In the Blink of an Eye

Chapter 9

While Eric silently began to break through the encryptions in place, Devlin stood behind him and watched for about ten minutes, then spoke up as he asked impatiently, "How long will this take you?"

Without stopping or looking away, Eric answered, "This will take awhile and even I can't rush through the process without messing up the systems or locking myself out. There's nothing more I can do, even with help."

"Fine, just keep working," the man in charge replied sternly. "I'll be leaving my oldest friend behind to make sure you do."

"We'll be fine here," his right hand responded. "I'll just give him another dose if the drugs in him now begin to wear off."

Devlin turned to him as he stated, "Thank you, Archie."

Archie nodded as he answered, "No problem at all."


Deeks and Kensi arrived back at the computer store and as they did, they walked inside finding the younger employee that was working the day before during the shootout and Eric's abduction as he was working to finish cleaning the place the best they could, while there were others there working to replace the broken shelves and glass windows. However, as the agents came in, the employee stopped what he was doing and walked over to them.

"You're back," the young man said nervously as he stood before them. "Have you found your friend yet?"

"Not yet, but we will and we think that your boss can help us with that," Deeks replied. "Is he here?"

The employee looked over toward the doorway that leads to the office and storage rooms in the back as he responded, "Yeah, I believe Chris is looking over the inventory right now. I'll go get him."

Deeks shook his head no as he motioned for him to stay quiet, then he and his partner pulled their guns, and headed toward the door. When they walked inside the office, the owner suddenly stood up from behind his desk in surprise, then became nervous as he stared between them and their drawn weapons, and asked, "Agents, is there something more I can do for you? I believe I told you yesterday all I know."

"Actually, you didn't, Mr. Dorn," Kensi answered angrily. "You didn't tell us that you're the reason why Eric was here yesterday, or that you're friends with the men that took him."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Dorn replied, still trying to hide his guilt. "Eric's my friend. I would never…"

Deeks interrupted, "Never betray him? Don't keep trying to lie to us. We know that you lured him here to your store so that your friends could kidnap, and so that you can get a nice payoff from your insurance provider thanks to all the damage done out there. That was the reason why your friends didn't just break into Eric's house to take him."

The owner finally relented as he responded, "Fine. Listen, I only did it because I was desperate. Not only did I need the money, but even more importantly, I wanted to get out from under his thumb. He practically owns me and he said that if I ever could provide him with something of importance to him, then he would let me out from under his employment. I never wanted to hurt Eric. Like I told you before, he was my friend, but… I never wanted this."

"But you did," Kensi said coldly. "You chose to work for this guy initially and you betrayed a good friend for your own thirty pieces of silver. Who is he and where did he and his friends take Eric?

"I don't know where they took Eric, agent," Chris answered as he grew more nervous. "I promise you I don't and I can't tell you who I work for. If I do, he'll kill me."

Deeks spoke up again as he replied, "I promise you, Dorn, if you cooperate with us, we can protect you."

Chris Dorn responded, "You can't protect me from them. You don't know the kind of monsters they are."

"Believe us, we've seen all kinds of monsters and we've arrested or killed a large number of them," Deeks continued. "We've also protected a large number of small time scumbags just like you. If your boss is as bad as you say he is, then I'm guessing that he'll eventually come in here to kill you when he no longer has any use for your services. Wouldn't you prefer to take your chances with us? The only way you can do that, is if you help us save our friend."

"My boss' name is Devlin Fassbender and his right hand is Ryu Kang, who once belonged to the extremely dangerous LA street gang, the Black Dragons," Dorn finally answered despondently.

Kensi looked over at her partner and smiled as she said, "That's our mysterious tattoo guy the kid up front saw in here when they took Eric. We need to let Nell know the names so that she can look them up and we can figure out exactly who we're dealing with. If they're as dangerous as Dorn here says they are, then this Devlin Fassbender will have a large record just like his partner, Kang, does."

Deeks nodded, then turned to Chris in order to cuff him, and led him out to their car as he asked the owner, "What exactly did you tell Devlin about Eric? The cop he has on his payroll was apparently there at the warehouse before and after the shootout and so surely he would have known we had brought in an expert to help with the supercomputer."

"I filled in the gaps and told them that I could draw him out for them," Dorn replied. "It's strange that I happened to be friends with the same friend you brought in to help you. The cop did tell them about Eric, but he had a hard time finding out any information on him. All of you agents must be pretty well protected by whatever agency it is that you work for."

"Eric isn't an agent like us," Kensi responded sadly. "He's an innocent man, who until yesterday had never even fired a gun and now he's been forced to kill a man. You may not have been responsible, but if he dies at your boss' hands, you will be responsible for that and if that happens…"

Her partner continued for her, "If that happens, we won't care about what happens to you then. In fact, we'll pray that you rot in hell."

Kensi spoke up again saying coldly, "It will be the least that you and all of your friends deserve."

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