On the Rocks

Chapter 8

Two nights later, a knock sounded at the door of a mansion like home somewhere deep within the city. After three knocks, a woman finally opened it and after doing so, she called out coldly, "Reggie, your old friend Kyle is here. I'm going out for the night; make sure he isn't here when I get back. Do you hear me?"

The woman's husband walked out and replied, "Don't worry, hon. It's just going to be a short meeting and then he'll be long gone. Go have a good night with your sister."

"What exactly are you doing here, Kyle?" the man asked as soon as his wife left the house. "It's late and I thought I told you I wanted no actual contact between us."

"Yeah, well things have changed, seeing as I am the one out there risking my life to free your brother, while you're living like a king here in this mansion," Harvick responded angrily. "I killed a cop to get rid of the evidence they had on him and seriously injured another in order to get away, making it so that I am now criminal number one."

Reginald Norrington, once known as Geoff Davenport, noticed the bandage over the man's arm and motioned for his guest to have a seat, then said, "It doesn't look like you got away from them without taking a hit of your own. Have you gotten proper medical treatment at all?"

Kyle sat down on the couch inside one of the house's many rooms as he answered, "I'm good, thanks. I know who you really are Geoff. If you don't want me to make an anonymous tip to the police hotline about who's really behind all this, then you're going to provide me with sanctuary from the police right here for a few days and finally give me enough money to get out of this infernal country and set me up for life. I'd say you've got a hell of a lot more to lose than I do. What do you have to say?"

"I'm afraid that isn't going to work for us, Kyle," another voice spoke up from behind him, startling Harvick and then even more so as soon as the man who matched the voice came walking into the room with a gun raised in his hands.

"Greg, you're already out?" Harvick stated in surprise as he stood, then began to back away from the two men slowly. "And you're here?"

Davenport nodded and replied, "That's right. Geoff is my brother after all and the man who hired you to get me out of prison. And you're trying to blackmail him into helping you. I warned you once that if you tried to do it again, like you did to me, then our friendship was over. It's over, Kyle."

Without another word, Greg swiftly fired a round into Harvick's chest, then stared at his now dead body until his brother spoke up once gain saying, "I'm glad you finally took care of him, but did you really have to shoot him in here, inside my home?"

"Don't worry about it," Greg responded. "I'll take care of it. Your wife will never know and neither will the police. You got me out of prison. You're here for me again when I needed you the most, just as you always have been."

"I'm glad you still believe that," Geoff answered as he walked over to a mini bar in the corner of the room and began to make drinks for himself and his brother. "After I changed my name and my identity in order to get away from all the bustle from the police and the media after you made your first kill, I was afraid that you would think that I betrayed you. When I heard that you had finally gotten caught, I knew that I had to do something to help you. I'm sorry I took so long to come around."

The criminal took the drink his brother offered him, then smiled as he replied, "I never doubted you. Once I get rid of this body, you and I can take the time to finally catch up. With Harvick dead, the police will no longer have a lead on who's responsible for setting me free."

Geoff took a drink and then responded, "Sounds good, but you won't have to take care of this mess on your own. I'm ready to learn from you. I can't deny what I am any longer. Will you show me what it takes?"

"If you want to become a killer, then first we need to find ourselves a target," Greg answered. "Is there someone you have in mind?"

"There's one more lose end to tie up," the older brother replied as he walked over to a safe hidden behind a painting on the wall, then pulled out some papers, and handed them over to Greg. "I had to get your friend inside the police's evidence locker. So, I used my money and influence to dig up dirt on the detectives inside that precinct. I found one to blackmail into getting helping Harvick inside. The woman doesn't know who I am, but she is a detective. If she were to dig hard enough, I'm sure that she'll find me out eventually and if she were to talk…"

Greg interrupted, "Don't worry, we'll take care of her too. Cops are a lot easier to blackmail and take down than what people realize. However, there are a few that will continue to be trouble for us and no kind of blackmail will work to get them to back off."

Geoff nodded and then asked, "So, what do you suggest? Do we kill them too? Continuing to kill cops will only cause us to end up in body bags and on slabs down in their morgue."

"I told you to stop worrying," Greg responded confidently. "I know exactly what I'm doing. I got cocky before, which is why I was caught, but this time, I won't make that mistake. I have a plan to deal with them and it's thanks to Kyle here. He gave me something I can work with and the detectives won't see it coming."

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