In Extremis

Chapter 3

After trying to speak with several tenants of the apartment building they had been directed to and having most of the doors slammed in their faces as they asked for information in regards to their victim, Wes and Travis finally found someone willing to cooperate, a young woman who directed them to an apartment on the seventh floor. As the detectives entered, they found that it was a mess as a struggle had definitely taken place here, but were surprised to find a number of expensive things inside, including one of the biggest flat screen TVs they had ever seen, a surround sound stereo system, and one of the most expensive models of a laptop currently on the market, things that a regular twenty year old could in no way afford unless the items were stolen.

Travis whistled, then spoke up saying, "Wow, I am impressed. I think it's safe to say that our guy was definitely involved with something big in order for him to afford all this. I wish I could afford equipment like this."

The young woman that showed them to the apartment spoke up from the doorway as she had remained there to observe the detectives, responding softly, "Kyle wasn't involved in anything, detectives. He wasn't a thief and he certainly never hurt anybody."

"His real name was Kyle?" Wes asked as he looked over at her. "Was he your boyfriend?"

"He was, but we broke up a few weeks ago," she replied sadly. "His name is Kyle Moore. He is… was a good man, I swear."

Travis looked around again as he asked, "I'd like to believe you, but if he was such a good guy, then how on earth can he afford all of this and a brand new sports car, which is one of the most expensive ones on the market?"

She looked between them as she answered, "Kyle just came of age a few weeks ago and inherited about ten million dollars."

"He was a trust fund baby," Wes responded as he understood what the young woman was trying to say. "That's a hell of an amount to inherit, especially at such a young age, and it explains all of this stuff."

"If he told her the truth about how he got it," Travis replied skeptically.

Wes nodded, then spoke to the girl again asking, "Listen, miss…."

She quickly interrupted, "Abby. My name is Abby Bynes."

"Abby then," Wes said. "You said that you and Kyle broke up a few weeks ago. What was the reason?"

"I'm not really sure why," she answered as she looked over at the blonde detective. "I mean, he and I were only growing closer. I loved him and he loved me. When he came into all that money, we celebrated for a week. We even had plans to find a new house and move in together, but then one day, out of the blue, he suddenly just said that we were over. He never told me why and he wouldn't speak with me after that, no matter how hard I tried to get him to. He stopped taking all of my calls. I can't believe he's dead! I don't understand!"

As she started crying, Travis walked over and took her in her arms to comfort her, while Wes responded sadly, "I'm very sorry for your loss, Abby. We certainly appreciate your help and we promise to do whatever we can to find the men that killed him. I just have one more question. Do you know his family, the family member who set up the trust fund in Kyle's name?"

She pulled herself away from Travis and fought back her tears as she replied, "I was surprised for sure, as was Kyle. He didn't know that his family was wealthy, as his mother and father were poor as mud. I mean, they lived here, in this crummy old apartment building. When they died a few years ago, all Kyle had to support himself was the money he had saved up and was earning from his job at the law firm he works for. He was a paralegal there and was hoping to one day become a lawyer. Anyway, he told me that the attorney that got in touch with him said that it was his aunt that set the fund up for him. Kyle didn't know he had other family and he tried to get in touch with her, but she wouldn't see him."

"Thank you for your time, Abby," Travis spoke again as she turned to leave. "We'll be in touch if we have any more questions… or developments."

"We're going to need to look into this mysterious aunt, as well as into Kyle Moore's background," Wes stated as he watched her leave the apartment and then continued to look around, while Travis opened up their victim's laptop in order to see the kinds of things he looked up on the internet or what files he had saved on it. "Abby certainly seems sincere. If Kyle is indeed the man she believes him to be, then it looks like the people who killed him were after his money. They may have tortured him in order to gain access to his banking information."

Travis looked up at his partner, who was looking through a stack of photos he had found in Kyle's nightstand beside his bed, and answered, "You may be right. Did you find anything interesting?"

Wes shook his head as he put them down, then responded, "They're just pictures of him, Abby, and it looks like some of their friends. There's also a few with him and I'm guessing his coworkers. We definitely need to talk to the people at the law firm he works at as well."

"What's wrong with you?" Travis asked when he noticed his partner's demeanor had suddenly changed as he came across another photo he found partially underneath a law book lying on the floor at the bottom of his bed. "You've been moody all day, even more than usual, especially after that kid mentioned he was in a gang. What's going on in that head of yours?"

"I'm fine," Wes replied barely audible. "I… uh…"

Travis moved to stand in front of his partner as he stared at him and asked, "Wes? What is it?"

The blonde detective looked at Travis as he answered nervously, "You're not going to like this. It's a picture of Jason with three other guys on bikes. It looks pretty shady."

"What do you mean, Jason?" Travis asked brusquely as he quickly grabbed the photo and took it away from Wes. "Oh my God, my brother Jason. Why would Kyle have this? This was obviously taken over a year ago, as Jason's in prison, but… This can't possibly be the reason why Kyle ended up dead. There would be no point to killing the kid to hide this. Two of these guys with him are in prison too. They're two of the other baby face killers, though I don't know who this third guy is. There has to be a logical explanation."

"I don't know, Travis," Wes said worryingly. "This is the first lead we've found and it doesn't look good."

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