Whatever It Takes

Chapter 11

Gibbs tried to call Anthony DiNozzo Sr. as he and Agent Fornell drove to his home in Staten Island. However, the number that he was given for him was no longer in service. Gibbs then called McGee to see if the youngest agent could find another number registered under the man's name. McGee had no such luck.

After driving several hours, the two agents finally arrived at DiNozzo Sr.'s home. As Tony had mentioned days ago while questioning the politician, the man's home was the size of a mansion and when they knocked on the door, a butler answered.

Gibbs and Fornell both pulled out their badges as Gibbs said, "I'm Special Agent Gibbs with NCIS, and this is Agent Fornell with the FBI. We're here to see your boss. Where is he?"

The man in front of them replied, "Mr. DiNozzo does not want to be disturbed for any reason. I suggest you come back at another time and be sure to call first."

"Agent Gibbs did try to call first," Fornell responded. "The only number that was registered to him was disconnected. I suggest that you let us see him. We're here in regards to his son."

"I will go see if he is willing to make an exception," the butler answered. "If you would wait here in the hallway, I will be right back."

Fornell said after the man left the entryway, "I have to say, that was exactly the kind of greeting I expected us to get. I just expected it from Tony's father instead. How loaded is he?"

Gibbs answered, "He isn't loaded; not anymore. He hasn't been for a while. Tony said that his father had become broke because of bad investments, but he somehow manages to con people out of their money, which is what allows him to live like this. Image is more important to him than anything, even Tony."

"That isn't true Agent Gibbs," Anthony DiNozzo Sr. replied as he walked over to them. "My son is still the most important thing to me, despite what you think. Now, why did you come all the way here from D.C. to talk about Jr. Is he all right?"

"No, Tony isn't all right," Gibbs responded as he observed the man's face. "He was kidnapped three days ago. We've been doing everything to find him, but we haven't been able to find our lead suspect, yet. What we know, is that someone put a contract on his head. There have been at least three attempts on his life so far, but for some reason, he was kidnapped instead. Do you have any idea why someone would want to harm your son?"

DiNozzo Sr. gulped as he asked, "Why would I know why someone would want to harm him? I would never hurt him."

Gibbs glared at him and replied, "Then, why did you leave him behind and alone for two days at a hotel when he was just a boy? Tony told me you did it to go after a woman. What else would you call that? I can tell that you are lying about something, Mr. DiNozzo. You already know Tony's in trouble, don't you?"

Sr. put his head down in shame and answered, "I assure you, Agent Gibbs that I had no idea that they would harm my son for what I did. It was only money."

"What are you talking about," Fornell asked? "You know who kidnapped Tony and you didn't call us?"

"Follow me," Anthony responded. "I couldn't tell you. They would have killed me if I told anyone what I know. I was afraid for my life. You have no idea what they are capable of."

"You are a coward," Gibbs said as he and Fornell followed Sr. into his study. "Your son has been in danger for who knows how long and missing for days. You knew that and you cared more about yourself. Who has him?"

Sr. replied, "I do not know who has him right now or where he is, but the man who put out the contract on him is Prince Sayif Ibn Alwaan, the oldest son of Prince Omar."

Fornell asked, "Why would Prince Omar want Tony dead?"

"Prince Omar is a good man," Gibbs responded. "He wouldn't ever allow his son to do this if he knew. Prince Sayif must be orchestrating all of this without his father's knowledge. What did you do to make Sayif so angry?"

"Prince Omar invested money into a new business venture of mine," Sr. answered as he booted up his computer on his desk. "However, the business never took off and I have yet to pay them back the money. Sayif believes that I stole from his family and shamed them. I tried to convince him that I have every intention of paying his father back, but that I needed a little more time. He didn't believe me. So, he decided to make me pay by harming my son and threatened to kill me if I told anyone. He sent me a picture of Tony as proof. Sayif told me he had his man kill him. The monster murdered my son, Agent Gibbs. It's too late."

When Anthony DiNozzo Sr. pulled up the picture of Tony, Gibbs looked closely, hoping to see that he was alive, not dead as his father had claimed. Tony certainly looked like he could be dead, but he was a fighter. Gibbs' gut told him that he was still alive, despite the terrible condition he was in.

Gibbs looked over at Fornell and then at Sr. very angrily as he said, "Tony is still alive, I'm sure of it. I've known him for a long time and as I told you that day at NICS, he is the best young agent I have ever known. He is a survivor against all odds. He'll beat this too. We're bringing you back to NCIS with us. You'll be facing some charges."

Sr. looked at Gibbs and asked, "Charges for what? I didn't have anything to do with my son being kidnapped! I had no idea that Prince Sayif would do this."

"Maybe not, but you failed to tell us, which is obstruction of justice," Gibbs replied. "You also stole money from for a business that was never started, with no intention of ever giving it back," Agent Fornell continued. "I'm sure that we can come up with several federal charges because of that. You're in a lot of trouble, Mr. DiNozzo."

Anthony responded, "Please, Agent Gibbs. I am begging you to let me go. I can't spend the rest of my life in prison. Despite our differences, Tony would never want this. He knows that I love him."

Gibbs glared at him again and answered, "You don't deserve a son like him. Tony may not want it, but you are a criminal and despite how he feels, he understands the consequences of this job. Your son deserves justice."

"Think about it this way," Fornell said. "At least in prison, we can make sure you'll be protected from Prince Sayif and his men."

Tobias Fornell pulled out his handcuffs and cuffed DiNozzo Sr.'s hands behind his back. Together the three of them walked out of the mansion sized house and put the man in the back seat of their car. Once that was done, Gibbs and Fornell went back inside and grabbed the computer for McGee, hoping that he might be able to figure out where the picture showed Tony to be.

Gibbs said, "Tobias, not only do we need to find Sayif and figure out how we can make him pay for what he has done, but we also need to figure out everyone else that is involved. I want to know who took that picture and claimed that Tony was dead. I don't care what it takes, even if it means losing my job. Tony knows better than anyone, how far I'll go to protect the people that I care about. I know that my team will do anything for him too. Are you with me?"

Fornell answered, "I'm with you Jethro."

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