On the Rocks

Chapter 10

Three nights later…

Detective Rosalind Spencer was currently enjoying dinner at one of the city's pizza parlors with her young child and husband after she left work for the night. However, despite the brave face she put on for her family, inside the detective was struggling to come to terms with what she had done and nervous as she waited for Detectives Beckett and Esposito to come to arrest her for her roles in the death of one of their own and Detective Ryan's shooting. She knew it was only a matter of time.

However, what frightened her even more was the sudden phone call she received as she was watching her son play in the play space a few feet away as soon as her husband walked off to use the bathroom. She recognized the number and at first didn't plan to answer, but then decided to anyway, knowing that the person on the other end would most likely punish her for not doing so.

The caller spoke up first after she answered saying, "Good evening, detective. It's certainly the perfect evening for dinner out with your family. Your son appears to be enjoying himself."

Upon hearing the unfamiliar voice, Rosalind asked fearfully, "Who is this? You're not the same blackmailer as before."

"No, you're right, I'm not," the man on the other end of the line responded. "I'm afraid that my associate is no longer with us. This is why I'm calling instead. You've been very helpful to us so far, Detective Spencer, and we're very grateful, but I'm afraid we need your help one more time."

"I'm done," she quickly replied. "I told your associate that I would help him break into the evidence locker, but I can't help you anymore. He killed a cop and then shot another detective, who happens to be well respected and admired around the precinct. There's nothing more I can do without them getting on to me."

The caller sighed, then continued, "I'm afraid that you have no choice in the matter, detective. Unless you want that beautiful family of yours to have an accident and your secret revealed to your coworkers, you belong to me. Do you understand now?"

Detective Spencer looked around worryingly, knowing whoever this man was, that he was somewhere nearby observing her and her family, then look back at her son as he continued to play, and answered sadly, "What is it that you need me to do?"


At the precinct, Detectives Beckett and Esposito, as well as Castle and Captain Gates, were all standing around their case board as they went over the details of their case with a fine tooth comb, hoping that something might come to light, especially now that Kyle Harvick was dead, currently lying down in the morgue.

"According to Lanie, Kyle Harvick was shot with a single round in his chest," Beckett spoke in frustration. "The ballistics of the fragment does not match up with any other murders in our databases and there were no fingerprints found, either on the fragment, or anywhere on his body."

"We know that Davenport's involved, but so far there's just no way to prove it," Castle continued. "He's brilliant and as far as we know, he has very loyal friends to do all the dirty work for him."

Gates thought a moment and then asked, "Does Davenport have any kind of relations; someone who cares about him enough to go to this length to help get him legally released from prison? If we were to catch this person and he or she refused to talk, then they would be going away themselves and Davenport would remain free."

Esposito looked at a case file in his hands as he responded, "According to this, Greg did have a brother once, but disappeared in order to get away from all the attention from the police and the media, as Greg had once been a suspect in a murder case from a long time ago. His name was Geoff Davenport. He was only sixteen then and everyone claimed he was a good kid; smart, confident, and according to this, a gentle soul. Geoff was immediately cleared as a suspect by the police, eventually followed by Greg."

"I want you to find this brother of his and bring him in for questioning," Captain Gates replied forcefully. "Just because he left Davenport high and dry, doesn't mean he hasn't returned to make things right between them. Find him, now."

"Yes Sir," Kate answered, then the captain walked away, leaving the three behind to continue their talk.

Beckett was about to continue when her phone began to buzz, indicating a text had come up, then after she quickly read it, she looked around the room in confusion, and finally back at Esposito and Castle as she stated, "We need to go."

Castle asked, "What's going on? Has something come up involving the case?"

"Detective Spencer needs us to meet her at an old meat packaging plant near the docks," Kate responded fearfully. "She says she saw a man kidnapping Ryan from the hospital at gunpoint, then followed them to the plant."

Javier rushed from the room as soon as he heard that his partner was in danger once again, followed closely by Beckett and Castle. It wasn't long before they arrived at their destination, but upon doing so, the detective they were there to meet up with was nowhere in sight.

"Something doesn't feel right," Rick stated nervously as they looked around for any sign of the woman, as well as any sign of trouble.

Beckett nodded and replied, "I know what you mean."

After getting off the phone with the hospital, Javier quickly walked over to them as he said, "One of the nurses confirmed it, Kevin was missing when she walked in to change his bandages and according to one of the orderlies, he claimed he saw a woman with blonde hair, wearing a badge on her belt, wheeling him toward one of the exits."

"Rosalind didn't witness Ryan's kidnapping," Kate spoke again. "She's the kidnapper."

"We can find out why she would betray us later," Esposito answered angrily as he pulled out his gun and started to turn toward the building, until Beckett put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. "What are you doing? Kevin's in there and he's probably hurt, again."

Detective Beckett responded, "We can't just go in there guns blazing. We don't know what's waiting for us inside."

Castle looked at the determination and anger on Esposito's face and then replied, "Then, we'll move in slowly and cautiously, just like we always do."

A few minutes later, Detectives Beckett, Esposito, and Castle all walked up to the plant and when they saw that the way was clear, they made their way inside, the two detectives doing so with their guns ready and raised for any danger that might arise. The plant was dark, but there was light coming in through the windows from the lights shining in from outside, as well as from the moon, and as they made their way toward the center of the main room, that's when they saw Detective Rosalind Spencer's body laying still and cold on the ground.

"It's unfortunate that Rosalind here needed to die, but what's done is done," Greg Davenport spoke smugly as he stepped out from the shadows with his own gun in hand, pointed straight at the newcomers. "I'm not one to leave loose ends."

"Slowly put you gun down on the ground and then raise your hands above your head, Davenport; now!" Beckett said forcefully. "You're under arrest, again."

Davenport chuckled and then answered, "That's just not going to happen, Detective Beckett. Not when I have an ace up my sleeve."

It was then that the dim lights within the room clicked on and as soon as their eyes adjusted, they suddenly saw Kevin sitting in a wheelchair barely conscious with a bomb strapped to his chest, appearing to have been drugged and slightly hurt, most likely from getting into a struggle at the hospital with his kidnapper, as there was now a fresh gash on his forehead above his right eye. Another man stood beside him with a gun in hand, as well as what the detectives could clearly see was a dead man's switch in the other.

Javier quickly turned and aimed his gun on the man threatening his partner, while Kate kept hers trained on Davenport as she looked at his threat in confusion stating, "Reginald Norrington? You're working with Davenport? But why? I mean, you're a candidate for the next mayor."

"Yes, and I'll continue to be after this mess is over," he responded coldly. "As soon as you're all dead. I'm sorry it had to be this way, but I couldn't just let my brother rot in prison any longer."

"You're really Geoff Davenport," Castle quickly figured out as he looked between the two men threatening them. "After you disappeared, you changed your name and created an entire new identity in order to become exactly what you are now, except you couldn't fully let go of your past, bringing you here to this point."

Geoff's nerves began to become apparent as he replied, "It turns out that Greg isn't the only killer in the family."

Beckett spoke again saying, "You're right, but you're not as cold as him. It was Kyle Harvick that killed the detective inside our precinct's evidence locker and I'm guessing that it was your brother who killed Harvick and now Detective Spencer here. Is that true?"

"Mostly, except that I did kill her, just as I'm going to kill your friend here, and you, unless you all take the bribe I'm willing to offer you to drop this whole case and lose any evidence you've gathered," Geoff answered. "Detective Ryan won't last much longer in the condition he's in, so I suggest you make your decision right now, or so help me, my brother and I will walk out, then push this button to blow you all up while you stick behind to try to save him. Either way, my brother and I will remain free and clear."

"I don't believe you will go that far, Reggie," Esposito responded as he slowly lowered his gun, then began to walk toward the man living under the assumed name. "Despite the mistakes you're making tonight, I still believe there's some good in you somewhere. I planned on voting for you because I believed in what I thought you stood for. And a man, who could do all the good he's done for this community, can't be all bad."

Greg quickly cut in as he shouted, "Ignore him, Geoff! Just shoot him!"

Kevin finally managed to speak as he groggily cried, "Javi."

"It's all right, Kev, we're going to be just fine," Esposito replied smugly as Kate's focus shifted to her friends in concern. "Geoffrey here doesn't have the guts to kill us. Do you, Geoffrey?"

"Fine, I'll kill them!" Greg shouted as he suddenly aimed his gun on Beckett and fired, just as another shot sounded from the shadows in another area of the large open space, causing Davenport's bullet to fly wide and the murderer to fall to the floor dead, the second bullet striking him directly in the middle of his forehead.

Geoff screamed his brother's name as Esposito swiftly charged him and punched him square across his jaw, while grabbing the man's hand still holding the detonator tightly in order to keep him from releasing it. Castle rushed forward to help and together, he and Javier managed to fight the man until he became unconscious, and successfully took the button away from him, then disarmed it, making it so that the device was no longer a threat.

When the fight was over, the two men raced to Kevin's side to help him, while Kate looked toward the direction of the second shot. Suddenly, Captain Gates walked out from the shadows with her gun lowered down at her side as she stared at Beckett and smiled, then looked over toward Detective Ryan in concern.

Kate spoke up as she asked, "Sir, what are you doing here? I mean, how did you know to come here? We didn't tell anyone what was going on before coming here."

Gates looked down at Rosalind's body, then back over at her lead detective, and answered, "I received an email from Detective Spencer shortly after you three left the precinct. She confessed to everything and told me what was about to happen here, hoping to save you in time."

"Thank you, captain," Beckett responded sincerely, then the two of them walked over, and joined Esposito and Castle.

Six weeks later…

Kevin Ryan arrived back at work after finally being mostly healed from his injuries and was welcomed back by pretty much every detective and cop working within their precinct. Once he had gotten through all the attention, he slowly walked over to his friends, who were all smiles as Javier reached out and pulled his partner into a friendly hug, as did Kate, Lanie, and Rick. The team was all finally back together again and it made Captain Gates proud to be there as she watched the proceedings from her office.

"It is so good to have you back, bro," Esposito said as he handed Ryan a slice of cake, which Lanie had brought in with her for the welcome back party being thrown for him that day. "Not a lot has happened around here since we closed the case."

When Kevin remained silent as he stared over at the desk that once belonged to Detective Spencer, Castle realized what he wanted to know and so he spoke up saying, "It turns out, Rosalind had stolen money collected from a drug bust awhile back, money that never would have been missed, in order to help pay the bills as she was struggling financially after her husband lost his job, and Geoff Davenport found out about the theft after digging around to find a cop he could blackmail into helping him in his plot to free his brother. Then she got Tony killed and nearly you too. She didn't deserve to die, but she made a mistake when she agreed to help two murderers instead of going to someone for help."

Ryan nodded and then asked, "What about Reggie… Geoff Davenport? I take it that he's going to be going away; that his money and influence won't be able to help him escape any of the charges against him?"

"He'll be going away for the rest of his life, just as his brother should have been," Kate replied, then took another bite of her cake.

"If you ask me, that scumbag deserves it and more," Lanie stated. "But enough about all this work talk. How are you feeling today, Kevin; I mean really feel? You appeared to be fully healed, but after everything you've been through the last few weeks…"

Knowing that she was really referring to how he was feeling emotionally, Kevin softly answered, "All things considering, I'm doing pretty good. Javi and I are finally back to being partners, the way we were before… well, you know. That's what's most important. Everything else I can handle."

Javier placed his hand gently on Ryan's stronger shoulder as he responded, "You don't have to handle it all alone. Not only do you have Jenny to lean on, but you also have us."

"Of course he'll have us," Castle replied. "Now, this party feels a little more like a funeral. I suggest we lighten it up a little. Do you think Captain Gates might let us turn on some music in here?"

"We may be celebrating Kevin's return, but it's also still another work day, Castle," Kate answered. "We should probably get back to doing some work. There's at the very least a ton of paperwork that needs to be done."

Kevin turned to his partner as he held out his and said, "Rocks, paper, scissors; the loser has to do it all and the winner gets to sit back and watch."

Javier smiled and agreed, "You're on."

The End

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