to oversee their operation.

The agent with no first name took one of the men down fairly easily with a couple of bullets, despite the panic around them, while Hetty moved up from behind and knocked the second criminal down with a bullet to his right kneecap, then held her gun on him. Cosgrove took off running and Hetty called out for Callen to chase him down. Eventually, Callen found him outside of a maintenance room, where he could clearly see he had had his men plant the bomb, while he held a woman hostage with his gun drawn and placed up to the side of her head.

He spoke up as he said angrily, "I suggest you get the hell out of my way before I kill her, otherwise, I will kill her, and then I will kill the both of us by setting the bomb off. A number of others will die too, including your own men. What do you say to that?"

"I don't believe you have the guts to kill yourself, just as I don't believe that you agreed to do all this without being threatened by your business partner," Callen responded curtly. "You didn't want to die then and you don't want to die now. You'll do anything to stay alive. Please, let her go and we can protect you from Hans Mikkelsen. Just tell us where we can find him."

"You can't protect me from him," Craig answered fearfully. "You don't know the kind of power and influence he has over people."

Callen pulled back on the hammer as he aimed his gun higher, then replied, "Maybe you should have thought about that before going into business with him in the first place. It's over. Let her go, now!"

Cosgrove finally slowly lowered his gun, allowing the woman to run free, then Callen walked over to him slowly and finally cuffed him roughly, as Cosgrove spoke up again saying, "You'll find Hans holed up at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel here in LA, room number 1206. He's waiting for my call, once the deeds are done."

"Then, make that call so that he'll feel secure long enough for my agents to head down there to meet him," Hetty responded coldly. "You may have given yourself over to us and told us how to find your boss, but you had as much of a hand in your attack against us as he did. Good people died that day and many more were seriously injured, one of whom is much like a son to me. You will pay for your sins, just as much as Hans Mikkelsen will, I assure you."

"I know," he answered in frustration as he was handed over to two of SECNAV's agents. "I know."

In the end, the all of the terrorists involved in these terrorist attacks, including Mikkelsen, were all either killed or brought to justice thanks to the persistence and determination of the lead NCIS team in Los Angeles. Hans took the coward's way out as he shot himself in the head as soon as Callen, Sam, Kensi, and Deeks arrived at his room and saw no chance for escape. Hetty was reprimanded hard for refusing to call back her team when asked to by SECNAV, while the teammates were all suspended without pay for six weeks for disobeying a direct order. The suspension was fine with them, as they looked forward to spending as much of that time as they could at the hospital with their friends, especially Eric.

The six weeks was nearly up and Eric still had yet to wake from his coma. His injuries were slowly healing and the machines connected to him showed that his vitals were regaining their strength, making it safe for the doctors to remove the ventilator as he could finally breath on his own, but despite it all, the coma remained persistent. It wasn't until the day before they were all assigned to return to work that their young, happy-go-lucky, computer geek finally opened his eyes, searching the room for familiar faces.

Everyone came before him to greet him and speak with him, explaining in short what happened that day, all but Nell as she stood in the back behind everyone in wait for a chance to be alone with him. She only smiled as tears fell down her face in silence, tears that were of joy and relief because she could finally apologize and admit to him how she truly felt.

When they finally finished, then walked out to give him and Nell some time alone, Eric was the first to speak up, still groggy from his long sleep, saying, "I can't believe what I missed. I wish I could have been there to help."

Nell smiled as she replied, "If you were, we surely would have found them much sooner, but you did help actually. You found us evidence we needed to link the traitor within NCIS to the terrorists. You knew something bad was about to happen and was about to send the message off, but you weren't given the chance to tell anyone before the explosion occurred."

"I'm glad… you're all right," Eric responded. "All of you. I'm sorry I scared you, but at least you had Collin to…"

"I broke things off with Collin," she quickly interrupted when she realized what he was going to say. "I realized the truth almost too late and not knowing if you were going to make it was killing me."

Eric looked up at her as he asked fearfully, "What… what truth?"

Before she could say anymore, she quickly bent down over him and kissed him long and hard until she finally stopped and looked into his eyes as she answered, "The truth that I love you. I'm in love with you, not Collin. I love you, Eric. Just like you love me and if I have to spend the rest of my life trying to show you, then I'll do so happily. I'm so sorry I couldn't say it before when you declared your love to me."

"It doesn't matter," he said, then kissed her back as she once again leaned down to kiss him. "We're here now and everything's going to just keep getting better. Now things may not be so awkward for us."

"No way, things will always be awkward," she stated. "That's just the way we are. But, we'll have a lot more fun."

The End

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