Vengeance Will Be Mine

Chapter 5

Back inside the warehouse…

Myka sat alone out on the patio of Leena's place in silence as she stared straight ahead, unaware of Artie walking up and taking a seat beside her. It wasn't until he cleared his throat for a second time that she finally woke from her trance and looked over at him, then gave a small, insincere smile, and turned away as she took a sip of coffee, which Leena had given her some time ago. When she realized it was now cold, Myka set the cup back down on the table beside her and waited for her friend to say something.

Artie spoke up as he asked, "So, how are you holding up?"

Myka scoffed as she responded, "You already know the answer to that."

"Yes, but I figured I would come out here to check again, maybe give you some kind of pep talk for comfort," Artie replied. "I guess my attempt is pretty futile, huh?"

"We've been looking for Pete and whoever those two blasted thieves are for hours now and so far, we've come up with bupkis!" Myka answered angrily. "I'm angry; no, I'm ticked off!"

Artie put his head down and then looked back up at her as he responded, "As I've told you before, we'll find him. Claudia, Steve, and Leena are still at the warehouse searching for anything that can help us and for any other missing artifacts he might have taken as well. If only we could have used the spectrometer to find out what really happened out there; it would have come in handy."

Myka replied, "Yeah, well five hours came and went long before we knew anything was wrong."

"You blame yourself for Pete's disappearance, don't you?" Artie asked as he finally got the sense as to why she was so angry, aside from the worry for her partner.

"I don't… I should have gone after her instead and let Pete deal with the bratty teenager," Myka answered. "Maybe then…"

Artie interrupted, "If you had, then it would be you we'd all be worried about right now instead and we both know that Pete wouldn't want that just as much as you don't. He's strong, Myka. He'll hold on long enough for us to find him and together, we'll stop whoever's taken him."

Myka responded fearfully, "I really wish I could believe that right now, Artie. I do, but… Before he attacked me, he was suddenly struck with pain and for a brief moment, he was suddenly himself, but he was so scared, more scared than I have ever seen him. He tried to warn me of something. He was trying to tell me whoever it was; that is inside of him, but he couldn't because the monster regained control of him again before he could. He also begged me to help him; to save him. I was in a relationship with Sam, whom I loved, and I have cared for all of my other partners I've had as well, but I have never cared for someone so much, as much as I care for Pete. I don't love him romantically, but I can't… I can't explain how I feel for him. All I know is that I can't lose him because if I fail him, then I will lose myself."

"Mrs. Frederic always did know how to pick us warehouse agents, but I'll admit that both you and Pete are very special, which explains our success rate, despite what the Regents say about us," Artie replied. "Don't lose faith in yourself, Myka. Pete wouldn't want you to and he needs you to keep focused in the task at hand. We will find him, I promise."

"I pray to God your right, Arthur," a familiar voice sounded from behind them and as they turned around, Artie and Myka found both Jane and Mrs. Frederic standing there in the parlor, where their small family always shared their meals together as long as they weren't off on a case.

Artie quickly stood from his seat, as did Myka, and then he cleared his throat out of nervousness, then answered, "Me too… I … I'm sorry, Jane. I didn't mean for…"

Jane cut him off as she said, "It's all right. I'm actually grateful to hear that you two haven't given up, despite the direness of our situation. I know that you'll all do whatever it takes to find my son and bring him home safely."

"He would do the same for any one of us, Ma'am," Myka responded. "Something will turn up very soon, I'm sure of…"

"It looks like you're right, Mykes," Claudia interrupted as she and Steve came bursting into the room. "Jinxie and I didn't find Pete yet, but we think we found our sixteen year old hoodlum, slash thief, slash psycho murderer, or at least a path that could lead us to her, thanks to Myka's detailed description of her. We found out that the FBI has been searching for her too. Perhaps, if you call in for a favor from Pete's ex girlfriend, then maybe she can help you to find out where she is, or anything else about her that might help us."

Myka pulled out her cell phone and moved to leave the room as she replied, "That's great, Claud. I don't know why I didn't think of that before. Of course these two must have some kind of record for them to be willing to kill three people, that we know of, and then kidnap a secret service agent."

Once she was alone, Myka quickly dialed up Kate Logan's number and when the woman answered after the third ring, she stated, "Kate, it's Myka Bering, again. I hate to ask for your help again, but you have some information on a suspect of ours and we really need to find her."

"Neither one of you ever seem to call me except for when the other one of you is in trouble, and seeing as it's you calling me… Is Pete all right?" the FBI agent asked.

"I'm not sure," Myka answered, then corrected herself. "I mean, yes, he's in trouble; a lot of trouble, but we have no idea what's going on with him or where they've taken him. All we know so far is that you have a file on at least one of our kidnappers and we have to find her. Can we meet up some place? I'll need everything you can give me. I doubt just a phone conversation would help."

Kate responded, "Can you meet me in New York City for lunch; I'm buying?"

Myka quickly put on her coat and left Leena's as she replied, "I'll be there as soon as I can catch a flight. Thank you, Kate."

Agent Logan answered sincerely, "I told you and Pete that I would always do what I can to help. I meant it."

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