Whatever It Takes

Chapter 13

Ziva and Tony's old partner, as well as McGee and the youngest officer, searched several rooms throughout the sewer, but have been unsuccessful in finding their colleague and friend. The further into the sewer they walked and the longer they searched, the more worried they became. They feared that they were not going to find Tony in time. Gibbs and Fornell felt the same as they continued on in their search, but they managed to push it aside to keep going.

The tunnels were not just dark and cold, but there was water leaking in through the pipes, as well as sewage water inches deep on the grounds of the tunnels, forcing the agents and police officers to trudge through the filth. If that wasn't bad enough, there were also rats scurrying along the pipes in hopes of finding somewhere dry.

McGee remembered Tony's fear of rats back when they were trapped in the ship, known as the Chimera a few years ago. McGee thought that his fear then was irrational and ridiculous, but seeing these rats now made him realize that it was wrong of him to think less of Tony because of it, especially since Tony barely survived the plague. He had said that rats were carriers of terrible diseases. McGee hoped that the rats had not found Tony wherever he was, but he had his doubt.

After going on for hours, Gibbs and Fornell finally had come to the final door in the current tunnel they had been searching through. As they approached, Fornell tapped Gibbs on his shoulder and pointed down to the water. As Gibbs looked down, he saw the body of the man whom he assumed to be Frank lying in the sewage near the door. There was a gunshot wound in his forehead. Gibbs looked back up at Fornell who nodded at him as they both moved to the door and pulled back the latch which kept it closed.

As they stepped into the room slowly, they both raised their flashlights and shined them around. As they did so, the lights came upon Tony's still figure hanging by his wrists from the pipes above him. His wrists were tied together with thick cords, his jacket and shoes were gone, his feet dangled just above the ground, and there were rats climbing across his body.

The agents both ran over to him, Gibbs getting over to his side first. As he did so, Gibbs pulled out his knife and began to cut through the cords. Fornell held onto him to keep him steady, as he pushed off the rats that were gnawing and digging into various areas of his exposed skin.

After several minutes of cutting through the cords, Gibbs was finally successful as the final cord fell away and Tony collapsed into his and Fornell's arms. Gibbs caught Tony's head and lay him across his lap in order to keep as much of his body from being in the cold, filthy water. Fornell pulled out his cell phone and first dialed 911 for the paramedics to be outside waiting for them when they come out, then he dialed McGee and Ziva's phones in order to tell them where they were and that they found Tony. Gibbs and Fornell were going to need help getting Tony out without injuring him any more than he already was.

Gibbs knew Tony was alive because he was burning up, despite his skin being freezing to the touch. He was shaking and coughing badly. He looked and sounded as he did the time he had the plaque. Tony's lungs were very weak already and Gibbs knew that Tony was going to die if they didn't get him out of the sewer very quickly.

As Gibbs looked over his agent's body for any wounds and damage done, he became angrier and angrier. He wanted to put a bullet between the young man's father's eyes. He knew that DiNozzo Sr. never intentionally meant for this to happen to his son, but the man conned the wrong people and Tony paid the price for his reckless actions.

Fornell was the first to speak saying, "He won't last much longer, Jethro."

Gibbs responded, "I know that, Tobias, and I also know that Ziva and Tim knows his life is at stake. They'll be here soon."

Just as he finished saying so, the other agents and officers, as well as the dog, came running into the room with their guns raised. McGee just starred, but Ziva came running over to her partner and knelt down by his side. She lifted his hand into hers and began to cry.

"We need to get him out of here, Gibbs," Ziva said.

Gibbs nodded and lowered his head close to Tony's so he could say, "Tony, can you hear me? We are here for you. You're going to be all right! Do not give up on me, now. You're strong! We are going to get you out of here. Do you understand me?"

Tony's eyes opened slightly, but closed quickly afterwards. He tried to talk, but he didn't have the strength. All he could do was squeeze Ziva's hand. Tobias stood up and stood by McGee, waiting for Gibbs and Ziva to lift Tony up. The officers just stood behind McGee and waited for instructions from the agents.

Together, Gibbs and Ziva helped to lift Tony from the ground, as Fornell went behind them to help keep him up until they were able to wraps his arms around their necks. The officers, dog, and McGee led the way through the door, as Fornell, Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva followed behind them.

It took a while as they all walked slowly through the sewer tunnels, while dragging Tony in between them, but they finally made it out to find the paramedics waiting for them as they had asked for. Gibbs couldn't help but be grateful that they didn't mind coming out in the middle of the night to aid someone in need.

Gibbs thought about the Baltimore police officers' boss lying in bed sound asleep or sitting in his soft cushy chair behind a fancy desk, which ticked him off. He planned on doing something to make the smug scumbag pay for denying help when they asked for it. If they had the extra officers, they would have found Tony much sooner.

As the paramedics ran over to work on Tony, Gibbs walked over to the two officers who disregarded their boss' orders and came to help them and said, "I owe you gentlemen a lot. If you are ever looking for job and a boss who cares about the job you do, come find us at NCIS. We wouldn't have found Tony without you so, thank you."

Gibbs got into the ambulance with Tony and the paramedics once they finished doing everything they could for him here. Ziva and McGee followed behind the ambulance in their car, while Fornell drove the car he and Gibbs came in. They headed to the closest hospital in Baltimore, where Tony would then be airlifted to Bethesda Medical Center in Washington D.C. Dr. Brad Pitt was going to be there waiting for Tony to arrive because he knew of Tony's medical history.

Ducky and Abby were there at the hospital waiting for the medevac as it arrived. Gibbs followed close by as the paramedics as they wheeled him into the emergency room. Gibbs was stopped by a doctor and Ducky reached up to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. Abby walked over and put her arms around Gibbs, who did the same to her. Now all they could do was sit and wait.

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