In Extremis

Chapter 13

It took almost forty minutes before the nurse finally came back with the little paperwork the hospital had on the paramedic Travis was looking for and once he ran his name and information through Kendall, she quickly discovered that it was all bogus. However, she had already begun running his face through the facial recognition software and his real name finally came back.

"His real name is George Glover," she said as soon as her search results came up. "He was in prison twenty-two years ago when he was a teenager for robbery and assault, then disappeared off the grid for awhile until he reappeared years later under the name, John Crispin."

"Does he have a known address or any known associates?" Travis asked impatiently as he, Money, and his men all began walking out toward their bikes. "Is there anything you can give me that might help us to know where he might be hiding out?"

Kendall began typing wildly again as she replied, "According to the records, Glover had seven different cell mates during his five year sentence at Folsom Prison. However, it appears that he had grown close to one of them, a man by the name of James Nimziki, who was in prison for the murder of two men during a bank robbery. He was convicted, but so far throughout his entire sentence, Nimziki has continued his fight to prove he was innocent of the charges against him."

Travis quickly asked, "Why is this information relevant right now?"

"Because, two years ago, Nimziki was finally awarded a transfer to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility on account of his good behavior and it appears that Glover recently just took a new job there as their new doctor," she answered. This information wasn't easy to come by, but I have my ways too."

"I don't understand, Glover is only a paramedic," Travis responded in confusion. "How could he get a job as a prison doctor and why does this matter?"

Kendall sighed in frustration, then spoke up again saying, "Think about it, Travis. He faked his credentials to get inside, so that he could be back with Nimziki. Now why would he do that?"

Travis looked up at his brother in fear as he replied, "Because Nimziki is sick. It sounds like Glover kidnapped Wes because the man is dying and Glover thinks that my partner has whatever he needs to try to save him. Why else would a paramedic work at a blood drive, kidnap one of his patients, and then infiltrate another prison, after being set free from his own sentence? He plans to harvest Wes' organs. I've got to go. Thank you, Kendall. You're amazing and I owe you way more than just one favor."

"You know where we're heading?" Money asked once his brother got off his phone.

"Yeah, I do and we've got to hurry," Travis answered angrily as he got on his bikes, as did Money and the others with him. "Wes is in way more trouble than I thought."


It wasn't long after the prison guards brought in Nimziki for his scheduled operation that the paramedic they believed to be a doctor ushered them out again, then carefully continued to finish preparing the detective for surgery. Once Wes was out again and an oxygen tube was placed under his nose to help keep him breathing while the operation commenced, Glover moved on to help his long time friend up onto his own gurney so that he could begin preparing him as well.

As George gently slid the needle connected to the morphine drip into his friend's arm at the crook of his elbow, James weakly spoke up asking, "Why are you so… nervous, George? You're not having… second thoughts… about what we're doing here… today, are you?"

Glover smiled and responded, "Not at all. I have no problem with killing this detective and I don't worry that we're going to be discovered, as we'll both be long gone by the time anyone figures out what we've done. It's just that… I'm only a paramedic."

"A paramedic… who is smart… smarter than most… doctors… I know," the sick man replied as he continued to cough. "The only… reason you are not… not a doctor yet… is because you… have not been given… the chance. I trust you."

"You always have trusted me," George answered. "I appreciate your faith in me. I will not fail you."

Nimziki nodded as he responded, "I know you… won't."

Glover finally began to release the proper drugs into the man's system and then replied, "Let's get this over with. I'll see you when you're well again."

"When I'm… well," he stated just before going under.

"Glover, it looks like we're about to have company," one of the guards quickly called out as he came running into the room. "It appears that the cops figured us out a lot sooner than we thought they would. We didn't cover our tracks well enough."

The paramedic looked between his two patients and then stopped his eyes on the detective as he answered, "This guy's partner and the rest of their friends are smarter than I gave them credit for. I should have had the men we hired killed so that they couldn't have given anything away. It's the only way they could have figured out anything about us. I need you to do whatever you have to do to make sure the cops can't get inside here."

The guard on Glover's payroll quickly asked, "And how do you suppose I do that? The warden doesn't exactly listen to me. He doesn't listen to anyone, even you."

"How else would someone keep out unwanted invaders from the outside?" George asked in return and then answered for him. "You start a prison riot. No cops will be allowed inside and by the time the guards and the other men they call in to help get the prisoners under control again, Detective Mitchell's friends will be too late. Do it."

"You're the boss," the guard responded smugly. "I've got this."

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