On the Rocks

Chapter 6

As soon as Detectives Beckett and Esposito, as well as Castle, arrived at the clinic, the young doctor quickly welcomed them inside and closed the door behind them before anyone spoke up about the reason why they had come. The doctor appeared nervous, but it was understandable seeing as he and his family had just been threatened by a dangerous criminal at gunpoint.

Kate was the first to speak up as she said, "Thank you so much for making the call to us, Doctor Winters."

The young man answered, "Call me Caleb, please. Victoria does; excuse me, your captain does. I called because I owe her my life and I know how much she cares about protecting this city and of course her friends in the force. When I spoke with her, she told me that the guy I patched up tonight is suspected of being the guy who shot one of your own?"

"Yeah, that's right," Javier responded angrily as he pulled out his cell phone and showed Caleb a picture of Kyle Harvick. "He shot my partner. Is this the guy that was here earlier with a bullet wound?"

"That's him," Doctor Winters replied as he studied the picture. "He called himself John Doe. I knew he was dangerous as soon as he came in here. I'm sorry that I couldn't get a call out while he was here. He kept a close watch and I couldn't risk my family's lives."

Beckett nodded and answered, "We understand, of course. Is there anything you can tell us about him, anything that might give us a clue as to where he went?"

Caleb responded, "He wasn't much of a talker. Anytime I tried to get any kind of information, he shut me down quick."

"Where was he hit?" Esposito asked curtly. "How bad was the wound?"

"The bullet went into his right arm near his elbow and became lodged in the tissue," the young man replied. "The damage was pretty extensive. I tried to warn him that if he didn't get the proper treatment and medications, or at the very least, a sling to elevate his arm, the odds of him losing full function of his arm would increase greatly, but he wouldn't hear me out. All he took was basically aspirin and a bottle of scotch, which he pulled out of his jacket pocket, for the pain."

Javier answered coldly, "Good. Kevin got his own hit in."

Castle nodded as he responded, "Now it's our job to finish it for him. We've just got to find him."

"I'm sorry that there's nothing more I can do for you, but if there's anyone else that might have seen something more, it will be Ned Baker from the house next door," the doctor replied. "He's this neighborhood's busybody and I'll bet that he noticed your man walk in and out of here, despite the hour he was here. He may have caught sight of the car he drove, possibly even the plate number."

"Thank you so much, Doctor Winters; Caleb," Kate answered sincerely. "It's good to know that there are good people out there like yourself."

Caleb nodded as he responded, "It's my pleasure, Ma'am. Good luck in finding your guy."

After leaving the apartment, the detectives and writer walked out onto the sidewalk and as he turned toward the house that the doctor had mentioned, Castle noticed the curtain close as soon as he looked over, then he spoke up saying, "The doctor was right about his neighbor being a busybody. Maybe he did see something that can help us."

"Let's go," Esposito said under his breath.

"Hold up," Beckett replied as she suddenly grabbed onto the former marine's shoulder and turned him around to face her. "Listen, Javi; I know that you're angry and you're worried about Kevin, but I need you to try to calm down and not come across so cold, especially toward this guy we're about to see. I have a feeling that he isn't going to be too open willingly. You can't get angry if this next meeting doesn't go our way."

Javier shook his head and looked between Beckett and Castle, then answered, "You're right. I know it. I promise to try to not come across as the bad cop."

After knocking once on the neighbor's door, the man opened up to them and stood aside so that they could enter into his home, then he spoke up asking, "You all are detectives with the NYPD?"

"Actually, I'm a writer, but these two are," Castle responded as he pointed between his friends.

"Are you a journalist working with your next big story with help from the cops?" he asked again. "Because if you are, I have nothing to say to you; any of you."

Kate shook her head as she quickly replied, "No, no. He's a consultant for our department. He helps us to solve a lot of our cases. Mr. Baker, if there's anything that you saw last night that can help us find the man we're looking for, we'd be very grateful. I'm Detective Kate Beckett and these are Detective Esposito and Richard Castle."

The man looked between them and then finally answered, "I'm Ned Baker, which you already know thanks to that doctor you were just speaking to. I didn't see anything."

"Please, Mr. Baker," Javier responded calmly. "This is a matter of urgency. My partner was shot trying to catch one of our suspects. The man we're after was here last night getting patched up by the doctor, who was threatened to get him to do so, after taking a bullet himself. My partner saved my life and now I am asking you to please help us to find the man that's responsible for hurting him."

"I did see the guy last night as he entered and exited the doctor's apartment," Ned replied after taking a minute to decide whether or not he should talk to them. "I was curious. I don't know much, but I did see the car he took off in, including the license plate. It's KK4 L06."

Beckett reached out to shake the man's hand, as did Castle, while Esposito spoke again as he answered, "Thank you, for helping us."

Baker only turned toward the door and then replied, "Just leave and don't come back looking for anything else. I don't know anything else."

"Well, he was friendly," Castle said sarcastically as soon as they walked out of the man's house.

"Yeah, well at least he gave us information that will help us find Harvick," Kate stated as she and the others walked back toward their squad car. "Let's just hope that he isn't clever enough to have ditched the car after leaving here, but at least we've got a start.

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