Vengeance Will Be Mine

Chapter 4

In an old bunker in the middle of nowhere, the sixteen year old thief was sitting down in a hard chair cleaning a gun, beside a table covered with heavy surveillance equipment. From time to time, she kept glancing over at the computer screen in order to check out their hideout's surroundings. After being stuck inside the bunker for over an hour as she was beginning to feel stir-crazy, she finally saw a stranger walk up to the bunker's entrance, causing her to stand up, and put up her gun as she moved to the door.

However, the older thief suddenly walked past her as she spoke up saying, "Relax, Christine, you can lower your gun. You and I both know you wouldn't be able to shoot it anyway, at least not at an intruder. Besides, he's a friend."

Christine looked over at her and scoffed as she responded, "I can kill, if you would ever give me the chance to, Renee. This is the guy we've been waiting for; your friend? He's cute!"

"Not exactly, but you'll find out what I mean very soon," the woman answered as she worked to open the locks over the thick, metal door. "Your whole life's about to change and just maybe, you'll get your chance to kill after all."

"What do you mean?" the teenager asked in confusion.

The stranger walked into the room after Renee let him inside and then he replied, "She means that everything you thought you knew, which going by how old I'd say you look can't be much, will be nothing compared to what you'll learn very soon. Thank you, Renee, for all your efforts in getting me to this point."

Renee reached out and pulled him into a hug as she responded, "I owe you my life. The least I can do is help you to regain yours. How are you feeling?"

"Agent Lattimer is stronger than I gave him credit for, but then again, I should have known he would be," he answered as he pushed her away and then took a seat where Christine had been sitting before. "He's been trying to fight back. The longer I remain inside his body, the weaker he'll become, but his resistance is draining my strength as well. I prefer to have my own body back, then we can deal with what's left of him later."

"What are you guys talking about?" Christine asked again as she was growing more confused the more her friend and Pete continued to talk. "Your own body; are you crazy? Please, tell me what's going on?"

Pete and Renee ignored her as Renee continued, "Were you able to acquire the prayer rope?"

Pete smiled, then reached into the satchel over his shoulder, and pulled out the artifact he had stolen from the warehouse as he replied, "Of course. I was brilliant to put this contingency plan in place before…"

"Before what?" Christine asked when Pete cut himself off, but instead of answering her, he suddenly gasped and doubled over before he could reach out and catch himself on anything to keep himself upright. "What's wrong, Renee?"

"You won't… aagh… you won't get away… with this, you psy… psycho," Pete fought to talk.

Renee leaned down, then roughly grabbed a hold of Pete's chin in order to look him into the eyes as he struggled against the pain, and she snarled, "You don't have a choice here, Agent Lattimer. You can't stop him."

Pete suddenly stopped struggling as he moved to stand with help from Renee and then responded, "Don't worry, my dear. I am much stronger than he is. The spell I discovered long ago to revive a spirit with Rasputin's skull is a powerful one, giving the spirit the vigor over the one possessed. The Romanovs had no idea that by reviving their villain so many times would cause a part of him to become an artifact with the power to restore life to an even more powerful and smarter villain today."

"You both are into witchcraft, awesome!" Christine reacted with surprise, but excitement as well. "I want to help. I want to learn what you know."

"Then, stick around," Pete said, then turned to look over at Renee. "It's time to begin. I can't stand to be stuck in this, childish, worthless cretin any longer. Do you still have the spell I gave you to make me whole?"

As Pete picked up a pair of the gloves the warehouse agents used and put them on, Renee answered, "I wouldn't have gone this far if I didn't. I'm ready when you are."

Pete smiled as he firmly gripped the prayer rope in his hands, as it was now a lifeline to him, and then replied, "Good, now did you remember to bring me my personal affect? We must get this right or everything we're about to do will go very wrong."

"The slice of your skin you gave me to hold onto for tonight," she spoke as she reached into a vault in the bunker's wall and pulled out a small case containing the delicate DNA sample, then handed it over to him. "You were right. It managed to survive this whole time as you said it would."

"Are you ready to watch me raise the dead?" Pete asked as he looked up at Christine and then back down at his hands as he gently, while firmly holding the artifact and skin together.

Christine scoffed as she responded, "That's impossible. Are you two insane?"

Renee smiled herself as she answered, "Just you watch."

"Licentia mihi vox, quod operor meus bidding huic vultus!" Pete began to chant and then repeated it again and again, each time getting louder. "Licentia mihi vox, quod operor meus bidding huic vultus! Licentia mihi vox, quod operor meus bidding huic vultus! Licentia mihi vox, quod operor meus bidding huic vultus!"

As Pete continued to chant the words, the room began to shake, causing Christine to grab onto Renee in fear while they both looked on in fascination. Then, all of a sudden a bright light surrounded Pete and most of the half of the room he was standing in as he began to cry out in pain. The girls had to cover their eyes as it was too bright to look at any longer. When it finally faded several minutes later, they lowered their hands and stared in awe as they found another man completely naked standing before them, while Pete writhed weakly on the ground as he struggled to get his breathing back under control.

"I cannot believe it worked!" Christine cried out in shock as she continued to stare at the now resurrected stranger, who was looking over his newly formed body in amazement, until Renee grabbed a blanket from off the table nearby and gently wrapped it around him. "It actually worked! The two of you really did manage to raise the dead, but is your friend going to be okay?"

Renee looked down at Pete as the newcomer turned around and leaned down over the warehouse agent, then smugly spoke up with a British accent, "Agent Lattimer will be fine in a little while, at least until I decide how we're going to dispose of him when we're through with him. Thank you, Peter, for your assistance in bringing me back. We really couldn't have accomplished this without you."

Pete stared up fearfully into the man's eyes as he weakly managed to cry out one word before finally falling unconscious, "MacPherson."

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