Whatever It Takes

Chapter 17

Once Prince Omar gave Gibbs and his team permission to search his home, McGee and Ziva walked away from Gibbs and Omar and began their search in the study in which they stood. Gibbs continued to talk to Omar, who was getting more worried as time passed. He saw the fire in Gibbs' eyes and he couldn't help but feel that the marine was right about Sayif.

Ziva walked out of the room after searching the book shelves and the cabinet drawers for any sign of phone or other evidence that would link Sayif to the numerous attempts on Tony's life. She was just as angry as Gibbs was. The incident in Somalia had been a while ago and even though she and Tony had put what happened between them behind them, they were still working on putting their friendship back together as it was before. Ziva found that she cared about Tony on a much deeper level than before, ever since he had proved to her that he would die, either to protect her or to avenge her.

McGee searched Sayif's room. After looking in all of the cabinets and on all of the shelves, he came across a laptop that was tucked away in his closet. He pulled it out and walked out to where Gibbs was searching through the papers piled on the kitchen counters, as well as the drawers in the cabinets.

"Boss, I found a laptop in Sayif's closet," Tim said. "He probably already ditched the phone he used to make the call to Tony's father, but I'd say that chances are good the we'll find proof of the emails sent out. This laptop was hidden."

"Hey," Sayif shouted when he saw the younger agent begin to set up his computer! "You can't search that without permission. What is on my computer is of no concern to you."

Gibbs looked over at Sayif and asked, "Are you worried that we'll find something you don't want us to? Your father gave us the permission to search everywhere. That includes this laptop. What do you got, McGee?"

McGee responded, "It looks like just the usual type of things you would find on other laptops; junk mail, letters and emails from friends and family, even porn. I don't see… Wait a minute. I just found several encrypted emails inside some photos. It will take me some time to crack the encryption, Boss."

"Work fast, Tim," Gibbs replied as he turned to Omar and Sayif. "Now is the time for you to come clean, Sayif. Something tells me that McGee is about to find exactly what we came here for. Omar, will you allow us to take him back to face the penalties for his actions? Please!"

"What would happen to him," Omar asked? "Will your government execute my son?"

Sayif shouted, "I have diplomatic immunity, which means that you cannot touch me! You cannot possibly be considering letting them take me in, father. I am your son."

Gibbs replied, "It sounds to me like you are confessing, Sayif. Are you?"

Sayif turned his head away as McGee said, "Boss, I got it! The email to DiNozzo Sr. and the contract put on Tony. It's all here. We've got him."

"Agent Gibbs, I ask you to be lenient on my son," Omar begged. "What he did was wrong and I am so sorry about what happened to Agent DiNozzo, but please do not let your government kill my son. I am begging you!"

"I am begging for my brother too, Agent Gibbs," the youngest son said as he and Ziva walked into the kitchen.

"I will recommend that Sayif go to a secure facility, where he will be well protected and taken care of for the rest of his life on one condition," Gibbs answered. "That he tell us who the person is that he sent to kill the man who kidnapped Agent DiNozzo and finish him off. We know that that man and a friend of his threatened to blackmail you for more money and that you had him killed to keep him quiet. Who is it?"

Omar turned to Sayif and asked, "Who did you send? Please tell them. I do not want to lose you, Sayif, but what you did is terrible and must be punished. I am angry at what Anthony did to our family as much as you are. The man was my friend, but his son had nothing to do with his actions. I am asking you to make things right and save your life. Tell them what they need to know."

Sayif replied, "I am not sorry for what I have done. Someone had to pay. It should have been your agent's father, but I did not know he did not care for his own son. If I had, I would have had him killed instead. Anthony DiNozzo is a coward. Hopefully, he will pay while in prison."

"Sayif, if you will not do it for our father, please tell them for me," Prince Abdalla said. "I do not want to see you die. You are my brother."

"The man you are looking for is CIA Agent Trent Kort," Sayif said as he lowered his head. "He owed me a favor for something I did for him long ago."

Gibbs' eyes hardened as both Ziva and McGee looked over at their boss. Gibbs walked over to Sayif, turned him around, and handcuffed his hands behind his back. He pushed the prince over to Ziva and McGee, who continued to guide Sayif out to the car they were going to drive back to the airstrip, where they would catch a flight back to D.C.

Gibbs then turned his head to face Prince Omar and said, "I promise that I will keep my word. Your son will spend the rest of his life in a protected cell. McGee, read Sayif his rights."

McGee nodded and replied, "Prince Sayif, you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder of NCIS Agent Tony DiNozzo. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the court of law. I have a feeling that you can afford the best attorney money can buy."

"Gibbs, Kort will be extremely difficult to find," Ziva said to Gibbs as she and McGee walked back over to him. He knows how to be invisible and even if we find him, there is no way we will be able to arrest him. The CIA will never allow it. Kort has hated Tony ever since they met and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to get rid of him. He cannot get away with this."

"I know," Gibbs responded as he kissed Ziva on her head and pat Tim on his shoulder. "We will deal with that once we get back. I promise you both that Kort will not get away with leaving Tony to die. I will not let him!"

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