Jason's Requiem

Chapter 2

"What the heck happened to you two?" Eddie asked as soon as both Shraeger and Walsh walked into the squad room, causing everyone to stare at them because of the condition the head detective was in. "You look like a wet dog, Jason?"

"I'm certainly in better condition than that lunatic we were chasing," Walsh answered as he and his partner passed Alvarez, then headed into their sergeant's office. "I felt like going for a swim today."

Sergeant Brown met them at the door, gestured for them to take a seat in the chairs in front of his desk, then took a seat himself, and said in frustration, "Now, tell me what happened, including why you're sitting here soaking wet and with a bullet in your arm."

Walsh looked down at the rag Casey used to tie around his wound, then back at their boss, and responded, "The bullet is no longer in my arm, Serge. It went right through; this nothing more than a scratch."

"I'm waiting," Brown replied, more impatiently than before.

"Walsh and I were chasing after our killer along the docks and he managed to create a diversion, which Jason ended up stuck in the middle of, while I continued chasing Martini," Casey continued. "I shouted for him to freeze and raise his arms once I had him cut off at the end of the dock, seeing as he had nowhere to run, but he managed to quickly overpower me. He was going to kill me with my own gun, until Walsh suddenly charged him, causing them both to land in the river. He saved…"

Jason quickly interrupted, "I was able to get the upper hand once we were in the water. Martini got one shot off, but mine was the one that counted, sir. He's dead and we're both still here."

Sergeant Brown nodded and then answered, "Very good. All you need to do now is begin your report, but first, get your partner down to the hospital where he can get his arm stitched up properly, Casey. Then, take him back to his place so he can change into some dry clothes. Is that understood?"

"But Serge…" Jason tried to protest until their boss cut him off.

"No buts, Walsh," Brown responded. "You'll do what I'm telling you to do. Is that understood?"

Walsh sighed, then replied, "Of course, sir."

After they left the sergeant's office, Casey turned toward her partner and smirked, then spoke up again saying smugly, "I told you that the sergeant would say the same thing. Now, are you ready to finally get going?"

"If you insist," Jason answered.

"Oh, I do," she responded as she pulled on his good arm, then pushed him in front of her, and toward the exit of the precinct. "Get moving, hotshot."

After leaving the hospital a little over an hour later, Casey sat at the counter inside Walsh's diner while she waited for him to change his clothes. When he walked back out from his tiny room in the back, neither one of them said much except for Walsh asking if she wanted anything to eat, to which she replied that she'd take a burger and fries.

Jason only nodded and when she could no longer stand the silence, Casey finally spoke up again as she asked, "So, are you going to tell me what's going on with you?"

He looked back at her in between cooking her meal as he replied, "I don't know what you're talking about, Casey. I was only doing what needed to be done. It was no big deal."

"That's bullshit!" Shraeger cried out in anger. "That's bull, you big jerk. You saving my life is a big deal, to me. I don't understand why you can't accept that. For the last few months, you've been moody, more quiet than usual, and I mean, I get it, ever since Cole's betrayal and Beaumont's cold behavior toward you and all, but… You've been acting reckless, Walsh. You charged Martini like you didn't care if you died in that water and it wasn't just today. Four days ago, you picked a fight with the sergeant's bosses, not caring if they fired you or not, just because you disagreed with them. Then, shortly after you came back to work after your recovery, you right away…"

"I know what I did, Casey," Jason interrupted in frustration, then roughly placed a plate of food down in front of her. "I know what I'm doing and believe me, you're overreacting. I'm fine. All I'm doing is my job and today, I was protecting my partner, like all partners do. Let this go and just eat your burger."

Knowing that he wasn't going to say more about this, Shraeger started to eat like he suggested and then said, "I am still amazed that you know how to make a burger and fries that are this good. Why can't you cook anything else this good?"

Walsh smiled and then answered, "Every chef is known for at least one thing. This way, no one else can mistake what one good meal that is."

"Well, you're right about that," she responded as she continued eating. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he responded, knowing full well the real reason why she was thanking him, as it was the same reason why he finally gave in and said as he had. "We should probably get back, so that we can start on our paperwork. Lord knows, I have enough of that to catch up on. I shouldn't add anymore to the pile."

Casey nodded in agreement as she quickly finished her burger and then replied, "Fine. I'll say one thing, I'm glad this case is finally finished. Now we can finally give those families some peace of mind."

Jason quickly added, "As well as some peace for ourselves. I can finally get some sleep tonight."

"If only that were true," she muttered under her breath after her partner walked into the back again, knowing full well that he hadn't gotten much sleep ever since he discovered that he had been wrong to believe that Cole had actually changed for the better.

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