Vengeance Will Be Mine

Chapter 3

Both Artie and Leena remained upstairs in the office to look up, whatever it was Artie was mumbling about before sending his team down to find their friend, while Myka, Steve, and Claudia made their way down into the warehouse and began searching for Pete through the aisles. After a few minutes they finally decided to split up in order to cover more ground, Myka going one way and Claudia and Jinx headed off together in the opposite direction. The warehouse was quiet as usual, but walking down there now, alone, made each of the teammates nervous, as they all knew it was possible that Pete could have set any number of artifacts off as a trap, in case he figured they knew something was going on with him.

Several aisles later, Myka finally caught sight of her partner as he was swiftly making his way toward the one of the warehouse's few exits, now carrying a satchel on his shoulder. She quickly called out to him and he stopped, but didn't turn around right away as Myka slowly walked toward him and gently placed a hand on his back.

Pete spoke up coldly as he said, "I knew that I wouldn't be able to fool you long, especially since you're used to a more, eccentric partner, which thankfully that quality is not in my nature."

Myka stepped back a few feet as she replied fearfully, "You're not my partner, or you've been affected by something; an artifact we didn't know the thieves had. Pete, whatever this is, whatever's going on with you, you can fight it. I know you can. Let's just go back upstairs and we can talk, all of us, together and we can figure out how to help you."

"I don't need any help, Myka," Pete responded. "At least, not from you. I've got what I came for. I'm afraid I can't stay and chat, you know, things to do and all, but I'm sure I'll be seeing you and the others again before too long."

"Pete, wait!" Myka called as he just turned and began to walk away from her again until he abruptly stopped and grabbed a hold of a shelf closest to him to keep himself from doubling over, as he gasped, as if he had suddenly been struck by an intense pain.

He weakly cried out, "Myka, you have to… it's… no… help me; please… aagh!"

Myka quickly reached out as she attempted to pull her partner closer to her in order to help him, when in a darker, stronger voice than with the weakness he showed moments ago, Pete spoke up again, quietly saying to himself, "Clever boy."

All of a sudden, he shoved his partner backward, causing her to fall hard to the floor, as he swiftly pulled the tesla gun out from behind her back, where he knew she kept it on herself tucked in her pants, and blasted her with it in order to knock her unconscious, then ran off as soon as both Claudia and Steve rounded the corner, after hearing the commotion between the older agents.

"I'll help Myka!" Claudia shouted quickly after she and Steve saw Pete run after attacking his partner, then bent down to make sure Myka was all right. "Go after Pete; hurry!"

"I'm going," Steve answered as he continued to take off after his friend.

Steve raced through the aisles and when he finally made his way out one of the lower warehouse exits, he saw Pete as he was about to get into his SUV and called out, "Pete! What are you doing?"

Pete quickly shot another blast from the tesla gun toward Steve, but the younger man was easily able to dodge out of the way and take cover, then Pete pulled out his hand gun and fired several shots toward him as he said, "I've been given a second chance, Agent Jinks, and you, nor anyone else will ever stop me again."

After being shot at, Steve quickly pulled out his own gun out of instinct, but after doing so, he looked down at it in his hands and quickly put the weapon away again, knowing that he couldn't shoot back, as this was Pete attacking them, or whatever it was possessing him, then after Pete taunted him, Steve replied, "I'm not sure what you're talking about, but please, let us help you."

"Unless you're comfortable enough in taking a chance at shooting at me to try to stop me, which I have a feeling you won't, that isn't going to happen," Pete responded coldly. "Tell the others goodbye for me."

With that said, Pete fired two more rounds at the gas tank in Artie's car, causing it to burst into flames and making a clear chance for escape as the explosion made Steve fall back against the ground. He looked up again just in time to see Pete speed away in the only vehicle the team had left. He cursed and then ran back inside the warehouse to inform the others that he failed to catch him.

"You didn't catch him?" Myka asked groggily as soon as Steve came running back into the office, where Claudia and Leena were helping her sit down in Artie's chair after Claudia had dragged her up to while she was half conscious after being shocked.

Jinks shook his head and answered, "I'm sorry. He didn't hesitate firing his gun at me and I… couldn't fire back."

Myka looked away disappointedly, then looked over at Artie, who was scanning through the cards in their filing cabinet that contained information about a large number of their artifacts, and pleaded, "Artie, I know that you're not sure about what's going on here, but please tell us something, anything."

"In 1914, Grigori Rasputin…" Artie began until he was quickly cut off by Claudia.

"Rasputin, as in Rasputin the psychotic monk, who sold his soul to the devil in order to kill off the entire Romanov line, but failed to kill Anastasia?" she asked.

Artie glared at her as he replied, "That is what the Disney movie would have you believe, but yes, the one and the same. Now, may I continue? In 1916, Rasputin was murdered and then later resurrected by the royals for some reason or another, then later was killed a number of more times, each time being resurrected, until finally the Romanov's were all killed. When Rasputin was killed for the last time, his body was buried in an unmarked grave that very few people knew about, and then was later was moved again and again for reasons unknown, or so the rumors said. I don't know much more, except that his prayer rope was most likely what allowed him to be brought back from the dead so many times. The last time his remains were moved, however, Rasputin disappeared for good and no one, as far as anyone knows, knows where."

Claudia responded, "So, you're thinking that whoever moved his bones last, moved him to an unmarked grave, in the middle of nowhere, in Michigan, all the way from Russia and that his skull is, his skull is what exactly; a possession artifact? Do you think that Pete's being possessed by Rasputin's ghost?"

"That's what I'm not so sure about, but… wait a minute," Artie started until another thought came to him and he quickly looked over at Myka in a panic. "Do you have any idea why Pete was down in the warehouse, as I'm assuming it wasn't to put away the egg? You did say that he was carrying a bag when you saw him, right?"

"Right, but I'm not sure… wait," Myka answered and then continued. "You're thinking that Pete stole Rasputin's prayer rope in order to try to resurrect Rasputin, aren't you?"

Artie replied, "Or somebody else. The prayer rope doesn't just work to resurrect Rasputin himself, but if done properly and only if done properly, which it is next to impossible to do, then it can be used to resurrect anyone from the dead."

Leena headed toward the door into the warehouse as she responded, "I'll go and check on the artifact."

"So, do you have information about this skull that could help us to find out what it's done to Pete?" Steve asked. "I'd say he was definitely possessed by someone, but it was strange. He knew me, but he didn't and he obviously knew all about the warehouse. Maybe the ghost was reading his thoughts, I don't know."

"Neither do I, which is why I have to find that book that might be able to help us, but in the meantime, I have to inform Mrs. Frederic, who will most likely inform Jane," Artie said sadly.

Steve noticed the grim faces of his friends as he looked around the room, then asked, "Who is Jane?"

Myka answered, "Jane Lattimer; she's a Regent, as well as Pete's mom."

"I see," Steve replied solemnly. "I'm sorry."

"I'm going to go do what I can to try to find Pete," Myka spoke up again. "Knowing him, he probably went dark again, as we know he knows how to do, but I can't just sit here and do nothing while we wait for, for anything."

Claudia responded, "Well, maybe if we can track down our thieves again, then we'll be able to find Pete that way. They are involved in this somehow."

It was then that Leena walked back into the room with a serious face and said, "You were right about Pete stealing Rasputin's prayer rope. It's gone."

"I'll get cracking on finding our killing grave robbers," Claudia replied.

"I'll help you out," Steve added, looking over at his partner.

Artie looked over at the mix of emotions on Myka's face, then asked, "Myka, are you all right?"

She looked back at Artie and sadly answered, "No, Artie, I'm not. I'm angry, I'm frustrated, but mostly, I'm scared; scared for Pete. What if we fail? What will happen to Pete if we can't save him from whatever's going on here?"

"We won't fail, Myka," Artie said firmly. "We won't fail."

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