In Extremis

Chapter 5

When the two detectives arrived back at the LAPD's headquarters, they noticed that the captain was speaking with Kate, Amy, and Brady and Scott because Brady had said something to the press that he shouldn't have, as he's done multiple times in the past. He's a glory hog and tends to be a little too gung ho when working a case, even if it means stepping on the other detectives' toes in order to receive the credit. Both Brady and his partner have been in trouble more times than not for going too far.

It's a good thing Captain Sutton doesn't approve of firing anyone unless it's necessary, otherwise Wes and Travis would have been fired many times over for all of the antics they pulled or because of the number of times their bickering caused a set back while working their cases.

"I knew they'd be in trouble again," Travis stated as he smirked. "He'll never learn."

"No he won't," Wes answered in agreement. "I guess we have to wait for the captain to finish disciplining them to see if he's found anything on Kyle or our mystery guy."

They watched as Sutton stood and shooed them out of his office, then began to walk toward them as Travis responded, "Not for long. He doesn't look real happy."

As their boss made his way over to them, Wes quickly replied, "Nor would you be if you were about give bad news."

"Now who's being a pessimist," Travis stated as their captain stood in front of them.

"Why is Wes being a pessimist?" Sutton asked.

Wes quickly answered, "I'm not, captain. Were you able to find anything out about Kyle or our guy from the photo?"

Captain Sutton nodded and responded, "It looks like what your victim's girlfriend said about Kyle Moore was true. He was a good kid and he did come of age to inherit the trust fund set up for him by his aunt, who I don't believe is really is his aunt. I wasn't able to find anything on the woman. It's like she didn't exist. Whoever she is, she doesn't want to be found and there's also no explanation as to why she decided to give Kyle all that money. Kyle Moore is the sole survivor of his entire family. As far as I can tell, he has no living relative after his parents were killed in a car accident three and a half years back."

"If this woman is still alive somewhere, she may be the key to figuring out this strange mystery we've stumbled into," Wes replied as he looked between his partner and their boss. "But since we can't find her, maybe the attorney that brought Kyle into this might be helpful. I might be able to track him down. I just need to make a few calls. I'll be right back."

"Who do you think he's going off to call?" Mike asked Travis as they both watched the blonde detective walk off.

Travis shrugged as he answered, "I don't know, maybe Alex. She is an attorney too after all, or maybe another lawyer friend from his past. He doesn't speak too much about his days as a lawyer."

Captain Sutton nodded and responded, "It's because he's still ashamed of those days. Something like that isn't forgotten or forgiven easily. While we wait for him to come back, I also had Kendall do some digging to try to find out who the unknown guy in your photo is. She's still working, but so far she found out that his name is Lee Kato and he's got quite the record, mostly murder. Now, he's a known hit man working for the Wah Ching gang right here in Los Angeles."

"Great," Travis replied sarcastically. "That's just what we needed. Wes and I have had a run in with them before. They don't cops."

"Who doesn't like cops?" Jonelle asked as she walked up behind them. "I can understand why no one would like you."

Travis answered smugly, "Everyone likes me, except you."

Kate walked by them as she quickly stated, "I don't like you either."

"Maybe so, but…" Travis retorted until he was cut off.

"Focus Marks," the captain snapped in frustration. "Jonelle, did you find something on Kyle Moore's body?"

She looked between Sutton and Travis as she responded, "Actually, I did. After washing off the blood that coated most of his skin, I found that your victim had a newly needled tattoo across his shoulder blades. I did a little research and I discovered that the design looks to be the mark a certain Chinese gang's kill."

Travis replied, "Let me guess, the gang marking their kill are the Wah Ching. We already figured that out. It looks like you came up here for nothing."

"Actually, I didn't," she said again coldly as she held up two photos for them to observe. "I said the symbol looks to be the symbol of the gang's kill, but upon closer examination, I noticed that there was a mistake. Look at the picture on the left. The picture on the right is an actual picture of the tattoo. The one on the left is of the tattoo on Kyle's back. If you look closely, the mark is reversed."

"You're saying that whoever painted the tattoo on Kyle's back isn't actually the member of the Wah Ching, but someone who wanted us to believe that they killed him?" Wes spoke up as he came up behind Travis and their captain and looked over their shoulders to see what they were all looking at."

Jonelle smiled smugly at Travis as she answered, "Very good, Wes. He wasn't even here for most of our conversation and he's already figured it out before you, Travis."

Travis glared at her as he responded, "Very funny. Go back down to your hole you work in and let us do our jobs."

"I was going to say that," Travis spoke again once Jonelle walked off and he turned to look at his partner. "Why do you have to outsmart me in front of the women every chance you get?"

"I wasn't trying to outsmart you," Wes replied. "I was only stating what Jonelle was trying to get at. However, it isn't hard to make you look bad, especially in front of her. Sometimes you just make it easy. What did I miss?"

Mike spoke up again as he answered, "Your partner will fill you in on your way to talk with that lawyer, who I'm assuming you found, Wes?"

Wes nodded as he responded, "I did. It took me promising to do a favor for the guy I spoke to later on, but I'll deal with that when it comes."

"Good, let's get going," Travis said as he walked toward the door, following his partner. "I'm hungry. Let's stop off at that new food truck parked down the block."

"It's too early for lunch and you already had breakfast on the way in to work this morning," the blonde detective replied. "Why would you want that junk right now?"

Travis smiled as he answered, "First of all, that food truck serves fantastic barbeque pork sandwiches, not junk food. Second, it's never too early to eat such a delight, even if I've already eaten."

Wes shook his head and then responded, "Fine, we'll stop. It will give us more time for you to fill me in on what I missed."

"There's one thing we know for sure and that is that our mystery man in the photo you found at Kyle's apartment is definitely involved in this mess somehow," Travis replied. "He's a killer, but I don't know if he's the killer we're looking for."

"Either way, he's going to be trouble when we find him," Wes stated in frustration. "The Wah Ching is dangerous and if we're looking for someone involved with them, then we're going to have to brush up on whatever fighting skills we've got."

Travis asked, "Do you know any kung foo?"

Wes shook his head and said, "Do I look like I know any kung foo? Kung foo or any other kind of martial arts isn't exactly something I thought I would ever need. If luck is on our side at all, then we won't need anything more than our badges and maybe our guns. I guess we'll find out, if we can even find the Wah Ching."

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