Vengeance Will Be Mine

Chapter 11

Hours passed and Artie walked into Pete's room carrying a mug and pot of tea in his hands, along with a small plate of cookies, and quietly offered them to Myka after she quickly sat up from resting her head on his chest, whom the older agent could see was only weakening more and more as time went by. The young man looked dreadful and Artie could only imagine the amount of pain he was fighting through.

Despite knowing what her answer would be, mainly because he wasn't sure what more to say at first, Artie cleared his throat, as Myka didn't look up from keeping her eyes down on Pete, and asked nervously, "How is he doing?"

Still without looking up, she replied softly, "He's only growing worse. He's aware that we're here with him and not going to give up hope, but…"

"But that doesn't makes things any easier waiting for something that will lead us to finding MacPherson and the artifacts," Artie finished for her as he set the tea and mug down on the nightstand beside the bed. "I know. I brought you some tea and some cookies. Why don't you go ahead and have some, then go and get some sleep yourself? You're exhausted."

"I'm fine," she retorted, more curtly than what she meant to come across. "Is there anything you've found that can help us?"

Artie took a seat in the chair on the opposite side from where Myka was sitting down on her partner's bed, still holding onto his hand, and then answered, "I'm afraid not, but we will, Myka. We always do, no matter how close the call. Remember when you and Pete stopped H.G. from destroying the world with the Minoan trident? Things looked pretty bleak then and you left, thinking that you had still failed and because you were afraid of what you might lose, but Pete brought you back, despite the risk of that loss. You've both almost died, just the same as the rest of us, multiple times, but he made you see the truth. That the two of you are meant to be partners in protecting this endless wonder and protecting the world from their effects. That you two are the best agents this warehouse, or any warehouse for that matter, has ever had; so I've been told or lead to believe by Mrs. Frederic and a few of the Regents, other than Jane. Valda was the only one, who didn't seem to like you, but even he couldn't deny your good work. Can you?"

Myka finally looked up at him and answered, "I can't deny we do a lot of good, Artie, but there's still a part of me that wishes I took my out after I fought Dickenson for my transfer. However, I never will regret getting to know Pete or any of the rest of you, even Mrs. Frederic."

"Neither will I," Artie responded. "Now, please go and get yourself some sleep. You'll need to get rest before we have another showdown with MacPherson, who no doubt has a stash of his own artifacts that we never could find after he died. I'll stay here with Pete."

"All right, I… wait a minute…" she began to say until she suddenly looked down at her watch with confusion. "Shouldn't Vanessa be here by now? It's been hours since we've been back, hasn't it?"

Artie nodded and replied, "She's running a little later than she expected unfortunately, but she will be here soon. Now go. I promise to wake you if his condition changes."

Myka nodded and gently patted his hand, then finally left the room after she got one last look at her partner. After doing so, Artie made himself comfortable in the chair he was already sitting in for his own shift of looking after the younger man. He stared down at Pete and found that he couldn't say anything, as no words came to his mind. Luckily, he didn't have to sit in silence for long as it was a few minutes later that Claudia suddenly walked into the room, followed by Vanessa, who was carrying her medical bag in her hands, then swiftly made her way to Pete, and began to look him over using a number of her tools.

Dr. Calder was the first to speak up as she briefly looked up at Artie and asked, "How long as he been unconscious?"

"Pretty much ever since we found him, just before I called you," Artie answered grimly. "He was awake for a minute once we got him breathing again after pulling him out of the grave that bastard buried him in, but barely."

"And how long has he been shaking like this?" she asked again.

Artie responded, "The same, ever since we pulled him out. Can you help him, Vanessa?"

After looking to his eyes as she opened them, then feeling his pulse, listened intently to his breathing, and finally listening to his heartbeats, the doctor finally looked up at Artie and replied, "I might be able to do something for him, but if I can, it will only be a temporary, a very temporary, solution. You said that there were two artifacts that caused this?"

"Yes, that's right," Artie answered. "Rasputin's skull and his prayer rope. The thieves must have whammied him so that he would be forced to say whatever the spell was to revive MacPherson's spirit while holding onto the skull. After James possessed Pete, he must have recited some other chant that allowed him to resurrect his body as well using the prayer rope. This de-possessed Pete, but this is the results, after he was buried alive too, I mean. If anyone knows how to use these artifacts properly, it's James."

"Whammied?" Vanessa asked humorously in hope of lightening the mood just a little.

Artie shrugged his head and then responded, "I've been around Pete for a long time now. What are you going to do for him?"

Vanessa looked fearful as she looked back down at her patient and replied, "Normally, I would just recommend medicines to help him cope with the pain, but… well, because I'm not sure how the drugs will affect his system in his condition, I can't take that risk. He's in bad shape, Artie, and he won't last much longer, no matter how much of a fighter he is, unless…"

"Unless what?" Artie asked with hope in his voice. "Is there an artifact that you're thinking will help him?"

"You're not going to like it," Vanessa stated despondently.

It was then that Jane walked into the room once again and said firmly, "If it will help save my son's life, then do it; whatever it is you're thinking of."

Vanessa nodded and answered, "If we're going to keep him alive long enough for you all to do whatever it is you have to do to get back Rasputin's artifacts, then I'm going to have to use the snow globe to freeze his body into a cryogenic state. It will stop the process his body's going through. I can do this, Jane; Artie. I can stay here and monitor his vitals while you're gone. Once you succeed and reverse the artifacts' effects, then I can use one of the Florence Nightingale blankets you have stored in the warehouse to warm him up."

"Do it," Jane responded firmly to the doctor. "I'll stay here with you while the others are gone and Artie…?"

"I'll have Claudia go get the blanket and the snow globe, then let everyone else know what we're doing," Artie replied confidently, or at least as confidently as he could muster, despite feeling nervous over the riskiness of their plan.

Jane answered, "Thank you!"

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