Jason's Requiem

Chapter 15

Just after three o'clock…

"What the hell are you doing here, Johnny?" the rich lawyer with a German accent stated angrily as his right hand barged his way into the man's home, that wasn't their meeting place just outside of Harlem. "I didn't send for you."

"I need the antidote," Johnny cried in desperation. "That bitch double crossed me just as we did to her. She poisoned me with that cop's blood!"

Han backhanded the man across his cheek as he stood to face him, causing Johnny to fall hard to the floor because he wasn't expecting it, then Han answered, "I thought I told you never to come here to my own, private home. I made it very clear that when you first started working for me that you were to call me only for a face to face meeting. My family is here and you dare to bring our work in. I promised that if you disobeyed me once, then you would no longer work for me. You can have the antidote because you have been loyal to me all these years, but after you take it, I want you to leave. If you get caught, do not try coming to me for help. You won't get it and if you ever try telling the cops about me, you'll wish that you never met me. Is that understood?"

The man no longer employed responded, "Fine. Just give me what I came here for, then I'm out of your life for good, and you can go on pretending like you're untouchable. Eventually, the detectives will catch up to you too. Once Detective Walsh is dead, they'll stop at nothing to find the man behind his demise. I hope it was all worth it."

"His death is worth it," Han replied smugly as Johnny was handed a syringe by another of the lawyer's men, then gently slid the needle into his arm, and injected the syringe's contents into his body, hoping that his former boss wasn't double crossing him too like he did the detectives. "He killed my kid brother, then made me a monster in my son's eyes. Now the boy wants nothing to do with me and I've got no one to leave all I have to any longer."

"It's always about revenge," John stated as he started to head toward the door. "Good luck. Good luck with whatever you have planned next. This was fun while it lasted."

The man was about to say something when suddenly the main door of the home was broken down and a number of police barged inside wielding their weapons and shouting for all those inside to raise to freeze once they raised their hands high. Most of them did as they were told, but a few tried to resist, only to end up dead on the floor.

Han listened to the cops as he knelt down, but turned to John once again and shouted, "You led them straight to me, you son of a…"

As she walked inside the main room, Detective Shraeger interrupted as she said, "Yes, he did, but in his defense, he had no idea that I had put a tail on him since he left me at the river, holding the fake antidote you supplied me with. And who are you?"

"His name is Han Driscoll, wealthy defense lawyer for all thugs and criminals, especially rapists and murderers," Alvarez answered as he came over to stand beside her as she worked on cuffing the man's hands tightly behind his back. "Before you came in, Walsh and Kowalski worked a case involving the rapes and murders of six women, all of whom were very wealthy. Eventually, they were able to figure out that the man behind this was Erik Driscoll, this man's brother. Jason found him and was forced to kill him. Most of the women's wealth disappeared and was never found. We could never prove where Han here got all his own money, except for what he earned in court, but we suspected he was involved in his brother's killings. We just could never prove it. He was brought to court, but found not guilty; double jeopardy making it impossible for us to bring up any other charges against him.

"Until now," Casey responded smugly as she knelt down to pick up the syringe John had dropped on the floor before turning to leave. "Was this all the antidote there was? Was it?"

One of the other cops in the room spoke up as he walked into the room carrying a case containing two more vials of some kind of liquid saying, "It looks like there may be a few more, ma'am, unless these are filled with the poison they used. The doctors will be able to tell for sure."

Casey glared at the man that assaulted her and her partner as she said to the officer, "Take them to the hospital right away and tell them to test them as quickly as possible."

"Yes ma'am, Detective Shraeger," the cop replied as he and the other men in uniform dragging away the rest of the criminals in handcuffs left the home, leaving Casey and Alvarez behind with Han Driscoll and John Carver.

"So, this is your real face then?" Casey asked as she suddenly struck the side of his face with an open palm so that she could scratch him to see if he was wearing a mask or not; he wasn't. "That was mostly for me. Seeing you in prison and then watching you receive a lethal injection will be for what you did to my partner and all those other people you attacked, blackmailed, and killed for your boss here."

Carver answered, "I figured death would happen sooner or later. And Driscoll's no longer my boss, but if you want something from me, you can forget it. He may have wronged me, but I dislike you even more, Detective Shraeger. You seem to care for your partner an awful lot, perhaps you even love him after all. I hope he manages to live through this. I really do. If so, Driscoll and I can both get another chance to get our revenge later on, as hokey as that sounds. I suggest you watch his back even better from now on. He's going to need you to."

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