Vengeance Will Be Mine

Chapter 8

As Myka was finishing getting packed and ready for their meet with Renee, Christine, and most likely, whoever it was they had brought back to life, when Claudia walked over to her and asked, "I know that you and Artie have got some kind of plan in place, or maybe you're just planning on winging it, but don't you think that Jinxie and I ought to come along to help you out? I mean, these two did get one up on you before."

Myka finished strapping one of her guns to her ankle and lowered her pant leg over it as she answered, "Maybe so, but I really don't think these two are masterminds. They're just good thieves. However, our dead person may be a different story. Who said you and Steve aren't coming?"

"Ah, you didn't tell us so after you and Artie had your quiet, little talk," Claudia replied.

"I didn't think I had to," the lead agent responded. "I figured that you both would have followed us and then come in to rescue us if we needed you to."

Claudia smiled as she answered, "Of course we were. I was just checking. So, do you think Artie's seen his car yet?"

All of a sudden, they both heard Artie shout out from inside the umbilicus angrily, "Who blew up my car?"

"I'll take that as a yes," Myka replied as the two of them began to snicker until Artie walked back into the room.

"I'm assuming you two know about this?" Artie growled. "What happened?"

Steve walked back into the room, followed by Jane and Mrs. Frederic, as he responded, "That was Pete, or whoever is inside of him. He took several shots at me and then in order to escape, he fired at your car to make it explode; sorry."

Jane spoke up as she asked, "You said that the coordinates your thief gave you are for an area that's somewhere here in Univille?"

"Yes, that's right," Myka answered solemnly. "I believe they lead to the town's graveyard. I think they're trying to go for irony by going there. We'll get him back, Jane. I'm not willing to do this job with anyone else. If God, or whoever's up there pulling our strings, cares at all about the rest of this world, he won't let two of its protectors go any time soon."

"Agent Bering is right," Mrs. Frederic confirmed confidently. "I didn't enlist someone with no fight in him, especially up against two good for nothing thieves. Your son will give them hell long enough for the rest of us to find him, then we'll take them down, and will all return home."

Myka looked down at her watched, then turned back to her friends as she stated, "We need to get going before we're late."

Artie looked over at Mrs. Frederic almost apologetically and then back at Myka as he replied, "All right, but it looks like we're going to have to take her vehicle, seeing as Pete took yours and blew up mine, unless of course you think we have time to walk all the way back to Leena's to get Claudia's and Steve's?"

"Go ahead and take it," the warehouse's guardian responded. "Just try not to get this one blown up or shot to hell like you've all done in the past."

"We'll be back," Myka said and then turned to look between Claudia and Steve. "Are you two ready?"

Claudia grinned as she checked the energy level on her tesla gun and answered, "We're ready, baby. Let's go catch us a couple of good for nothing thieves."

Twenty minutes later…

Myka and Artie pulled into the graveyard and after driving down the path winding through it for a few minutes, they finally pulled over as they saw Pete's SUV, unable to see who was inside of it due to it being dark outside, but as they drove up, a woman, whom Myka and Artie assumed was Renee Travelers, stepped out of the vehicle and stood beside it after closing its door behind her.

The warehouse agents followed suit and when they moved out in front of their SUV and began to walk toward her, apparently unarmed, Renee pulled up a shotgun and aimed it at them as she called out, "That's far enough, Agent Bering; Agent Nielson. Did you bring the artifacts we talked about?"

"First we want to see Pete," Myka called back as she moved out a little more with her arms raised up. "I want to know he's all right. So, where is he?"

"He's still alive, though he's in pretty bad shape," the woman replied. "It couldn't be helped. It's what happens when bringing back the dead. Your partner's nothing if not resilient."

Myka looked over at Artie with fear in her eyes and then he turned to look back toward the thief as he responded, "You won't get anything from us if you don't release him. How do you know so much about us and Warehouse 13? Who did you use the resurrection artifacts for to bring back?"

After another person stepped out from Renee's SUV and closed the vehicle's door behind them, an eerie and all too familiar sounding voice suddenly answered, "That would be because I know about as much about the warehouse and its artifacts as you, Arthur, if not more."

"James?" Artie cried out in shock as he looked upon his ex partner after he stepped out of the shadows and into the light coming from the lamp post standing between them.

"Oh my God, MacPherson, you're who Pete was trying to warn me about," Myka exclaimed angrily and then looked over at Renee. "Why… how could you bring back him? He's nothing, but a psychopathic murderer!"

Renee replied smugly, "Why not? He saved my life and promised me a lifetime of…"

Myka interrupted, "Of what; endless wonder? Let me tell you something, sweetheart. He lied! MacPherson cares nothing for anyone, but himself and as soon as he's done using you, he'll kill you."

"No I won't, Agent Bering," the villain responded. "She's family, or as close to all the family I've got. Besides, I need someone in this world that doesn't think the worst of me."

"How did you pull this off, James?" Artie asked as he moved forward to stand next to Myka. "You obviously taught this thief all about artifacts before you died, but how…"

MacPherson cut him off as he answered, "How did I know I was going to die? I didn't, but I thought it best to put a contingency plan in place in case I did. I should have known that H.G. would have double crossed me. How is the conniving woman, anyway? Did you kill her too?"

Myka raised her hands in protest of where this conversation was heading as she shook her head and said, "I don't really care about this right now. Where's Pete? I want him back, now! If you want the artifacts you've asked for, you will let us see him for ourselves."

"He's close by, my dear," James replied coldly. "In fact, he's just beneath our feet."

"Beneath your… you buried him alive?" Artie asked fearfully, when all of a sudden a couple of shots were fired toward the villains by Steve as he stood up from behind a tombstone and Claudia, who also quickly stood up from behind another tombstone, then shouted out for Myka and Artie to get down as she struck Laverlong's elephant walking stick against the ground in order to distract the bad guys so that they could help their friend.

As she did so, MacPherson and Renee collapsed to the ground, but then swiftly got up and began to fire their own shots toward the younger agents, as well as toward Myka and Artie, in order to get away, despite not getting what they had come for. Myka fired her own shots as Claudia pulled out her tesla gun and tried to get a blast off to stop them from running, but unfortunately, she was too late and the villains got away.

Myka ran forward after throwing her gun down and discovering the disturbed ground near where MacPherson and Renee were standing moments before, knowing that that was where the two had buried her partner, as she shouted out, "Pete! Artie, Claudia, Steve, help me dig, please; he's here!"

Artie followed as he uneasily bent down as they both began to dig frantically, then Claudia and Steve did as well, as Claudia called out, "MacPsycho and his crony are getting away!"

"Who cares?" Myka responded angrily as they all continued to dig as quickly as they could, all of them being afraid for their friend. "Pete! Pete, hang on! We're here, just hold on, please!"

Luckily, the rickety old, wooden coffin the villains had buried Pete in wasn't buried deep, which meant that there was a chance he was still alive. When they finally got down to it, Artie and Steve broke through the coffin's lid and together they all carefully pulled Pete out and laid him down on the ground gently. Steve quickly held his wrist to feel for a pulse, while Myka bent down closer to him, laying her head close to his mouth so that she could listen for his breath, then down on his chest to listen for his heartbeat, but when she didn't hear either one, she suddenly began to do mouth to mouth on him and Artie followed suit by beating up and down on Pete's chest.

"Please don't do this, Pete!" Myka cried softly in between breaths, then continued until suddenly her partner drew in a large breath, and opened his eyes wide, looking around fearfully at the faces above him as Myka ran one hand gently over his face and held the other one over his heart to give him comfort. "You're going to be all right. You're going to be all right."

"My… Myka?" he finally spoke up weakly.

Tears poured down from her eyes as Artie answered quietly, "Yeah, Pete. We're all here for you. We're all here."

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