Whatever It Takes

Chapter 14

Abby, Jimmy, and Ducky sat in the waiting room, while Gibbs kept pacing back and forth. He was too worried and angry to sit still while waiting to hear from Dr. Pitt about Tony's condition. Gibbs saw Tony when he was ill with the plague, but this time seemed worse. This time, there were multiple criminals, some of whom were yet to be accounted for, and Tony's father was the reason for this mess getting started in the first place. Then, to make things worse, Prince Sayif was going to be very difficult to take down, unless his father, Prince Omar, was going to allow them to prosecute his son. Otherwise, he would have diplomatic immunity, two words that ticked Gibbs off.

Ziva and McGee had made it there in record time, thanks to her driving, and Fornell followed close behind. They walked in to find the others waiting to hear about their colleague. On the drive, both McGee and Ziva remained silent, except for a few comments here or there.

Ziva wasn't around for when Tony was ill the first time and even though she had seen him get beaten, wounded, and shot, she didn't ever recall him looking so vulnerable and small. It scared her. Though Tony always referred to her as the strong ninja chick, she always felt that he was the strong one. If truth be told, it was what made them the perfect partners.

It was once again morning and DiNozzo had been in surgery for hours now. The waiting was getting harder and harder for everyone. However, Dr. Pitt finally walked out of the operation room, covered in blood, Tony's blood.

"How is he, Brad," Ducky asked?

"Agent DiNozzo will once again have to overcome the plague," Dr. Pitt began to explain. "I am afraid the Y. Pestis is back. As I told you before, the smallest cold or pneumonia would cause his lungs to become severely infected because they do not work as well as yours and mine. Being in the cold and wet sewer for several days was not all that did the damage. Looking over his body, I found several bites and claw marks from the rats, which Ducky explained to me they came from rats. The wounds became infected and as you can imagine, rats are very unclean animals. He's lost a lot of blood because of them, as well as from a pretty serious head wound. He was hit pretty hard over the head at one point. He's got a concussion. On top of all that, I also found that a few of his ribs were broken. Luckily, they weren't too bad, but hanging from his wrists for that long certainly didn't help him."

Gibbs sighed and interrupted saying, "I just want to know that he's going to be all right, Doc. Is Tony strong enough to fight it again?"

Dr. Pitt shook his head and replied softly, "The survival rate of someone surviving the pneumonic plague was fifteen percent. I wish that I had better news, but for Tony to have to do it again, his chances are very slim. I'm so sorry."

Both Abby and Ziva had tears running down their faces. Tim, Jimmy, Ducky, and Tobias just stood there with their heads lowered to their chests and sorrow on their faces. Gibbs was angrier than anyone had ever seen him. He let go of Abby, turned toward the wall closest to him and punched a hole through it.

"I'm sorry, Brad," Gibbs said as her turned back to his friends. "Plague is not the only thing that is trying to kill him. If word gets out that we found him and he survived, the contract that's out for him will send more scum out who will want to finish him off. I want two security officers posted at his door at all times once he is moved in. No one is to go in or out expect for those of us who are standing right here. In the meantime, we need to find Prince Sayif and a way to make him pay for what he's done. Ziva, were you able to locate him?"

"Yes, Gibbs," she answered. "Right now, he and his family are staying in Monte Carlo. Do you plan on talking to Director Vance about going after him?"

"There is no need for you to ask my permission," Director Vance said as he walked over to his head team from the agency. "I overheard everything the doctor said about Agent DiNozzo's condition. I give you permission to do whatever it takes, short of murdering the man, to bring him in. However, if he causes trouble, I wouldn't mind if that happened either. DiNozzo and I may not get along all the time, but he is still my agent and a friend."

Gibbs looked at Vance and responded, "Thank you, Leon. I need to ask you another favor. I need you and Tobias to question Tony's father for information about anyone else who is involved. Make sure that he and everyone else pays for what they've done. Also, the boss of the Baltimore Police Department needs to pay for not helping us during our search for Tony. Tobias will explain everything."

Fornell shook his head as the Director replied, "You've got it. Good luck, Jethro."

After Fornell and Director Vance left the hospital, Gibbs turned to the rest of his team and said, "Duck, I would like you to stay here with Tony. Take care of him for me. Abby and Palmer, you can stay too."

"Of course, Jethro," Ducky answered. "We will help him. Go and get justice for our Anthony."

"Go and get them, Gibbs," Abby added. "They can't do this to Tony and get away with it. If you need me to take care of them for you and leave no evidence behind, I can; I will."

Gibbs kissed the top of her head and said, "That won't be necessary, Abs. If anyone gets to kill them, it's going to be me. Take care of yourselves. Ziva, you, Tim, and I are taking the next flight to Monte Carlo. Tim, I need you to book us on the flight."

McGee nodded and replied, "On it, Boss."

Ziva and McGee walked out of the hospital to get ready for the very long flight to Monte Carlo, where they hoped that Prince Omar would allow them to take his son into custody without too many problems. Both of them feared that they wouldn't get the chance to see Tony again alive, but it was important to leave right away. If they didn't, Sayif might disappear if he discovers that NCIS knows of his involvement.

Gibbs walked over to Dr. Pitt and asked, "I'd like to see Tony before we leave; would that be all right?"

Dr. Pitt nodded and replied, "Of course, Agent Gibbs. If you'll follow me. I had him moved to where he was the first time he went through this. I will do all I can to make him as comfortable as possible."

Tony was once again in the room with the fluorescent blue lights that worked on killing the virus running through his system. Gibbs saw that he was hooked up to several machines, ivs coming from both of his arms, and there was a tube hooked up to his nose that helped him to breathe.

As Gibbs walked over to the side of his bed, he thought Tony was unconscious, but as he reached out to grab a hold of his hand, Tony stirred and opened his eyes to look at the man who was his mentor.

Tony slowly and painfully spoke saying, "I knew you would find me in time, Boss."

Gibbs smiled and answered, "Always, DiNozzo; always."

"It's happening again, isn't it," Tony asked. "The plague is back."

"I need you to listen to me, Tony," Gibbs replied. "I gave you an order the last time. The same goes for now. You will not die. Do you understand me? You have too much to live for. We need you."

Tony nodded, but before he could respond, he began to cough uncontrollably and doubled over in pain. Gibbs helped him roll over onto his side, making his breathing a little easier, as Dr. Pitt ran in to take over. The doctor pushed the marine out of his way as Ducky came in to help him take care of Tony.

Gibbs backed up and left the room with more determination to catch the men responsible for harming one of his family. He went home to change, but before he left to head for the hanger, he made one phone call. He wanted one more person at the hospital that would be strong enough to push Tony through this while he was gone.

When the other line picked up, Gibbs said, "Hello, Dad. I'm sorry to call you so early, but I need your help."

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