Vengeance Will Be Mine

Chapter 2

Both Pete and Myka walked back to the grave site where the two thieves had dug up an aged, wooden box containing what appeared to be old bones of an unknown individual, as the grave of whoever it belonged to was unmarked, then Myka leaned down as she shown her flashlight down into the grave in order to get a closer look at the remains, and began to dig about the dirt. Pete stayed back and observed her in silence, allowing his partner to do her job.

After a few minutes, Pete finally broke the silence between them as he called out, "They're just a pile of bones, Myka. Does it really matter why those two thieves were here? We got what we came for."

Myka sat up and responded, "Just because we got the egg of death, as you so eloquently called it this morning, doesn't mean we should ignore why they used it to kill three people around the globe and find this place. Besides, it looks like they got what it was they were looking for after all; this man's skull."

"Why would they want a dirty, old skull from a man that lived, however long ago he lived?" Peter asked again. "Wait, you know these bones belonged to a man and not a woman?"

"Yes, another one of my many talents," Myka answered smugly. "I can tell because of the shape of a couple of the bones. Some male bones are larger than a female's. Why do you still seem surprised when I know something that you don't? I've always been smarter than you."

Pete replied, "I don't know. I guess I just can't help, but be impressed. What now?"

Myka pulled out their Farnsworth from her coat pocket as she responded, "We call Artie. Maybe he'll know who was buried here and why someone would want to steal his head."

"I'm glad you two finally called," Artie spoke up through their communicator as he picked up after Myka pushed the button on her own. "What's going on over there? Did you find the egg?"

"Yeah, Artie, we got the egg back, but we lost our thieves," she answered. "There were two of them and they both took off after we caught them robbing an old, unmarked grave. While I dealt with one, Pete chased down the leader and managed to get the egg back, but they got away from us, along with the skull of whoever it is inside this grave. Do you have any idea who is buried here?"

Artie looked behind him, most likely at Claudia or Leena, then turned back to look at Myka and replied, "I have no idea, or why someone would want a skull from some random, unmarked grave in Michigan. We'll have to do some research. Take pictures and come back here, but call the local authorities to take care of the rest of the bones, so that hopefully the thieves will resist coming back for the rest."

Pete stepped up behind Myka and spoke up saying, "We'll see you soon, Artie."

After hanging up with Artie and finishing their task at the grave, the two warehouse agents left Michigan and headed back to Univille, knowing that their latest quest wasn't finished, but rather at a dead end. It was frustrating to them, leaving a job unfinished, but until they could figure out who their thieves were and what was so important about the missing skull, there was nothing more they could do and therefore, no point in staying in Michigan any longer.

When they finally arrived back home early the next morning, Pete and Myka headed straight to the warehouse in order to take care of the egg of Columbus right away. As they walked in, they found Artie, Steve, and Claudia, all sitting around the computer, looking at whatever it was they were researching, while arguing about something that sounded of no importance to them. Neither of them noticed that the two agents had even walked in until Myka loudly cleared her throat in order to get their attention.

"You two are back," Artie grumbled. "Thank God, these two are driving me crazy, as usual. Do you have the egg?"

"I'm going to go bring this the dark vault and catalogue it for you," Pete said curtly as he once again pulled it out carefully from his pocket using their gloves to protect himself from the artifact's effects, then started to walk toward warehouse's vast isles.

Artie picked up a tray from the table behind him and stood up as he responded, "Wait, don't you want a cookie? They're fresh. There's no need to rush off. Don't you want to find out what we've figured while you were on your way back here?"

Pete turned back and answered, "I'm not really in the mood for a cookie right now. I'm tired and just want to go get some sleep. Besides, there's nothing more we can do until we find the thieves anyway. Explain whatever it is you've found to Myka. She's the brains of our partnership after all. See you later."

"What's gotten into him?" Claudia asked in confusion after Pete left the room. "He doesn't ever act like that, even when he is tired."

"I don't know," Myka replied in confusion as well. "Pete's been off ever since he came back from chasing after one of the thieves. He said he got hit over the head, but…"

Steve interrupted, "Even a headache doesn't cause people to act like that, especially him. He usually just shoves the pain aside and cracks a joke about it."

Artie added, "And he never says no to one of my cookies."

"There's something strange… something's off with him," Leena spoke up as she walked further into the room, having entered through the doorway as Pete first spoke up and stopped, feeling the strangeness surrounding him as he did. "Steve, did you get the sense that he was lying about something?"

"No, not really," the newest agent responded. "I mean, he was tired, but I got the sense that he wasn't planning on going to get some sleep after he finishes up down in the warehouse. He wanted something else."

Artie turned to Myka and asked, "Myka, is it possible that our thieves had another artifact; something that could have affected him in some way? Did you see anything strange about them?"

Myka answered, "No, they didn't act strange at all, at least not the teenager I chased down and caught. She was just a young thief."

"Not to mention a young killer," Steve continued. "Don't forget, she and her friend killed three people in order to find and steal that skull, for whatever reason."

"The skull, that must be it, Artie, the skull," Myka cried out. "What if the reason they were after it was because they knew that it was an artifact?"

Artie looked at Myka in surprise as a thought came to him and quickly rushed over to the computer, but then stopped as he muttered to himself, "No, no, no, of course it wouldn't be in the databases. It would most likely be in one of, one of our books, but… but which one?"

Claudia waved her hand in front of Artie's face to get back his attention as she said, "Hello, earth to Artie? What are you talking about? Did you think of something?"

"Do you think the skull's an artifact after all?" Steve asked.

"I have no idea why it would be buried in an unmarked grave in Michigan, but if it is the skull I'm thinking it must be, but it can't be," Artie replied.

Myka scowled in frustration and called out, "Artie! Stop muttering and tell us what it is."

The older agent responded, "Myka, listen to me. I have to find out for sure if I'm right, but if I'm right… if I'm right, then it's possible that Pete's in real trouble. I'm not sure how much, but you three need to find him and stop him from doing anything, crazy."

"Pete," Myka spoke fearfully, more to herself than to anyone else.

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