On the Rocks

Chapter 5

A knock came at the door of a small time medical clinic, waking the young doctor living there and his family, then when the knocks only continued to grow louder, the young man finally walked out from his room and opened the door, finding a man standing there holding his hand over a wound in his arm.

"I'm afraid I'm closed for the night," the doctor said nervously, as he quickly saw that the dark man standing before him was dangerous. "If you need medical treatment, the hospital's only a mile away."

"That won't work for me," the stranger responded coldly as he pulled out gun from behind his back and aimed it directly at the doctor's head. "You're going to stitch me up and give me drugs for the pain, then I'm going to leave here, and you and your family will be just fine. Do you understand?"

The doctor looked back at his wife and children, then once again at the stranger, and replied, "Fine. Come in, quickly."

The wounded man answered, "Thank you very much. Don't try anything, or I will kill you."

"So, what happened to you tonight?" the doctor asked calmly after getting into stitching his wound. "How were you shot?"

"I suggest you don't ask me any questions except for perhaps if I'm allergic to any kind of medications," the man responded smugly. "Ask me again what happened, then I will be forced to kill you."

The doctor nodded, then replied, "My name is Caleb; Doctor Caleb Winters. I thought you might be more comfortable I you knew who it is working on you."

The stranger pulled out a bottle of scotch from his coat's inside pocket, then continued, "It doesn't, but thanks just the same. You can call me John Doe."

"I see," Caleb answered. "Are you allergic to anything, John? If you want something strong for the pain, you're going to have to allow me to write you a prescription. Otherwise, all I've got on me is basically nothing much stronger than just aspirin, which is not a good idea to take with that alcohol you're drinking."

"Listen, what I do once I leave here tonight, is not any of your concern," Doe responded angrily. "I can take care of myself. Now, finish what you're doing and then hand over whatever you've got. Do you understand?"

Caleb shook his head and then replied, "If you say so. You're lucky. The bullet you were shot with went straight through your arm without hitting anything vital. If you allow your arm to rest and keep it clean and bandaged tightly, then it will heal in no time. I would suggest that you wear a sling to keep it from getting too strained, but I doubt you'd listen to me."

Once the doctor finally finished, John stood up, tucked his gun back into the back of his pants, and then said, "Thank you very much, Doctor Winters. I'll take your suggestions under advisement. Now let me suggest something to you. Forget about me. If the police make their way here to question you, tell them you never saw me."

"What can I possibly tell them?" the doctor answered. "You haven't told me anything. It's the middle of the night. I'm half asleep and so I wouldn't even be able give them a proper description."

"Goodnight doctor," John spoke again, then finally left the clinic, without so much as a thanks and leaving the doctor and his family behind bewildered.

Back at the hospital…

It was after six o'clock in the morning by the time the doctor in charge of operating on Detective Ryan came walking out to speak with his partner and the rest of the friends and family waiting there for news on his condition. Most of them were resting uncomfortably, while Esposito paced back and forth in nervousness, in between sitting down until he couldn't any longer.

The group surrounded the doctor covered in Kevin's blood, having been the lead operator, spoke up first saying, "Your friend is still somehow alive, though he certainly didn't make it easy for us."

Castle cut in as he said, "It's probably because he's got the luck of the Irish on his side."

"Call it luck or call it strength, I have no idea, but for now, he's somewhat stable," the doctor responded. "However, this doesn't mean that he's out of the woods just yet. Anything could happen and his luck could go the other way at any given time. He's still in critical condition and we'd like to keep him this way for at least the next seventy-two hours. He'll remain on life support until his vitals improve."

"And how about the damage?" Javier asked. "If he does make it, will he be able to function normally. Will he be able to remain a cop?"

The doctor looked between them as he replied, "The bullet nicked his clavicle, though most of the damage is in the muscle tissue. If he does come out of this, he'll struggle for some time trying to regain all control again, but if he heals properly, then yes, I believe he'll be back to himself eventually."

Jenny stepped forward and reached out to shake the doctor's hand as she answered, "Thank you, doctor. Thank you for doing everything you can for my husband."

The doctor nodded, then walked away, as Captain Gates walked into the waiting room and said, "It's good news about Detective Ryan and I've come with more news that might help us. A short time ago, I received a call from an old friend, who runs a small medical clinic down in the slums here in the city. He has informed me that earlier tonight, he had treated a man with a gunshot wound to his arm. I had asked this doctor to always inform me of anyone who ever came to him with bullet holes or knife wounds and tonight, because I like to be informed on what goes on in my city, especially when these criminals go to clinics like this thinking they can get away with illegal activity such as shooting a cop."

"You think this guy is Harvick?" Beckett asked.

"He certainly fits Kyle Harvick's description and the guy did get shot last night," the captain responded. "It all fits. I want you detectives to go down to the clinic to speak with my friend and see if there's anything more he can give us that will help you track Harvick down. There may also be other witnesses. Find them and find the monster who shot one of our own."

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