Jason's Requiem

Chapter 5

Two men sped through the streets of the city, not caring about the laws of the road, nor did they care about the red and blue blinking lights that came on behind them, as a cop car began to chase after them. The men didn't have any intention of stopping just then as they made their way to an old neighborhood down in Harlem. However, they didn't have a choice when suddenly one of their tires blew, forcing them to crash into a building facing an alley. The collision caused the onlookers within the area to stop what they were doing and stare at the scene in astonishment.

As soon as the car came to a stop, the two men quickly got out of the car and began to run, but they weren't able to get very far as the officers who had been chasing them fire their weapons in the air to warn them that they would shoot them down if they kept on running. The suspects turned to face the enforcers and they didn't do so with fear on their faces, but with a smug smile.

The officers noticed one of their suspects was holding his hand over his right arm, covering a crudely bandaged wound, then one of them spoke up first saying, "The two of you are under arrest for trying to run and resisting arrest."

The first suspect answered, "We haven't resisted arrest. We didn't realize you were chasing us because we were under arrest. If we had pulled over, all you would have done was give us a ticket for speeding."

"Not for the way you were speeding and the point is that you didn't pull over, so now you are both under arrest," the second cop replied as they both raised their guns higher. "Now raise your hands and keep them raised. If you try to resist us again, we will put a bullet into each of you."

"I'm afraid that won't be possible, gentlemen," the man responded again.

All of a sudden, both of the cops were struck, then beaten by five or six thugs that had come up behind them with crow bars, tire irons, and old pipes until the officers were unconscious. When they finished, the two men with their arms raised lowered their arms, then walked over to stand over the men the thugs had just taken down.

One of the thugs spoke up as he said, "We don't like pigs in our neighborhood. Why did you lead them here?"

The larger of the two men being chased answered, "We didn't plan on stopping here. Where we are heading happens to be not too far from here. We appreciate your assistance, but why help us?"

"As I said, we don't like pigs coming here," the leader of the group replied. "We didn't do this to help you, so leave now before I have my men do the same to you. And don't ever come back here again."

"Well, thank you just the same," the wounded suspect responded in gratitude.

As the two men began to walk away, the leader thought for a moment and then called out, "Why exactly were you two being chased anyway? What did you do?"

The first suspect answered, "We were just being chased for speeding, but between you and me, we don't have much regard for cops either. Pay close attention to the news over the next few days. You'll understand then what I mean."

It wasn't long before the same two men who had just left the old neighborhood in the slums of Harlem, finally arrived at their initial destination just outside the most dangerous province within New York City. Inside the large apartment they entered, there were several men around, all of whom worked for the man that owned the property; a very wealthy lawyer, who was known for defending many thugs, criminals, and murderers.

"It's about time you two showed up," the lawyer spoke up coldly in a thick, German accent. "You were longer than you said you'd be. Is it done?"

"I'm certainly not standing here with a bullet in my arm for nothing and if we had failed, do you really think that we'd have come here?" the smaller man replied angrily.

The lawyer responded, "One of them managed to get in a good shot I see. You suspected that I would have killed you if you failed me. You're afraid of me?"

The leader of the two criminals answered smugly, "My partner here might be, but I'm not. You've paid us well for this job and plan to give us even more for getting it done. Is there anymore you need us to do?"

"Yeah, there's something more you can do for me," the lawyer replied as he suddenly pulled out a gun and shot the already wounded criminal in the head, then turned to his partner, handed him the weapon, and smiled. "He was right to be afraid of me, but not because he failed. He shouldn't have gotten himself shot by that cop. He was too spineless to continue to work for me. Take his body and the gun I just used and get rid of them. I don't care how, but whatever you do with them, make it so that they can't be found, at least not the gun. I can't have the detectives linking it back to me. If your partner is found, so be it. The bullet in his skull won't help them find who fired it."

"Will do," the large man responded as he stared down at the body. "I didn't like him much either. Can I ask you something, boss?"

The murderer answered, "You want to know what it is I have against Detective Walsh?"

The man nodded and then replied, "I am a little curious. After all, I am the one taking all of the risk here. If the detectives get lucky, then I'll be the one that goes down for this, not you."

"You're right, Johnny," the man responded as he turned to look over at his perpetrator. "You will go down for this if they get lucky enough to figure out who you are, but if you were smart, as I believe that you are, you would have made sure that they can't link you to any of this. Am I right?"

"Don't worry, Han," Johnny answered as he smiled. "I was wearing gloves and why do you think I am still friends with that artist? Prosthetics come in awfully handy when committing crimes that you don't want to be recognized for. In the dark, there's no way that those two detectives could have noticed I was wearing makeup. Hell, they wouldn't have been able to notice if I was wearing a clown mask. So, what did he do to you? Did he piss you off during one of your trials?"

Han handed Johnny an envelope containing the rest of his payment owed to him and replied, "Yeah, something like that. Now, go do what I asked you to do."

The man smiled back and then responded, "We're as good as gone. It's been a pleasure, as always."

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