Whatever It Takes

Chapter 16

Thirteen hours later…

Gibbs, McGee, and Ziva finally landed at an airstrip in Monte Carlo. Once they got off the plane, they saw that a car and members of the law enforcement there were waiting for them as they asked for ahead of time. Ziva and McGee walked behind Gibbs as they walked over to the man who was in charge of the department.

Neither one of them slept much while on the plane. They were too worried about Tony. They wanted to be there with him to help him get through this, but they knew the importance of their mission here. They were also just as worried about what was going to happen once they caught up to Prince Sayif. Diplomatic immunity protected a lot of foreign political figures, even from crimes such as murder.

As Gibbs reached the official, he spoke saying, "I'm Special Agent Gibbs and these are my colleagues, Special Agent Ziva David and Special Agent Tim McGee. We're with NCIS. I know that you are going to do all you can to try to convince me not to go talk to Prince Omar and his son, Sayif, but the man put a contract on one of my agent's life and very nearly killed him a number of times. If we don't take him in, my agent's life will continue to be in jeopardy. I won't let that happen."

The official nodded his head and answered, "I understand your devotion to your man, Agent Gibbs. If one of my men's life were at stake as yours is, I would fight for him just as hard as you. I will not try to stop you from going to talk to Prince Omar and Sayif or stop you from making the arrest as long as the laws are followed. However, if you can't take him lawfully, I will be obligated to stop you. Good luck to you. I don't like it when politicians hide behind diplomatic immunity either."

"Thank you, Lieutenant…" Gibbs stated.

"Lieutenant Parsons, Agent Gibbs," the man responded. "I'll lead you to the princes' home. Follow me."

Gibbs, Ziva, McGee, Lieutenant Parsons, and his men pulled up outside the gate, which surrounded the home belong to Prince Omar and his sons. The lieutenant rang the intercom and after a few minutes, they were waiting inside the living room for Prince Omar to walk in. However, the first people to walk in were Prince Sayif and his younger brother, Prince Abdalla.

Abdalla walked over Gibbs and eagerly shook the marine's hand when it was extended to him. The youngest prince liked and respected agent Gibbs ever since he was put in charge of protecting his family. However, the look on Sayif's face was hard and cold, but he kept quiet. Gibbs just glared at the man who tried to have DiNozzo killed. He wanted to kill Sayif.

"Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs," Prince Omar said as he walked in the room. "It is a pleasure to see you again and in my country this time. How wonderful! Although, I am a bit surprised. You didn't seem to be much of a vacationing man."

"It is good to see you again too, Omar," Gibbs replied. "I am afraid that I am not here for a vacation. I'm here on official business; to arrest your son, Sayif."

Sayif's eyes narrowed, but he remained silent as his father asked, "What has my son done to get you to come all the way out here for him?"

Gibbs looked away from Omar and looked over at Sayif as he replied, "Sayif put out a contract on Agent DiNozzo because his father conned you into giving him money for a business that never took off and shamed your family name. Tony was kidnapped a few days ago by two men who responded to the contract and left to die in a freezing, filthy sewer and full of rats. Luckily we found him in time, but there's still a very real chance that he will die from Y. pestis; pneumonic plague."

"Agent Gibbs, I am very sorry for what happened to your agent," Omar responded. "But what makes you think my son had anything to do with it? He was angry about what my friend, Anthony DiNozzo did to our family, but I assure you that he would never do something so terrible."

"Because of this contract, Tony had to defend himself against an unknown number of attacks against him," Ziva said. "We have the email sent from Prince Sayif saying that he will pay $10,000 to whoever can kill him. We also have the email sent to DiNozzo Sr.'s father showing a picture of Tony, which shows him looking dead and word from DiNozzo Sr. that Sayif called him to inform him his son was dead."

Sayif spoke p for the first time saying, "How dare you come here to accuse me of these preposterous acts! You have no proof that I did anything wrong. Anthony DiNozzo is known to be a liar. You cannot possibly get a judge to give you extradition papers based on his testimony alone. Besides, you cannot arrest me; diplomatic immunity. You cannot take me from my country and charge me with anything. That man is a cheating good-for-nothing conman, who deserves to rot, along with his worthless son. I didn't put out the order, but I am glad someone did."

Omar stepped between Gibbs and Sayif when Gibbs moved toward him and turned to his son while saying, "Sayif, enough! I am praying to God that Gibbs is wrong, but I also can see in his eyes that he believes you are guilty and after hearing what you just said, I am inclined to agree with him. Now Agent Gibbs, do you have any evidence that proves Sayif is guilty?"

"Unfortunately, the emails and the phone number were unable to be traced," McGee explained. "But, if you allow us to search your home for the phone used, we can match the numbers up. Then, we will have proof."

"Then, you have my permission to search my home," Omar agreed. "And Agent Gibbs, if you find what you are looking for, what would you to do to my son? I cannot lose him despite what he has done."

"He has to pay for hurting Tony, Omar," Gibbs replied. "Believe me, I know how it feels to lose someone I care about very much. I lost my daughter and if Tony dies, I will lose a son. Tony deserves justice."

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