On the Rocks

Chapter 3

When Beckett and Castle arrived at the prison, the warden welcomed them and led them down through the holding cells in order to get to the interrogation rooms, where they were to meet with Greg Davenport and his lawyer. However, the only person sitting in the room was Davenport, who only smiled when the detective and writer walked inside the room.

Beckett took a seat across from the criminal, followed by Castle, and then spoke first saying, "From the look on your face, I'd say that you already know why we're here."

The man replied smugly, "I'm not sure what you're talking about. It's good to see you again, Detective Beckett. And you too, Mr. Castle. The last time we were together, it wasn't exactly a pleasant meeting. I mean, I ended up here, didn't I?"

"Because you killed a man in a robbery, which turned out to be your downfall," Castle responded. "You're not as smart as you thought."

"You're right," Greg answered. "I did. So, why are you two here this time? Are you going to try to pin another murder on me? It's not like I can just slip in and out of here, anytime I'd like."

Kate continued to stare at him so as to see if she could read any kind of tell, then replied, "We've come because there has been another murder, one that you obviously didn't commit yourself, but we have reason to believe that someone you know did this. However, before we move forward, where is your lawyer? He should be here with you."

Davenport replied, "He isn't coming. I'm kind of in between lawyers right now. So, please continue."

"Our victim was one of our own, who was killed because he had been assigned to work in our precinct's evidence locker the night that a thief broke in and stole something that will make it so that you'll soon be released from here," Kate responded curtly. "Your next lawyer will be arriving eventually to confirm that to you, so we want to know something. Who did you hire to steal that damning evidence against you? Or did someone just…"

"What is it?" Castle asked when a text suddenly came over Beckett's phone that seemed to startle her, which was the reason for her cutting off in mid sentence. "Did something happen?"

She looked over at him with fear evident in her eyes, motioned for him to get up and follow her out, then once they were alone she finally answered, "Esposito just sent me a text. We need to get to the hospital."

Castle only spoke one word saying, "Ryan."


Javier had gone to speak with the chief again just as Beckett had said for him to do, then walked back over to his desk, and was about to take a seat until a thought came to him, as he remembered that Davenport had once been good friends with a man by the name of Kyle Harvick, who never ended up in prison, though he was also suspected of helping Greg commit some of the crimes he was never caught on as well. He quickly sent a text message to Beckett in order to let her know that he decided to go talk with Harvick, then turned to look over at his partner, whom he was about to call out to, until he decided against it and took off alone.

A short time later, Esposito arrived at the office where he knew that Harvick worked, but just as he started to head inside, he stopped when he saw Kyle walking out of the building, then signal for a taxi. However, before he got into the cab that pulled over for him, he locked eyes on Javier, then suddenly took off running in the opposite direction, which began a foot race through the crowds of people, across streets causing cars to swerve and honk their horns wildly, and finally down an alley where Harvick seemed to have disappeared. The former Marine cautiously walked deeper into the alley with his gun out and prepared for an attack, then finally came to a door and was about to open it until he heard Ryan call out his name as he swiftly walked toward him, also with his gun raised as well.

When his partner caught up to him, Javier glared at him as he asked curtly, "How the hell did you find me?"

Ryan ignored the anger in his tone as he replied, "I followed you. How do you think I found you? I saw you leave the precinct and knew that you were up to something. I just wasn't sure what, until I followed you down this street where Kyle Harvick works at this law firm as an accountant. I saw you both take off running, then turn down into this alley."

Javier just ignored him, then turned again in order to walk inside the office building, which appeared to be dark and empty. It wasn't long before they discovered that the reason why it was so dark and empty was because the building was now condemned after there had been a number of arrests made here as the police had discovered a number of the employees working at this company were embezzling funds and the company was closed down for good. The building was a perfect hiding place.

"Why did you even come here?" Esposito asked gruffly after several minutes of silence as they continued searching for their suspect. "I didn't invite you to come along because I don't want you here."

"Because you don't trust me?" Ryan responded as quietly as he could, but loud enough for his partner to hear him. "No matter what you may think of me, I didn't betray you, as you call it, to hurt you. I did it because it was the right call and I hope one day you'll see that. And I'm here because I'm your partner. I will always have your back, Javi."

Javier stopped short as he turned around to face Ryan and was about to say something out of anger, when all of a sudden Kevin's eyes widened as he saw Harvick walk out from his hiding place while aiming his own weapon straight at his partner's back. Ryan cried out Javier's name as he suddenly shoved him aside and fired a off a shot at their attacker, in almost perfect sync with Harvick's own.

The moment appeared in slow motion to Esposito as he watched the scene lay out in front of him due to the force of the push out of the way, being completely helpless as the bullet that had been meant for him suddenly struck Kevin just between his neck and shoulder, causing him to collapse hard to the ground unconscious, while Ryan's bullet struck their attacker in his arm, causing him drop his gun, then he took off running away, as Javier rushed to his partner's side and struggled to stifle the blood flow as it came pouring out of the wound, while trying to dial 911 for help. At that moment, all the anger he had built up against Ryan vanished and was replaced by complete fear.

The only sounds that could be heard were from Esposito as he cried out, "Ryan? Kevin! Kevin!"

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