Jason's Requiem

Chapter 4

A few minutes after the attack, Casey carefully assisted her partner, despite his objections, back inside their precinct and as soon as the other detectives and their sergeant saw that Walsh was hurt, everyone came over to stand around him and Shraeger as she sat him down at his desk and began to get a closer look at the wound, while Brown quickly made a call to the EMTs.

"Man, are you all right, Walsh?" Eddie asked as he leaned down to take a closer look. "What happened?"

"I'm not exactly sure," Walsh replied, then winced when Casey accidently prodded too hard. "It happened really fast. A couple thugs just came out of nowhere, pulled a knife on me, did this, then ran off when Shraeger pulled her gun, and fired a few rounds."

Brown got off the phone, then looked down at the two detectives, and asked roughly, "Did at least one of those bullets find a home in a pound of flesh?"

Casey looked up at him as she answered, "Yes Sir, I think so. I couldn't get a clean shot at the guy holding the knife, but his partner took one. It doesn't make any sense, sir. These two attacked a cop using only a knife and they weren't even wearing masks."

"Does that mean you two got a good look at the men?" the Sergeant asked again.

"I was a little preoccupied with keeping my eyes on the knife and the hands trying to force it into my chest or throat," Walsh responded as he pushed Casey's hands away from him, pulled a clean shirt from his desk drawer, and then held it over his wound to help stifle the blood flow. "All I know is that the main guy was all muscle. He was huge and strong."

Casey continued, "It was too dark. All I could tell was that both the guys were white and they may not have been wearing masks, but they were wearing gloves. They also took the knife with them when they ran off. We've got no way to identify them, unless their ugly mugs are among the mug shots in our databases. I'm pretty sure that I could identify them if I saw them again."

Delahoy scoffed and then replied, "That helps narrow it down."

"It is better than nothing," Banks retorted.

"Not really," Beaumont stated as Walsh looked over at her, causing her to turn away quickly.

Sergeant Brown continued, "The paramedics should be here any minute now. Casey, I want you to accompany your partner to the hospital in order to make sure that he cooperates with the doctors as they stitch him up."

Jason smiled at his partner, then looked up at their sergeant and answered weakly, "Don't worry, Serge. I don't think I'll be fighting them tonight. It hurts like hell and I think… It's worse than I thought."

"Hey, are you still with me?" Casey quickly asked when Walsh closed his eyes and winced in pain.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he responded when he reopened his eyes to look back at her. "The blood loss is just making me feel a little woozy. This wound's nothing more than a giant paper cut."

Casey shook her head, then replied, "Tough guy."

Jason quickly added, "You know it."

Three and a half hours later…

"So, how is he really, doc?" Casey asked as her partner stayed behind in his hospital room to get redressed after the doctor checked him out and finished stitching up and bandaging his knife wound. "My partner gonna to make it?"

"Yeah, he's going to be fine," the man answered as he stood beside the detective. "The gash was a little deep, but to be honest, it looked much worse than what it really was. The damage was pretty minimal and we easily replenished his blood loss. As long as he takes it easy for the next few days, he'll be just fine, so long as he doesn't tear open the stitches. Now, being a detective I can imagine that might be a little difficult, but he won't be up to chasing any bad guys for some time. You'll need to make sure he doesn't."

Casey looked back at the doctor and then responded, "You don't know my partner. Being a detective isn't what makes him stubborn. His stubbornness was built into his DNA. Thank you for fixing him up, again."

The man nodded and said, "Just try to make sure he doesn't end up here again for at least a few months. We'll end up running out of thread for the stitches."

"I know, he's had to have them at least five times in the last four weeks, mostly because he keeps doing something stupid to rip them open, not to mention his whole hospitalization months ago after he was shot. I swear, he attracts bullets, knives, and scumbags more than Eddie Murphy from his three Beverly Hills Cop movies combined."

"It makes for great movies, but not for real life," the doctor replied and then he reached out and patted her shoulder. "He'll be fine."

As Walsh walked out of the room and joined them, the doctor looked at him as he spoke up saying, "You're just fine, my friend, so long as you take it easy. I don't want to see you back here again anytime soon."

Walsh smiled and answered, "It's not like I planned any of this. Believe me, if I had a say, I wouldn't choose to be here either. Thanks again, doc."

"So, how are you feeling?" Shraeger asked her partner after the man shook both of their hands and walked away. "Really?"

"Much better," Jason responded, while still holding his hand over the wound. "It's now gone from an intense ache, to a very dull ache. I think that's mostly because of the drugs the nurses gave me."

She laughed and then replied, "Sounds nice. Now, are you ready to go home?"

Walsh glared at her as he answered, "Are you kidding, it's after two in the morning, not to mention that I'm on some kind of drug that's making me feel drowsy and a little lightheaded. Let's ride."

"Okay, Kemo Sabe," Casey responded sarcastically. "Who are you, the Lone Ranger? Who says let's ride?"

"I just did," Jason said as he slowly walked on ahead of her. "Now, let's go, Tonto."

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