Jason's Requiem

Chapter 3

Two weeks passed by and nothing much continued to change around the 2nd precinct. Walsh continued to act moody and quieter than usual, while Shraeger continued to try to get him to open up; to no avail. Beaumont had finally been assigned a new partner, though she wasn't too keen on getting to know the newest agent and she still wasn't speaking to Walsh, except for when it was necessary while they were working a case together. Alvarez, Banks, and Delahoy continued acting like themselves, as if nothing changed in the past few months, except that Eddie continued working on not being so self-centered. However, the change wasn't apparent to many, except to Jason and Casey, as well as to Sergeant Brown.

One night early on in April, another gruesome murder took place and the two head detectives were assigned to the case. Unfortunately, it was also the same night that everything started to go wrong for the two partners, beginning with two attacks that weren't what they appeared.

As they leaned over their latest victim, Walsh spoke up first as he said, "At first glance, it looks like our girl here was mugged for whatever amount of money she had just withdrawn from the ATM before our guy killed her."

Casey looked around the crime scene, then over at her partner as she asked, "I get that, seeing as she's positioned like she just walked away from it, but what makes you think otherwise? I mean, there's a crumpled up withdrawal slip on the ground beside her, but there's no money anywhere on her and her purse is missing."

"And she's been shot three times; twice in the chest and once in the head," Jason continued. "If this was just a mugging, then the two bullets to her chest would make sense, but seeing as they are two fatal shots, why would our killer need to shoot her again in the head?"

"I don't know, maybe it's because the guy has serious anger issues, or maybe he's just a psychopath that believes in the art of overkill," she responded in frustration. "What do you think happened here?"

Walsh looked down at the young woman again and then answered, "I think she was targeted by our killer and after he shot her in the head, he shot her twice in the chest and stole her purse in order to make this look like a mugging and robbery. It's our job to figure out why someone wanted her dead, then we'll be able to figure out who it was that killed her."

Shraeger nodded and then replied, "All right, I'm with you. From the amount of money she withdrew and from the clothes that she's wearing, I'd say our girl here comes from a wealthy family. Perhaps that's the reason why she was killed."

"That's a start," he spoke up again. "I guess you would make a connection with her because of that, wouldn't you?"

"Shut up," Casey quickly answered when she caught on to his humor. "You're probably right, I do tend to notice these things because of my, rich background. I wish I could shut it all off, but I can't. How many times do I have to tell you not to keep rubbing that in?"

Walsh smiled and replied, "At least a few more dozen times. Some things never get old."

She smiled as well and then despondently responded, "It's sad. I mean, she's young and she had her whole life in front of her. What could she have possibly done to deserve to die like this?"

"There are lots of reasons that come to mind," Jason answered just as despondent. "She could have just gotten involved in a relationship with the wrong guy, or you may be right about her becoming a target because she was rich. That's what we're here for. Let's get back to the station so we can first try to find out who our girl is. Her being wealthy will probably help us figure that out pretty quickly."

"At least that's one good thing about having money," Shraeger replied. "Let's get going."

An hour and a half later, the two agents were walking out of the station again after briefing their sergeant on their newest case, including the identity of the victim, which they figured out after running the young woman's prints through their databases. It turns out that Karen Simmons was a rich girl, who had had a few minor run in with the law. Beyond that, the agents had a long way to go before they would learn the rest.

As Casey walked around to the driver's side of the car, while Walsh started to get into the passenger's seat, two men suddenly stepped out from out of nowhere and began to fight against the lead agent as he struggled to keep one of them from stabbing him with a knife. As they did so, Casey quickly pulled out her gun and aimed it toward her partner's attackers. However, she wasn't able to take a shot, as Walsh was forced to remain in between them while the struggle continued.

Casey quickly fired a shot into the air, startling one of the attackers enough to move him into the open as she fired a shot into the man's arm, then shouted out, "Let him go, now!"

The unwounded man still holding the knife over Walsh quickly shoved him forward toward Shraeger, but not before slicing a deep gash across his stomach, then both took off running while dodging several more rounds fired at them by both Casey and Jason, who remained on the ground after his attack.

When the two men disappeared, Shraeger quickly rushed to her partner's side as she shouted, "Walsh, my god, are you all right?"

"Yeah," he responded as he struggled to pull himself up. "Don't worry, I'm all right. This is only a scratch."

"Why is every wound to you nothing more than just a scratch?" Casey asked in frustration as she examined the cut beneath the blood seeping out through the new tear in his shirt. "This doesn't look like just a scratch. You're going to need more stitches; a lot more."

Walsh only ignored her as he asked, "What kinds of men are brazen enough to attack two detectives outside of their precinct, wielding only a knife?"

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