In Extremis

Chapter 7

Travis slowly began to come to, having no idea how much time passed since he and his partner had been attacked and knocked unconscious with some kind of sleeping gas. It took several moments for him to become aware of his surroundings as his eyes finally stumbled upon the body of one of their assailants.

He also noticed that Wes was nowhere in sight and he quickly cried out, "Wes? Wes! Oh my God. Oh, my head. What the hell did they knock us out with?"

Knowing that Wes had been taken, as he remembered that the men who had attacked them threatened his partner before knocking them out, Travis stood and rushed over to the body of the attacker they had killed and began to search him in hope that something on him would give him a clue as to who he and the others were, or where they might have taken Wes. As he was doing so, a group of frightened witnesses to the chase and the men's attack walked toward him.

Travis quickly pulled out his badge as he noticed them and said, "It's all right, I'm a detective. I'm with the LAPD and this scumbag here helped his friends kidnap my partner. Did any of you see which way they went?"

"We've been too preoccupied with helping out each other after the mess all of you caused out on the streets to notice the direction one of the vehicles went," a man replied coldly as he stood in front of the detective.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that," Travis finished searching the body, then stood up to face the crowd and answered sincerely. "I really am. I take it that someone has already called 911? Continue to help each other. If you have any problems, you can speak with our captain at our headquarters, but I've got to go."

A woman quickly called out, "You're just going to leave us here, after all this?"

Travis was about to get into Wes' car until he stopped momentarily and responded, "My partner's life is at stake. If I'm going to find him in time, then I can't stick around here for any reason, but all of you are going to be okay and help is on its way."

He quickly got back into the car and sped back to their headquarters. As he arrived and stormed inside, Travis headed straight to their captain's office, but he found that the man wasn't there, so Travis looked around the workspaces and noticed Kendall sitting at her computer station.

"Kendall, where's the captain?" he asked quickly as he ran into her office. "I've got to…"

"Oh my God, are you all right?" she asked fearfully upon seeing his disheveled state and blood smeared on his shirt and pants as she moved toward him and motioned for him to take a seat.

Travis noticed the blood then too and then replied, "I'm fine. The blood's not mine. It belongs to one of the bastards that attacked us, which is why I need to talk with Captain Sutton. They've taken Wes."

She gasped and then stated again, "Oh my God! Did you get a look at them? Do you have any idea who they were? Why would… Who would…?"

"Breathe, Kendall," Travis stated when she couldn't get the words out because of the shock of Wes' abduction. "I'm going to get him back, but I'm going to need your help and I need to speak with the captain."

"Speak to me about what?" Mike asked as he walked into the room, followed by Dr. Ryan, who had come by to speak with the older man for a few minutes, then both of them noticed the blood on his clothes as well. "What the hell happened to you?"

Travis answered, "Don't worry, the blood's not mine. We were attacked on our way back here by a bunch of thugs in a dark, unmarked van as they forced us into a chase. Wes and I eventually pulled off in order to confront them, but they were ready for us. They used some kind of sleeping gas to knock us out and by the time I came to, they were gone, and so was Wes. They took him. We didn't stand a chance."

Emma exclaimed worryingly, "Oh my God!"

"That is the sentiment going around," Travis responded in frustration. "Captain, whoever these were, they attacked us because they wanted Wes. They said so as we tried to apprehend them, before they knocked us out. I don't know if they took him because of our case, but my gut is telling me this is something different, something more personal."

"You two certainly have made plenty of enemies," the captain replied as he looked between the three standing with him in the room. "I'm going to reassign your case to…"

Travis interrupted, "You can't give it to Scott and Brady. They won't treat this case the way it needs to be treated. Give it to Cafferty and Laroche and I'll continue working the case with them until I can rule out anyone we suspect so far of also being involved in Wes' kidnapping."

Sutton grumbled, "Fine. Just do whatever you have to do in order to find our boy and get him back alive. Kendall, I want you to drop whatever it is you're working on and focus everything on helping Travis find him. Cafferty, Laroche, get in here!"

"You wanted to see us, captain?" Amy asked as they walked in after hearing the captain call out to them.

"You two are working with Travis on his and Wes' case," their boss answered.

Kate objected as she spoke up saying, "But Captain, we're already working…"

Mike stopped them as he responded, "I'm reassigning your case too. Wes has been abducted and I need the three of you to work together. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir," Kate replied and then looked over at Travis. "Do you think that whoever killed your victim also kidnapped Wes in order to get you to drop the case?"

"Honestly, I have no idea," he answered in frustration as he pinched the bridge of his nose due to a headache coming on. "I'll be grateful for your help."

Amy patted his shoulder to try to give him some kind of comfort, then responded, "You've got it. Anything you need. We'll find your partner, you'll see."

Everyone walked out of Kendall's office, including Kendall, in order to give Travis and Dr. Ryan a moment to talk alone as she approached him and gently put her hand on his shoulder for comfort as well, then she spoke up as she asked, "How are you holding up, Travis?"

"I'm angry, Doc," he replied coldly. "I allowed those bastards take Wes from right under my nose and I couldn't do anything to stop them. How did I let this happen?"

"It sounds to me like you did all you could to help him," Emma answered. "It bothers you that your partner's been taken and you're worried, worried that you might get to him in time to save him, but I know you. I know you both. You will stop at nothing to save Wes and Wes will keep fighting until you find him. Forget about who's to blame and focus on that."

Travis hugged her, then turned to leave the room as he shouted back to her, "Thanks, Doc!"

Emma smiled as she watched him get back to work, then responded, speaking to herself, "You're welcome. I hope you find him."

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