In Extremis

Chapter 14

Travis, Money, and the men all arrived outside of the prison and waited for the guards to let them inside as Money spoke up asking, "I don't think this place is going to let us inside, at least without locking us up as soon as we enter, so what is your plan?"

The detective looked at his brother and answered, "I sent the other detectives I've been working with a text asking them to meet me here. They'll be here any minute to help. Damn, I wasn't expecting I'd find Wes in a jail of all places. It's going to take way too long to explain things. Wes doesn't have this kind of time."

"Sorry about the wait detective," a guard said when he and two others walked out to meet them as Travis quickly flashed his badge, then they let Travis and Money, who quickly handed off his guns to his friends, inside the gates and into the building. "Are you here to visit one of the prisoners you put in here?"

"I need to speak with your warden right away," Travis replied quickly as they made their way into a waiting area. "My partner's been kidnapped by the imposter you hired as your doctor. He's being held in here somewhere and…"

A woman walked out as she interrupted, "I'm the warden here, Renee Dodds, and who exactly are you?"

Travis showed her his badge again and then responded, "Ma'am, your doctor kidnapped my partner and is in here right now getting ready to perform some kind of shoddy operation that will kill him so that he can save a scumbag criminal. Where is he?"

"That's a horrendous accusation, detective," the woman answered in disbelief. "What proof do you have and who's your partner?"

"His name is Detective Wes Mitchell," Amy suddenly replied as she and Kate walked in showing their badges as well, while Travis showed the warden a photo of Wes.

As she looked closely at the picture, Officer Dodds spoke up again in confusion asking, "This man's your partner? That can't be possible. He's in here for three counts of child rape and murder."

Travis glared at the woman as he responded coldly, "You listen to me, lady. This man is my partner and the closest thing I've got to a best friend, not a vile monster this fraud of a doctor of yours made up to get him inside. Where the hell is he?"

The warden was about to answer when suddenly the alarm began to sound, creating an uproar and panic among the guards as they could hear screaming and shouting coming from the cell areas. A riot had begun and Travis knew getting through to find Wes was going to be impossible without the right help.

"We need to get this place under control!" Renee shouted as she motioned for her guards to pull the detectives and Money out. "Get them out of here, now! I'm sorry detective, but I'm afraid your partner's going to have to wait!"

"I'm getting inside whether they like it or not," Travis quickly said so that only Money and the other detectives could hear him while they were roughly being ushered out. "Go out, then call for back up. Get back inside as fast as you can and use my brother's men if you have to. Hurry!"

As Travis and Money fought their way through in order to remain inside the jail, Amy cried out, "Wait… Travis! Come back! What men?"

The warden bellowed after them, "You can't go in there! You're going to get yourselves killed! Come back!"

Travis and Money ignored her as they made their way into the cells where all of the criminals inside were fighting against the guards and amongst each other, making it near impossible for them to break their way through to where they knew they'd find Wes and the men responsible for hurting him. However, it didn't deter Travis from his goal because nothing else mattered then. Trouble never really scared him, but losing someone he cares about does.

"I'm going to need a gun!" Travis shouted as he looked back at his foster brother after fighting off a few inmates the deeper they made their way inside. "Please tell me you didn't allow them to take all of them off you?"

"I'm always prepared," Money answered smugly as he pulled out a derringer from beneath his pant leg, hidden inside his sock, and then together they turned to fight off several more prisoners as well as a few guards mistaking them for inmates despite the difference of their clothing. "You've only got one bullet in that thing so I suggest you make it count!"

Travis replied, "I always do."

Inside the medical wing…

The guard working for Glover ran back inside the room as he spoke up nervously saying, "The prisoners are all loose and the other guards are having a hell of a time trying to get this place back under control. They'll be calling in a police force to help soon. How exactly do you expect to get away with this?"

"I don't have to get away with this," the paramedic responded in frustration at the man's distraction. "Just so long as I can get the operations done with. My oldest friend will be saved and if ending up in prison again is the price I have to pay for that, then so be it. Now stand guard and make sure no one gets in here."

"Fine, just hurry up or I'm out of here," the guard stated as he opened the door and looked around before taking his stand. "I'm not willing to go to prison for anything."

George simply ignored him as he looked back down at the detective lying on the gurney beneath him and knowing that the sedation will slowly begin to wear off once he begins to cut into him as the pain will flood Wes' senses, he finally held the surgical knife firmly as he slowly and carefully began to cut through the skin and tissue to break through to his left kidney. Wes' hands and legs began to tremble the deeper the paramedic cut and by the time Glover had made an incision deep and large enough for his hands to reach inside, Wes began whimpering in pain, though still not conscious and too weak to scream out. The sedative and other drugs were doing their job.

However, just as he was about to begin cutting out the organ, a man suddenly burst through the door and aimed a small gun directly at him as he said angrily, "Drop that knife and step the hell away from my partner, now!"

Glover raised his head and stared at the detective, but didn't remove the scalpel as he answered, "Detective Marks I presume. You're a little late."

"That may be, but my partner's still alive and I plan to make sure he stays that way, so I suggest you get away from him right now or I swear to God, I'll put a hole in your head turning your brain into a small crater," Travis replied coldly.

"A vivid picture," George responded, still not making any attempt to stop his procedure. "I've been looking for another AB + donor, but as I'm sure you know, they're extremely rare to find. Detective Mitchell here is the only chance my friend's got left to live. You care about your friend and I care about mine, which is why I am willing to do whatever I have to do to save him, even if it means that I have to kill someone else."

Travis looked down at Wes fearfully and cringed, then tightened his hold on his gun as he spoke again saying with more vigor, "We're not exactly having a standoff here, Glover. I'm the one with the gun, so I…"

As he slowly reached out to the medical table behind his back with his free hand for a larger knife, unaware by Travis, George smugly interrupted, "You have a gun detective, but my blade is still inside of your partner's stomach and if you force me to, I will make a cut so deep that you won't be able to stifle the blood flow enough to save him in time, but if you point that thing someplace else and let me do what I'm in here trying to do, I will do all I can to keep him alive too."

"I can't let you do that," Travis answered when the man suddenly flung the knife he picked up with as much force as he could toward the detective, making it so that Travis had to dodge out of the way, as George swiftly pulled up the scalpel and forced it down hard into Wes' chest just above his heart, then the single bullet from the derringer in Travis' hands was fired, striking the paramedic between his eyes before he could move to pull the blade back out.

Money had just finished taking down the man standing guard outside of the medical wing as he heard the sound of the gunfire, then charged inside the room and seeing that Travis had made his shot, he smiled, but the moment didn't last as he saw the condition of his brother's partner. Travis quickly turned when he saw Money burst in, but turned back and ran to Wes' side as he fiercely fought to stifle the blood flow from the new wound as well as from the one in his abdomen. Money quickly checked on the criminal to make sure he was truly dead, then moved to stand beside Travis and took over holding his hands over the larger wound. They both ignored the other unconscious prisoner lying on the gurney a few feet away.

"Damn it!" Travis said angrily as he used one hand to try to rouse his partner and could feel the heat radiating off of him as he did so. "Wes, Wes! Come on, stay with me. I didn't give up on you, so don't you dare give up on me. We need to get him to a hospital where he can be treated by real doctors."

Money looked toward the doors as he replied, "So long as the riot continues, no paramedics will be allowed inside. We need to get him outside to them."

Travis looked up at him as he asked, "Can you carry him?"

"Just clear the way," he responded as he handed Travis another gun he had pulled off of the man he fought moments ago and gently lifted Wes into his arms, then together they made their way out again and back into the middle of the fights going on within the cell areas, leaving Nimziki behind.

"Get back!" Travis shouted as he fired several rounds into the air in order to scare off a few of the inmates as they attempted to pick a fight with them. "Just stay back!"

All of a sudden, another shot was fired as it struck a man down who was about to sneak up behind Travis with one of the guard's batons raised up to attack the detective and after looking down at the wounded man Travis recognized as one of the men he and Wes had put in jail months ago, he looked in the direction of the shot as he saw Kate standing before him with her gun raised.

She fearfully looked down at Wes in Money's arms and then turned to Travis as she spoke up saying, "The cavalry's arrived. Get him out. There are ambulances waiting outside the gates. We'll take care of things here."

It was then that Kate, Amy, Money's men, and several other cops rushed past them to help the guards end the riot once and for all, and Travis and Money continued making their way to the exit. As soon as they made it outside, the warden rushed forward and began to shout at them for going against her, but they simply ignored her as they brushed past her to get to the paramedics standing by.

As they carefully lay Wes down on one of the gurneys set out, Travis quickly fought to get back his breath back and then cried out, "Help him! Do whatever you have to do… to save him."

"A prisoner?" one of the paramedics asked nervously.

"He's a detective, the same as me," Travis answered angrily as he grabbed the guy by his jacket collar. "Help him! We've got to get him back to the hospital as soon as possible."

Money came up behind his brother as the medics began to work on treating Wes and then said, "You got him out of there alive, Travis. You did all you could for him. It's time to have faith in his will to survive. I've seen the man fight. He's strong."

Travis looked back at him as he replied, "Thank you Money, for coming in with me and for helping me save him. I owe you everything."

At the hospital…

It was almost four o'clock in the morning by the time a doctor came out of the operating room Travis' partner was brought into with word about his condition and the news wasn't good, but Wes was still alive, despite having flat lined once in the ambulance on their way there and then again while they operated on him. The doctor then went on to explain that they had placed him on a respirator to help him and that it will be a long recovery for him should he live through the next seventy-two hours.

Eight day later, the respirator was removed and a nose tube replaced it as Wes' recovery slowly continued and his body grew stronger, though he had yet to open his eyes. Twelve days passed and finally Wes slowly began to wake, but as soon as he felt the tubes in his arms, the tube beneath his nose, and began to become aware of his surroundings, he began to struggle as he attempted to rip the IV lines out of his arms until Travis rushed into the room and worked to try to calm him down, knowing that he was freaking out because of what his kidnapper had done to him.

"Take it easy Wes, it's me," he said softly as he forced him to look at him. "It's Travis. You're in a real hospital and you're safe. You're safe, I promise."

"Travis, I… What… what hap…" he tried to make out, but couldn't really as the pain in his chest and stomach was excruciating and forced him to lay back as he struggled to try to breathe through it.

Travis continued to hold him by his shoulders as he responded, "That son of a bitch nearly killed you Wes, but he's dead and you're going to be all right. I found you just in time. Just keep breathing through it. These IVs are here to help you, so let the drugs do their job."

Wes closed his eyes as the pain slowly began to decrease once Travis pushed the button to increase the amount of morphine he was being given, then finally opened them again and looked over at his partner, who asked, "Is that better?"

"Yeah," Wes answered. "Thank you."

"These drugs should be the good stuff, as I…" Travis replied until Wes placed his hand over his arm to cut him off.

Wes spoke again saying, "No, I mean… thank you… for saving me. I knew that you… would."

Travis smiled as he responded, "You would have done the same for me. I wasn't about to let some psycho creep harvest your organs. You're the closest thing I've got to a friend, which is just sad, but nonetheless it's true."

"He is telling the truth, in case you're looking for confirmation from a more reliable source," Dr. Ryan stated snidely as she walked in, followed by Captain Sutton, Money, Kendall, Amy, and Kate. "It's so good to see that you're going to be okay, Wes."

"You have no idea," Sutton answered in agreement. "How are you feeling, kid?"

Wes smiled at them as he weakly responded, "I've never been… happier… to be alive. Thank you… all of you… for your help."

Kendall began to tear up as she replied, "Things wouldn't be the same around the office without you. I don't know what we would have done if… if you…"

"Are you kidding, I solved the entire case without him," Travis quickly said when her emotions became too overwhelming for her to finish.

"Actually, we all solved the entire case," Kate retorted. "And it was mostly thanks to Kendall here."

She blushed as Wes looked at them and asked, "You figured out who killed… Kyle Moore?"

Travis spoke again as he answered, "It turns out that your old lawyer colleague did orchestrate the whole thing looking to have all that money for himself. He hired those thugs to kill him secretly, but Amy and Kate figured that out and they found our mysterious aunt, who died shortly after she set up the trust fund. She wasn't actually Kyle's aunt, but she gave her money to him before her cancer killed her because she felt she owed his father her life after he had saved her a long time ago during an accident. Everyone involved in Kyle's murder are now behind bars, as well as those involved with hurting you, except for the paramedic that took you. I killed him. It was a clean shoot."

"We were all very worried about you and have brought some gifts and get well cards and flowers for you, most of which are from the rest of our group," Emma spoke again. "We look forward to having you back when you're better."

"Thank you, all of you," Wes replied sincerely.

Travis patted his shoulder as he responded, "Welcome back, man."

Wes smiled and said, "I owe you… all. Anything… any of you need, just ask."

The End

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