Vengeance Will Be Mine

Chapter 6

When Pete finally awoke from unconsciousness, the first thing he became aware of was the splitting pain in his skull, but after he pushed his way through it, he tried to focus on his surroundings and found that he was lying down on the cold, hard ground in a dimly lit room, unable to move despite being unbound. The pain wasn't just in his head, but throughout his entire body as well.

Pete fought to remember what happened. However, once he finally did, he really wished he didn't, especially when he turned his head as much as he could muster and found MacPherson standing above him with a cruel grin on his face after the villain slowly walked into the room. Pete stared at him briefly and then turned away, hoping that he would go away, knowing full well he wouldn't.

James spoke up as he said smugly, "It's good to see you're finally awake, Mr. Lattimer. You were out for so long, I was beginning to wonder if you would ever wake up."

Pete closed his eyes as a bolt of pain ran through his skull and then responded groggily, "I'll bet that's what you wished for me, am I right?"

"On the contrary," MacPherson answered. "I still have use for you."

"What more can you possibly do to me?" Pete asked as he finally looked over at him again. "You've already forced me to bring you back from the dead, which gives you quite the agonizing overhaul, but I guess you already knew that, which is probably why you managed to convince your two stooges out there to draw me out so that they could whammy me into helping you."

MacPherson replied, "So, you do remember everything that has happened?"

Pete responded, "Yeah, I remember. I remember chasing after your girlfriend out there in the graveyard and then suddenly being struck with some overwhelming hold as I was ordered to chant that spell of yours that revived your spirit, or soul, inside my body. I remember an uncontrollable pain as you overpowered my mind and forced my body to do everything I did to get the artifact that brought you back from the dead. I remember knocking my partner out cold so that we could escape, then shooting at my friend. I remember it all!"

"I must say that you are definitely stronger than I gave you credit for, Peter, but then again, I did once try to recruit you into joining me long ago, shortly before you helped Miss. Wells kill me," James said again.

Pete smiled and then answered smugly, "Even if you offered to heal me, or whatever it is that is wrong with me, I would never agree to join you. You're nothing, but a psycho."

"Yes, so you've said," James replied. "Do not worry, Mr. Lattimer, I don't intend to ask you to join me, nor will I, whammy you into doing my bidding like my associates did before, but you can still be of use to me nonetheless."

"What do you… what do you mean?" Pete asked fearfully as the pain he was feeling began to increase throughout his body.

MacPherson responded, "I want revenge on HG Wells for what she did to me, as well as on Arthur for betraying me, and you're going to convince your friends to help me get what I want."

Pete spoke firmly, "You're wrong. I won't do any… aagh! Oh, God! What the hell is wrong with me?"

"Reviving one from the dead is no small feat, Peter," the villain answered. "Using Rasputin's prayer rope wreaks havoc on its user's body and in time, you will die. Why do you think I recruited my help out there to find the skull so that they could bring me back should I be killed and then told them to lure you out to be my vessel?"

"And what hap… happens to them now; now that they've done… what you wanted them to do?" Pete struggled to ask.

MacPherson replied, "Does it really matter? I am alive again. Now, I can continue my work."

Pete struggled as he responded, "You're wrong! Myka… and the others will stop… stop you!"

"Not this time they won't," MacPherson stated angrily as he reached down and roughly pulled him up and shoved him into Renee's and Christine's arms after they both walked into the room. "And neither will you. I don't need you to do anything for me, but wait to die. Your friends will come for you and then I will finish with them as well.

"What do you want us to do with him?" Christine asked in confusion. "Are you going to use him for some kind of sacrifice or something?"

James answered, "Put him in the SUV and then, Renee, I want you to make the call. We have work to do."

After she helped her friend drag Pete out of the bunker and lay him down inside the vehicle, Christine turned back to MacPherson as she asked, "What can I do? I want to help you. I promise you, I'm in this all the way. You need me to kill, I'll do it. Renee taught me well."

"I'm afraid your services aren't required any longer, my dear," James replied smugly as he pulled out a dagger from his coat pocket and thrust it deep into her chest, causing her to gasp in pain and in shock of his attack. "I don't need a loose cannon running around, who could ruin everything I've put in place."

"Did you really need to do that?" Renee asked as she walked over in time to see Christine fall to the ground dead. "She wasn't too bad you know. She was green, but she would have gotten to be more like me if you gave her the chance."

MacPherson responded, "Just don't cross me and I won't do the same to you. I care for you and saved your life because Carol loved you, but do not think that I won't hesitate doing the same to you if you get in the way of me remaining alive."

Renee nodded as she spoke up again saying, "I understand."

"Good, now make the call to Agent Bering," James answered as he turned to walk back inside the bunker in order to gather together a few things before they left. "She will want to know there's hope of saving her partner's life. It will be a false hope as no matter what she does he will die, but she won't know that until it's too late."

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