Whatever It Takes

Chapter 15

Once Jackson Gibbs hung up the phone after talking with his son, he called for a cab to come pick him up and take him the hospital, where he would help to take care of the young agent whom Jethro regarded as a son. Jackson realized that it took a lot for his son to overcome the loss of his wife and daughter, but it was because of his team that he did; Tony, Ziva, Abby, Tim, and Ducky. To lose Tony now would cause Jethro to run into hiding again, as he did after the incident where he was nearly killed during the explosion years ago, because he would feel like he failed his agent and team.

Jackson made it to Bethesda Hospital later that afternoon. Gibbs, Ziva, and McGee had already left on the earliest flight out to Monte Carlo. Once Jackson arrived, he met up with Abby just outside of the door to Tony's room. She ran over into the older man's arms and they stayed that way until Ducky and Jimmy walked out to join them.

Jackson asked, "So, how is the boy doing?"

Ducky replied, "Not very well, I am afraid. He has a very hard struggle ahead of him, but I have seen him beat all odds. If anyone can beat the plague twice, it's Tony."

"My son did not explain much of what happened," Jackson said. "How long was he in that filthy sewer for and who did this? I take it that Jethro is on his way to take care of him right now; otherwise he'd be here instead of me. I can tell how much Tony and the rest of you mean to him."

"You're right," Abby replied. "But Gibbs needs to bring the prince down in order to know that Tony is going to be taken care of. If he doesn't, the contract on his head will never end."

Jackson asked, "A prince put a contract out on Agent DiNozzo's head? But why would he do that?"

Jimmy responded, "It's because Tony's father conned Prince Sayif's father out of a lot of money for a business that never took off and he never gave it back. Sayif took it as an insult to his family's honor and was willing to pay a large amount of money to anyone who could kill Tony to make DiNozzo Sr. pay for his mistake."

"Tony's father seemed so nice when he was here," Abby added. "But it turns out he's nothing, but a liar and a con man."

"He fooled all of us, my dear," Ducky said.

"Does Tony know of his father's involvement, yet," Jackson asked?

Jimmy shook his head and replied, "Not yet. Gibbs wanted to be the one to talk to him about it. We all agree that he would take it best coming from him. Tony's a good man. I don't understand how he can come from someone like that. He doesn't deserve this."

Abby responded, "I don't understand why Tony couldn't tell us he was in trouble. If he did, we would have been able to protect him. I mean, Gibbs, McGee, and Ziva would have."

Ducky looked at Abby and answered, "He didn't tell us, My Dear, because he wanted to protect us. That is how he is. That is why he and Jethro are so close. Because they are so much alike; stubborn and self-sacrificing."

"Why don't the three of you go home and get some sleep," Jackson said after a few minutes of silence between them. "You've all been here since last night and I am sure that you didn't get much sleep while he was missing. I can look after him for awhile. It was what my son called me after all."

"He also brought you here because despite what the two of you think, you and Jethro have that same stubbornness Tony needs right now," Ducky said. "Tony fears letting your son down the most. If he can't be here, you are the right person to be. Come on, Abigail, Mr. Palmer. We'll be back later. Thank you Jackson."

Jackson nodded as he turned to walk into Tony's room. However, the security guards who were standing just outside the door stopped him. Gibbs' orders were that no one was to go into the room except for the NCIS team and Dr. Pitt. Ducky informed them that this man was Agent Gibbs' father and he was asked to come here to stay with Tony for as long as he likes.

The guards apologized and Jackson nodded to Ducky and the others as they walked out of the hospital, while he walked over to the side of Tony's bed and sat down in a chair from the room. He looked at how ill the young man looked and could not believe that he had overcome this disease once before.

Tony was asleep right now and so Jackson sat back in the chair, pulled a book out of his jacket pocket, and began to read aloud. The book was The Count of Monte Cristo; Tony's favorite. Jackson remembered him saying so when they came over to his home in Stillwater over a year ago. It was the story of a young man by the name of Edmond Dantes, whose life was torn apart after being accused of being a traitor and betrayed by those whom he thought he could trust. Tony reminded Jackson of that young man. Maybe Tony saw the similarities too, which explained why he loved the book so much.


Leon Vance walked into the interrogation room where Anthony DiNozzo Sr. had been waiting since yesterday afternoon and sat down in the chair across from him. Tobias Fornell walked in behind him and stood in the corner, waiting for the Director to make the first move.

Sr. didn't talk. Instead, he just stared at Vance as he said, "So, Mr. DiNozzo. Agent Gibbs and his team found your son, who is currently once again fighting for his life. Because of you, the Y. pestis he barely survived from the first time he had it, redeveloped in his lungs. His chances then, were not good. This time, he was kidnapped and left to die in a cold, wet, and filthy sewer, with already weakened lungs, after having to survive several other attempts on his life. He has a hell of a fight ahead of him, if he can survive at all. My question to you is how could you do something that would put your own son's life in such terrible jeopardy?"

The older man glared at the Director and sharply replied, "I never meant to put my son's life at risk, Director Vance. Despite what you think, I love my son. I had no idea that this would happen."

"Why did you even do something where there was even a possibility that someone would want to hurt Tony because of what you did," Fornell asked?

"I had every intention of paying back the money that Prince Omar gave me," Sr. responded. "Money has been tighter than usual. If you want to blame someone for hurting Tony, try blaming those actually responsible for hurting him. I did nothing wrong. It is not my fault that Prince Sayif was not patient enough. I want to see my son."

Vance said, "That isn't going to happen. Who else is involved in what happened?"

Anthony answered, "I do not know of anyone else who is involved."

"Prince Sayif sent someone to kill Tony's kidnapper and Tony as well," Fornell responded. "Luckily for you, he decided to let him be. Who did Sayif send?"

"I swear to you, I do not know," Sr. said. "All I know is that Sayif kidnapped my son. He called me and sent me the picture in my email that made it look like my son was dead. That is all. Now, I want my lawyer."

"I'll get you your lawyer, Mr. DiNozzo," Director Vance replied. "But do not expect him to save you. I assure you that Agent Gibbs and the rest of us will make sure you go away for the rest of your life. Goodbye."

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