In Extremis

Chapter 12

As soon as he handed off the criminal to his cop friend down the street, Travis quickly dialed Kendall's number and when she picked up, he quickly called out, "Kendall, I need you search any surveillance footage in and outside of the pavilion where the blood drive Wes and I attended the other day was. Search for any footage that shows the paramedic who drew Wes' blood and then send me an up close picture of his face. There should be surveillance cameras all around the area."

She asked in confusion, "And if there isn't one? What's going on, Travis? Did you figure out...?"

"There's got to be one," Travis responded curtly as he got onto his bike once again and prepared to ride off. "I don't have time to explain right now, Kendall, and I don't care what you have to do, but you have to do this for me right now! Send it to me as soon as you have it."

Before Kendall could say anymore, Travis hung up and began driving toward the hospital that hosted the blood drive, hoping that they would be able to tell him who Wes' kidnapper was and where he could find him. However, before he arrived at his destination, another group of motorcyclists suddenly drove up behind him and within seconds had him surrounded, making it so that he was forced to stop.

"Let me guess, one of you is Lee Kato and the rest of you are members of the Wah Ching?" Travis asked as he moved off of his bike and slowly raised up the visor of his helmet.

The leader of the group moved off of his own bike as well and pulled off of his helmet, then answered, "You know who we are, but we don't know you, other than the fact that you're a cop. Why have you been looking for me and my friends?"

Travis finally pulled off his helmet as well and then replied, "I'm a detective with the LAPD and I'm not looking for you any longer. You were a suspect in the case me and my partner are working on, but you're not now."

"According to a common associate of ours, an old friend of mine was killed yesterday, someone who was once under my protection," Kato responded angrily. "I want to know who did it and why."

"You were friends with Kyle Moore?" Travis asked in surprise.

Kato nodded and then answered, "He's been my friend since we were kids. I was several years older than he was, but there was something good about him, the only good thing in my life. He spent the last few years trying to convince me to change my ways. Despite me being the killer I am, he still cared about me, so I tried to protect him. I obviously failed."

Travis' phone began to ring, reminding him of what he was doing, and then he spoke up again saying, "Listen, I'd love to hear all about the tiniest shred of decency you've got in you, but I'm in a hurry right now. I'm trying to save someone I care about right now and unlike you, I refuse to fail."

"Tell me who killed my friend!" Kato replied angrily as Travis got back onto his bike and put his helmet back on.

"They're already paying for killing Kyle," the detective called back. "Tell my brother in prison if you talk to him again, that once we find out who he hired you to kill for him, that we'll amend his charges to include another count of conspiracy to murder as well. And if I see you again, you'll be on your way to meet with him in person."

As Travis drove off, Kato watched him as he said to his friends behind him, "That detective's got guts. He knows that if he sees us again, he'll wind up dead and he's not at all afraid."

Travis finally arrived at the hospital and quickly ran into the emergency wing's lobby and as he got to the desk, startling the nurses, he quickly pulled out his badge and showed them as he called out, "Listen, I need one of you to tell me the name of one of your paramedics, who worked the blood drive you hosted yesterday. I've got his picture right here."

He swiftly pulled up the picture Kendall sent to his phone, stared down at the creep that took his partner's blood and kidnapped him, then he handed his phone off to show them the picture, and one of the women spoke up saying, "Look honey, we can't just give you that kind of information, especially without a warrant. Besides, we have a number of paramedics that come from all over this city to help us with the blood drives we host twice a year. It will take us too long to dig through our records for one guy."

"I don't have time for this bull shit, lady!" Travis shouted angrily. "This bastard helped kidnap my partner and if I don't find him now, my partner's as good as dead. Do you understand what I'm telling you?"

"I remember this guy," the nurse who had drawn Travis' blood said as she looked at the picture when she walked up to the desk upon coming back from an emergency call. "I mean, I don't know who he is, but as you probably recall, I was working the booth beside his."

Normally, Travis would begin to flirt with her like he had the day before, but as he was concerned about his partner, flirting was the furthest thing on his mind and he quickly asked, "Can you help me out by finding the paperwork you have on him? Please, if you can just find out where he lives or at the very least his name for me, you would be doing me a big favor. You would be helping me save my partner's life, please."

The paramedic smiled and responded, "Give me a few minutes and I'll do what I can."

"You can't help him," one of the other women called out to her as she walked away, while Travis stood back and began to pace nervously back and forth as he waited for her to come back.

"You're going to wear a hole in the floor if you continue pacing at that speed," Money said as he walked inside the wing and made his way over to his brother.

Travis glared at him for a moment and then finally sat down in the closest chair nearby as he spoke up saying, "Thanks for coming. I'm close, Money. I know I am, but I'm running out of time."

His brother nodded and then stated, "I get that you're worried for your boy, but something else is bothering you. I can see the anger in your eyes. I always could read you. What's going on?"

"Wes is in this position because of me," the detective answered angrily as he punched his fist into the wall in front of him, creating a large hole in it and causing his hand to bleed. "The bastard that kidnapped him worked at the blood drive we attended yesterday and Wes was supposed to have his blood drawn by this gorgeous girl, but I butt in and shoved him aside so that she could take mine instead. Wes ended up with this creepy guy and for some reason, he took him. It should have been me. It should have been me, damn it!"

"You don't yet know the reason why your criminal took Wes, so I suggest you stop blaming yourself and focus on what's really important, which is finding him so that you can save your partner before it's too late," Money replied. "I'm here and I'm ready for whatever's ahead. So are my boys."

Travis allowed one of the nurses to come over to take care of his hand, then looked directly at his brother as he asked, "What would I ever do without you, Money?"

Money smiled at the woman treating Travis, then he looked back over at his brother, and said honestly, "You haven't needed me as much since Wes arrived. That white boy's looked out for you just fine since you two partnered up, so I'd say it's about time I repay him for that."


Wes couldn't do anything as the man who kidnapped him continued to poke and prod him like a lab rat, finishing up whatever tests he needed to make sure that he was the perfect donor for whoever it was he was trying to save and deep down, Wes was terrified. Of all the terrible ways he imaged he could die because of being a detective, having his blood and organs harvested by a man hardly qualified had never even entered his mind. He trusted Travis with his life, but this time he was afraid his partner wasn't going to find him before it's too late.

"So, this is the young man… you found who's going to… to help keep me alive," a prisoner in a wheelchair spoke between coughs as he was wheeled into the dimly lit room by one of the jail's guards, followed by two more. "He isn't looking too good."

"I've begun prepping him for the operation," the paramedic responded as he loomed over Wes and began to check his vitals as the drugs slowly made their way into his bloodstream from the IVs now implanted into his arms above the restraints. "I've given him a muscle relaxant, as well as another sedative to keep him from struggling once I begin. When I start cutting him open, he's going to feel a lot of pain."

Once of the guards spoke up asking, "You're not going to give him morphine during the operation?"

The prisoner smiled as he answered, "Unfortunately for him, what… little morph… morphine there is left… will be used to help me… during the operation."

"This man's in here because he molested and killed three young boys before he was finally taken down by the cops," the paramedic continued, knowing that child molesters and killers were the kinds of criminals most hated by cops and all other lawmen. "He doesn't deserve to live through this, let alone to feel no pain while he's undergoing surgery in order to save a good man unlawfully imprisoned in here in the first place, does he?"

"No, he doesn't," another one of the guards replied as the three of them believed the paramedic and the prisoner they had come to respect after all the time he's spent inside.

Wes could barely stay awake, let alone fight through the drugs well enough to defend himself against the lies these men were telling the naïve prison guards. It wouldn't be long before the operation began as well as the pain. His last thoughts before unconscious finally gripped him for what he realized was the final time, was a faint glimmer of a prayer that his partner would break in and save him before these monsters could succeed in killing him.

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