Jason's Requiem

Chapter 9

Each of the detectives went off to do the assignments given to them by Sergeant Brown, while he, Casey, and Eddie walked around the beaten down neighborhood in search for any witnesses that might be willing to come forward. No one did and the detectives understood very well the reason why. Those that grew up and lived in Harlem didn't speak to cops, let alone trust them.

However, as the three were about to give up and walk away to go and talk to the others about their findings, a black man looking to be in his late twenties, wearing a bandana around his head, a white tank top, and loose, baggy jeans with a chain running from his belt down to his left side pocket stepped forward and started to call out obscenities toward them, then threw a glass beer bottle toward Casey, though it just barely missed her as she quickly dodged it. Alvarez and the sergeant quickly grabbed hold of the thug and forced him against a nearby car as they cuffed him, but as they were doing so, the man suddenly spoke up again softly, his attitude having changed drastically.

"I'm sorry about the language and almost hitting you with the bottle, detectives, but I needed to get your attention," he said just above a whisper so that any onlookers wouldn't be able to overhear him speaking. "For what it's worth, I knew this fine young lady could duck out of the way. My name's Detective Colton Finlay with the twenty-forth precinct; narcotics division. I'm undercover right now with a small gang that lives throughout this neighborhood. They've been selling drugs to other gangs, thugs, and even kids in all of Harlem as well as a few of the other territories. I'm one of the few detectives undercover around here trying to stop them."

"What is it that you wanted to talk to us about?" Sergeant Brown asked quietly as Eddie turned him around to face them.

Finlay quickly responded, "Not here, please. I can't risk my cover being blown."

Eddie and the sergeant roughly pulled him forward, shoved him into their squad car in order to keep up appearances, and then once they were finally free to talk, Casey asked again, "What is it that you have for us? Is it in regards to the thugs that beat up the two cops that tried to arrest the two wanted suspects?"

"That's right," Colton answered as Alvarez started the car and began to drive toward the station. "I saw the whole thing. I was with the couple of gang members that hung out with those thugs, but I was not one of the ones that participated in the attack. The two men sped through these streets and eventually crashed into the building back there, which your other detectives and crime scene techs are checking out right now, and then when they tried to arrest your suspects, a group of thugs beat them until they were down for the count. That you already know, but what you don't know is that once the cops were unconscious, we had a little chat with your suspects. The guy that runs the gang I'm with, asked your guys what brought them here and why the police were chasing after them. They stated that the cops were after them because they were speeding, but then they mentioned that they didn't have much regards for cops and that we should pay close attention to the news within the next few days; that we would understand what they meant. Does that make any sense to you?"

"No, not at all, but…" Casey replied until she suddenly thought of something. "Sir, have anyone from our precinct spoken to any reporters about Walsh's mugging yet?"

Brown turned to Eddie, who shook his head no, then turned back to Casey as he responded, "No, not yet. I told everyone to keep the attack under wraps. Why?"

Casey thought for a moment and then answered, "I think that Walsh's assailants chose to attack Walsh because they wanted a big story. Maybe they're attention seekers."

"Attacking a detective with the second precinct would certainly be a great way to get that," Eddie replied while he continued to drive. "But if they don't get the attention they're looking for, then they'll most likely try again, and more people will continue to get hurt, maybe even other cops."

"They'll probably keep on hurting people anyway, in order to keep gaining the attention," Shraeger responded. "What I don't understand though is, why would they intentionally wound and poison Walsh? I mean, why not just kill him? It doesn't make any sense."Sergeant Brown looked between his detectives and Finlay as he answered, "Nothing about this whole attack makes any sense. They could have killed or poisoned the cops Finlay's gang friends beat too, but they didn't. Instead, they fled to wherever they disappeared to."

The undercover detective spoke up again as he said, "I don't know if this is related at all, but it's possible that after they left us, your suspects headed to the only somewhat fancy apartment building around this province to meet up with whoever it is that hired them to attack this, Walsh; your friend?"

"My partner," Casey quickly replied. "Go on."

"I've heard rumors throughout the neighborhood that there's some kind of kingpin or high priced lawyer that goes in there often to run some kind of business; hiring thugs and others to do, whatever job he needs done," Finlay continued. "If there was any kind of proof to any of these rumors, I would have brought it to my boss' attention, but… there are so many different stories, most of them ridiculous, that I didn't think they were important enough. Besides, these speculations had nothing to do with why I'm posing as one of these thugs. Now I wish that I had. Anyway, your suspects were definitely not from around here, I doubt that they have any friends around that would be willing to hide them from the police, and aside from a couple of fleabag motels, that's the only other place I suspect they could have travelled to on foot."

Casey looked over at Sergeant Brown, who nodded, then she turned to Eddie as she asked, "Are you up to going with me and Walsh to have a look around the place? Walsh will kill me if I don't bring him in on this."

Alvarez smiled as he spoke up again saying, "I'd be happy to."

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