Whatever It Takes

Chapter 12

Once Gibbs and Fornell had arrived back at NCIS, with Anthony DiNozzo Sr. in between them, Gibbs handed him off to another agent and asked him to guide the man to one of their holding rooms. McGee and Ziva just stared as Tony's father was hauled off in handcuffs. They knew the kind of guy he was when they met the first time, but they never expected to see him get arrested.

Gibbs was the first to speak as he said, "McGee, I need you to do whatever you can to find out where DiNozzo is being held from the photo of him on this computer. An email was sent to Sr. two days ago. Then, track down where it came from. Ziva, I need you to find out where Prince Sayif Ibn Alwaan is staying. We need to do whatever we can to make sure that he pays for what he's done."

McGee and Ziva looked at each other and then back at Gibbs as Ziva asked, "Gibbs, what is going on? Tony's father is involved with kidnapping his own son?"

"He wasn't responsible for the kidnapping, but he found out about it and didn't call us," Gibbs replied. "He also stole money from Prince Omar, Sayif's father when he claimed that it would be invested in a new business venture. The business never took off and the money was never returned. Sr. conned Prince Omar and that is why Sayif had someone kidnap Tony; revenge."

"Prince Omar would never allow his son to do this," Ziva responded. "I know him."

Fornell spoke saying, "Gibbs believes that Sayif is acting alone and that Prince Omar knows nothing about this. Which, is why we need to find out where he and his family is staying so that we can tell him and find out the whole story behind Tony's kidnapping and the contract on him."

McGee said, "Uh, Boss? It looks like Tony is in some kind of sewer, kind of like the one he was taken to years ago when he was investigating the disappearance of Sargent Atlas."

"When was that," Ziva asked?

"It was before you joined us," McGee answered. "It was actually right before I became an official member of Gibbs' team. You see…"

"Hey," Gibbs shouted! "Explain the story later. Tony's depending on us to find him, now. I need you to focus. What else do you have? Can you figure out where he is?"

McGee cleared his throat and responded, "Sorry, Boss. Anyway, the pipes look fairly new and in good shape, which is unusual because most sewers are built and then are ignored. It looks like maintenance has been done on them recently."

Ducky interrupted as he and Abby walked into the bullpen saying, "The only reason that a sewer would be worked on would be if the original one collapsed. If you can find out if there has been any recent construction on a sewer somewhere, you may be able to find our boy."

"Ducky, you're a genius," McGee said as ran his fingers across his keyboard.

"Oh my goodness, Tony," Abby gasped as soon as she looked at the screen and saw the picture of Tony! "Gibbs, he can't be dead! He looks dead. Please tell me he isn't dead."

Gibbs pulled her into a hug and answered, "This picture doesn't prove anything, Abs. Tony's alive. I know it and we're going to find him. McGee, did you find something?"

McGee replied, "It's going to take another minute, there! A sewer collapsed a year and a half ago in Maryland, right outside Baltimore. The construction workers just finished rebuilding it three months ago. This has to be where Tony is, Boss."

"Good work, McGee," Gibbs shouted as he and Fornell headed toward the elevator.

"Bring him home, Gibbs," Abby shouted as Ziva and McGee quickly walked past her and Ducky in order to catch up to their boss and friend from the FBI!

Ducky wrapped his arms around the young woman and said, "Anthony will be fine, My Dear. If I know Jethro, he will stop at nothing to ensure that the young man whom he sees as a son will be all right. We should go down to talk to Jimmy. I am afraid that that poor boy has been worried sick. He and Tony have become good friends, even if they will not admit it."

Once inside Maryland, Gibbs called the Baltimore Police Department and asked them to have as many cops as they could spare, as well as a few dogs, gather outside the sewer entrance and wait for them to arrive before going in. He didn't explain much, except that an agent was kidnapped and left somewhere in the sewer to die.

Once they finally pulled up, the agents observed the small group, consisting of two officers and one dog that had come to join them in their search for Tony. Gibbs was angry that not more had shown up to help out.

One of the officers walked over to Gibbs as he got out of his car and asked, "Sir, are you sure that you really want to go into the sewers right now? I mean, I am willing to do it if that's what it takes to save the life of another cop, but it is going to be very difficult to find our way around in the dark, even with flashlights."

Fornell patted the young man on his shoulder and replied, "That's good work, son. Thanks for coming. The agent who is trapped in here has been missing for several days and we've learned that he is in really bad shape. We can't wait."

"Yes, Sir," the officer responded.

"Where is everyone else," Gibbs asked? "I asked for more help than just two cops and a dog. Does your department not even care when a fellow officer is in trouble?"

The young man answered, "Our boss said that it was too late to gather a search party and that if the agent in there is still alive tonight, he would most likely still be alive in the morning. My partner and I volunteered to come because if was one of us, we'd all be here in a second. Our boss is real Bastard and everyone else there a just a bunch of hypocrites."

Gibbs pounded his fist on his car and said, "Tony was one of you for crying out loud! He said you were more respectable than this."

The other Baltimore PD cop stepped forward and asked, "You mean, Tony DiNozzo is the man down in there somewhere?"

Ziva answered, "You know, Tony?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied. "Tony was my partner very briefly until I was shot during a robbery, but we have been friends ever since. I'm right behind you."

"I brought us plenty of batteries for our flashlights, so we won't have to worry about that," his partner said. "Just let us know what you need."

"Let's get going then," Gibbs ordered as everyone entered into the dark sewer entrance and began their search for their missing colleague. "Search every room that you come across. Tony will be in one of them."

The sewer did look similar to the other one that Gibbs circled around in for hours searching for Tony once before. Although it was bigger and there were more tunnels for them to go down. Gibbs ordered each of them to split off into twos. Ziva went with Tony's past partner, Tim went with the younger officer of the group and the dog, and Gibbs split off with Fornell. Gibbs wasn't normally a praying man, but this time he prayed that they would find Tony in time.

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