Vengeance Will Be Mine

Chapter 12

"You're going to do what?" Myka cried out in surprise as Artie and Vanessa were trying to explain to her and the others what the doctor was planning to do to try to prolong Pete's life after Claudia and Steve had returned from the warehouse with the snow globe and one of the two known blankets once used by Florence Nightingale to help warm up the wounded and sick men and women she helped to heal in her days as a nurse. "Artie, that's crazy. I mean, so far there have been no known successful cryogenic attempts. Even if you are using an artifact I… surely this is too risky."

"Believe me, I know what the risks are here, Myka," Vanessa responded. "And I certainly wouldn't try to do this without the snow globe, but it's because of the artifact that I believe it's possible. The science isn't sound, but I believe that the magic is."

Claudia shrugged her head and replied, "Hey, I trust her. She's had to save a few of us in the past with or without artifacts, as well as a number of other people. She obviously knows what's she's doing, otherwise I doubt Mrs. F. and the Regents would allow her to be the doctor on call here."

Steve nodded and said, "She's got a point."

"I promise, I'll monitor him closely until the rest of you get back," Vanessa spoke again.

"Jane, do you really agree with this?" Myka asked skeptically.

Pete's mother was about to answer, when all of a sudden Pete weakly spoke up instead as he slowly opened his eyes and turned his head toward the sound of the voices in his room, answering, "Do it. It's o… okay, Mykes."

Both his partner and mother moved over to him as he tried to reach out for a hand and Jane took hold of his as she sat down on his bed beside him, then Myka finally nodded in agreement as she responded, "All right. You've just got to promise me you won't quit on us."

"I don't want to… to go anywhere, but I need you to prom… promise me something too, all of you," Pete replied.

"You're not going to die, Peter," Jane said before he could say anymore, knowing what he was going to say.

He turned his head to look over at his mother as he answered, "You don… don't know that, Mom. If I die… promise me you won't… that you won't use an artifact to brin… bring me back."

Myka shook her head as she responded, "There are other artifacts we can use to…"

"No!" Pete suddenly cut her off forcibly and then began to cough uncontrollably as the strain got to him until Myka and Jane helped to calm him back down.

"Pete," Myka spoke softly and the stopped in order to allow him to finish what he was trying to say.

Her partner was beginning to lose consciousness again, but struggled to finish as he pleaded, "No, My…ka. This is what hap… happens when you mess… mess with the dead. Please don… don…"

After he passed out, Myka swiftly left the room as she was unable to hold back her own anger and tears any longer, not wanting the others to see her cry, then Artie looked between Jane, Claudia, Steve, Leena, and Mrs. Frederic sadly, and said, "If we're going to do this, then let's do this. At the very least, Pete won't have to suffer anymore once he's frozen."

"I'll go speak with Myka," Leena replied as she turned and left the room to go after her friend.

"Jane, are you ready for me to do this?" Vanessa asked as she looked up at the Regent after taking the woman's place beside Pete on his bed, while holding the snow globe in her hands.

Jane gently rubbed her hand along the side of Pete's face and bent down to kiss his forehead, then looked back at the doctor as she answered, "I am. Please, Vanessa, please save my son."

Dr. Calder nodded, then held the artifact up over his chest, and finally began to gently shake its magic on him as his body slowly began to freeze into a cryogenic state. As she did so, tears formed in Jane's eyes as well, as it was unbearable for her to watch her own son being frozen, knowing that this process was Pete's last chance of surviving what James MacPherson had done to him. After noticing her crying, Artie slowly reached up and placed his hand on her shoulder for comfort, just as Steve did for Claudia, both of whom were looking down at their friend in fear.

After she was finished, Vanessa quickly handed the snow globe over to Claudia and then began to check over Pete's vitals to make sure he was still doing all right. It wasn't long afterward that they all suddenly heard Artie's Farnsworth begin to buzz, causing everyone to look between each other in confusion. When he finally found it inside his jacket's pocket, which he had thrown over another chair in the room, he opened the case and pushed the button, only to reveal MacPherson as his face appeared upon the screen.

Artie stared at him in surprise as he asked, "James, how do you have one of our Farnsworths?"

"I'm surprised you have to ask, Arthur," MacPherson responded. "I took it off of Agent Lattimer when he was in our custody. I figured it would probably come in handy eventually."

"We know what you want, James," Artie continued. "We're not going to just hand over artifacts to you."

MacPherson grinned and then replied, "Actually, I think you will and I think you already know why."

Artie looked over between Jane and Mrs. Frederic, then back at the Farnsworth and answered, "Yeah, because you still have Rasputin's prayer rope and skull, both of which are still linked to Pete. We know that they can't be destroyed or he'll die, which means that the only way to undo all this, is to give them a good soak in the de-neutralizer."

"That, and you must also be willing to send back the life of the one resurrected to wherever it was it came from," James added. "As you would expect, for me it was Hell. When I died before, you almost appeared remorseful and troubled. Do you really think that you can be the one to kill me this time?"

"To save my son, I would willingly go through Hell myself," Jane said resolutely as she grabbed the Farnsworth away from Artie and stared angrily at the man responsible for her son's suffering. "If killing you again is what we have to do, then I will happily do so."

MacPherson stared back at Jane, this being the first time they've met, and then responded, "Perhaps so, Mrs. Lattimer, but I'm afraid that this time, vengeance will be mine. Tell Artie and whoever else is there to bring me the specified artifacts from earlier, as well as the phoenix and the walking stick you used on us at the graveyard. Otherwise, I will destroy the skull and prayer rope and your son will die. It's been a pleasure meeting you."

After James hung up, Jane slammed the lid closed and roughly handed the Farnsworth back to Artie, then walked toward the door as she angrily stated, "Find him. I don't care how, just find him. Bronzing may be how we usually deal with our villains, but I'm afraid this time, we don't have a choice. If it truly comes down to either Peter's or James MacPherson's life, I will gladly choose my son."

Everyone in the room nodded in agreement as Artie replied coldly, "So will I."

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